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Story Tailor


The Destroyer
I'm not a really great writer, and I know my story is bad and things, but I like it. I would really like your feedback. Anyways, onto the Story!

Anoan chuckled. He had made it up the hill, and was now at the house. The house did not have any distinguishing features, in fact it was in a more remote place than any other house in that town, but inside lived a special person, Anoan had decided. He had listened to all those instructions, and come all this way. He hoped it would pay off as he took a pause. "i'm getting old," Anoan thought to himself.

And then a great adventure began...

I will try to post more chapters as frequently as possible, and posting will become much more frequent in a week or so. Thank you if you are reading/read this!


The Destroyer
Tailor - Chapter 1

Finn looked up from his cooking when he heard a rapping on his door. He dismissed it as one of the birds that came by during the season and went back to making breakfast. Someone rapped on the door again. Finn sighed and headed towards the door. "Why hello there," Finn said as soon as he opened the door, "Good day to you, sir." The tall man nodded, thanking Finn, and asked if he could come in. "Where are my manners?" Finn cried, "Yes, come in." The man looked around Finn's house, looking for a place to sit. Finn urged him to sit on a chair in the living room. "I'll fetch some tea for us," Finn rushed off to the kitchen. "Ah, thank you," the old man thanked Finn as he sipped his tea. Finn asked the man who he was and why he was in his house. The old man explained to Finn that his name was Anoan, and he had a special job for Finn. As Finn asked what kind of job he was needed for, the Anoan smiled.
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