Tales From the Post War

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    IT'S FINALLY HERE! (This was written a week before the update was finished and came out.)

    @Matthus- Doctor Wolfgang Kruger: HP 100/200
    (Rad Poisoning (4), tied up)
    @dyer5lollipop- Byron: HP 130/300 (Crippled legs!)
    @tappaja100- Fred "the gunner": HP 275/275
    Tod Ni Aisi: HP 150/150
    Jane Aisi: HP 100/100
    Jack: HP 100/100
    John: HP 100/100

    : "Yeah, that's why we have our own field medics."

    John: "Like me!"

    John shows of a plus on his shoulder.

    Muffled Voice: "Better get ready John, the rest of the medics are included!"

    John: "I better get overtime..."

    The door opens up.

    Jane: "You say that, but you weren't the one cut."

    John: (Mutters)

    Jack: "Don't worry, she never said no."

    Byron is tossed in with a mettalic thunk.

    Tod: "Everyone get in, this place is bright enough as it is."

    Everyone gets in, and the backdoor is shut.
    @Madder- Rami/Christian: HP 320/320
    Story controlled- Greg: HP 100/100

    Greg: "Wait, you take pills? What kind?"
    @Matthus- Akihiro Tanaki: HP 300/300

    Akihiro Tanaki: HP 300/300

    Woman: "We will augment you with robotic parts, supply you with weapons, and be part of the secret society of today! How do you like the sound of that?"
    @tappaja100- The Tanker: HP 450/450
    STORY CONTROLLED-Impar Bestia: HP 50/50

    Machine: -85/1000
    The Tanker: 350/450
    Impar Bestia: 50/50
    Tower: 200/300 (Bulletproof!)
    BoT Heavy: HP 175/250 (30 DT)
    Nate's Transport: Jk it was blown up.

    The BoT heavy fires at the mini cannon crew!
    100 damage!
    Impar Bestia fires at The Machine!
    25 damage!
    You fire!
    85 damage!
    A missile fires from a nearby tower!
    100 damage The Machine!


    The BoT heavy goes inside, muttering about the fact that the recoil is gonna hurt later...
    You should probably get inside. Out of the glowing rain.
    @Matthus-Handy Manny: HP 250/250
    "Ditched" Nomad: HP 50/200 (Scared of getting out of their hole!)
    Grabby Nomad: HP 100/150 (Stunned!)
    Surprised Nomad: HP 100/200 (Stunned!)

    You knock down the Grabby Nomad!
    50 damage, stunned!
    You realize there are some shells inside the tank...
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    what do I do?


    You can speak, try to escape you bonds, wait, etc.Quit asking that questions, just do what your character would do!
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    Also wow, you were fast.

    Are you stalking the forum?
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    Yes. I keep a tab on this at all times. No joke.

    "What is your plan to do with me, scum?"
  5. Matthus

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    Wolfgang to Byron: "I hope you realize it is your fault we are in zhis situation in the first place, ja?"
    Akihiro: I don't need robot parts, I don't need weapons, and I don't need a secret society. Thanks, but no thanks.
    Manny loads a shell and aims for the Grabby.
  6. Matthus

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    I know I am ;)
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    *gets inside.
    *watching the prisoners.
  8. Madder

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    Nothing, no need to worry about it. Just carry on with whatever the hell you took me here to do.
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  10. dyer5lollipop

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    Ever? yes. Anytime soon? maybe.
    It's about a 66.6% chance that I will create a new character in the next month.
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    Well, I feel like we need someone to be an actual member of the mass raiders.
  12. Matthus

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    Back when I thought IHATE was gonna kill off Wolfgang, I made a character for the mass raiders.
  13. Matthus

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    Truthfully, we have a bit many "unique" characters, as I have mentioned multiple times, and we don't have and children of atom or shifted characters.
  15. Matthus

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  16. Mr. Fury

    Mr. Fury Pixel Pirate

    Well, I guess I'll apply to this, now that I finally bother,

    'Mr. Burns' (Mr. Fury)
    Faction- Mercenary
    HP: 200/200
    Most Proficient Weapon Type: Energy(Honestly, I think this would probably be the most accurate thing for a flamethrower, idk, just going off of fallout logic)
    Least Proficient Weapon Type: Guns
    C-chips: 100
    Base ATK:10
    • Homemade Flamethrower:A rather crude flamethrower, still quite painful to be burned by. 'Mr. Burns' is considering making an upgrade to allow it to spew acid as well. 25DMG, chance to set targets on fire. (Energy)
    Ability: Basic Attack
    • Purifying Flames:Ups the amount of gas being used to feed the flames, increasing the heat. Doubles current flamer's damage along with the guaranteeing that the target will be set aflame. The flamer needs to cool down in the next turn.
    • Eject Cell:Eject your flamer's current cell and throw it at your enemies. Deals 5 Damage to all enemies as well as a chance to set all enemies aflame.
    • Flame-:red:ant Suit:Reduces damage from flames by 3/4, cannot be set aflame.
    • Creepy: Most normal people do not want to be around you... For obvious reasons...
    Putting the description down here.

    'Mr. Burns' was a bit of a crazed religious loon before the war, the radiation after the war somewhat helped his state of mind, but he is still a little bit crazy, he came into possession of a flame-:red:ant suit, and some physics & engineering textbooks. He mostly ignored everything in the books except for anything related to chemical reactions. For a price tithe, he will fight cleanse the enemies of the client faithful. He also does not like mutants much, but will not go out of his way to kill them.
  17. tappaja100

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    Well, he seems fine to me (Although you could be more specific with the guns part unless you mean he just straight up sucks with all guns aside from energy ones.), but accepting or declining's not up to me.
  18. Mr. Fury

    Mr. Fury Pixel Pirate

    If I remember correctly, guns in general is just most ballistic weaponry that isn't things like miniguns and rocket launchers(which are both 'large guns' in my books). By the looks of things, that is what I am assuming guns is, I figure some fallout logic is gonna translate to GURPS logic, which this forum game's system seems lightly based off.


    A: A bit of info about fallout, fallout 1 & 2 used the gurps system.
    B: The guns are split into pistol, rifle, and big guns. A confusing little gun in all this is the desert eagle, which realistically would be insanely hard to handle. So I jokingly put it into big guns.

    Side notes: I’ll put the suit passive as an item if you don’t mind, and I love how the forum censored your suit.

    If everything is good, I will add your character in in the next update.
  20. Mr. Fury

    Mr. Fury Pixel Pirate

    Yeah, that's fine, and if I'm honest, I did figure the forum would censor the suit(I have censoring turned off on my end though). That is my main problem with word filters, most, if not all, do not account for context or word exceptions(by word exceptions, I mean non-rude words that contain rude words in spelling).