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Hello folks,

Glad you stumbled upon my little project: Tales of Terraria. The name reflects what the Map is about: Capturing the spirit of Terraria, spiced up with new Dungeons, a Story, Riddles, Adventures and more. Placed in a World named 'Aendyria'.
Its heavily influenced by games such as Ori, Shovel Knight, Castlevania aswell as timeless classics such as Donkey Kong and Sonic. The Map itself plays like a metroidvania platformer, mixed with aspects of Terraria, and within the boundrys of the game.

This page is a diary log and update on the map. If someone wants to play test the map just shoot me a msg. Iam also in the need of native english speaker.

You are a space cowboy, traveling through space when your ship is struck by a meteor. Luckily - more or less - there's a planet right below your ship!
A world called Aendyria. Solve riddles, lift a curse and receive the blessing of the gods in order to enter the lands of Aendyria.
Fight your way through the lands, meet their residents, make friends and explore lots of side content.
You may find out what happend to your ship and that the world is not all that healthy; rotten by
occult forces and old gods, plaguing the lands. Its up to you wether you help to cure the lands or not.
You'll be able to continue your game just like any normal Terraria-Map when you finished the adventure!
Its an alternative pre-hardmode where every necessary boss, and optional, such as events trigger and happen automaticly without any need of manual input, just by playing and progressing.
Fancy cosmetics and shiny loot on the path, and off the path!

No Mods, just vanilla.

- !None of the pictures below are finished; its all work in progress in work on from time to time. There will be floating stuff, pattern or whatever everywhere and lots of parts missing or incomplete! -
For Support check out: for regular updates
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!OUTDATED! Images, editing and building do not reflect the current state of the Map
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I need native english speaker used to writing (in depth)! I love writing by myself but sadly, there's a language barrier here and there. Proofreading/Corrections mainly.

I have some steam gifts left in my inventory (games etc) i'd like to offer as a lil' reward for the time
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