Short Story [Taking Requests] My take on the lore of Terraria!

How does random advanced technology end up in the world? Ex. Drills and such (post apocalypse? :eek:)

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Another one is what worlds did the Keybrand open? ... or close!
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Why are there so many dead people in the land? The dungeon is full of skeletons, everywhere you go has undead enemies of some sort. Don't say mass suicide or something like that.

Yeah I wonder why. Like half the monsters are dead variants.

Also the WoF would be a cool story. I imagine throwing the doll into lava would cause thick tendrils to spurt from the walls, and flesh would slowly grow around it as it forms.
I'm actually a HUGE fan of that particular theory, I'll do it after the other two :D
Just adding to possible Crimson lore here feel free to use these ideas. If Cthulhu truly is dead and his body parts such as his Eye and Brain still live on, what's stops small muscles, tendons and bones from living lives like the Eye and Brain. I believe each monster faced in the Crimson is actually leftover flesh of Cthulhu imitating the world around it.
Face Monsters=Humans
Blood Crawlers=Spiders
Blood Jellies=Jellyfish
You get my point.
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