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Tales of the Terrarian

Discussion in 'Released' started by Baih, May 20, 2016.

  1. kirbyofthestars

    kirbyofthestars Terrarian

    thank you!
  2. FortyBass

    FortyBass Terrarian

    i seem to have softlocked the game in this room, i assume i'll need to reinstall the world to get back here? although great map so far. http://i.imgur.com/L9Z4QNo.jpg
  3. Kieda

    Kieda Terrarian

    Nah you can't get locked in that room. Just deactivate the stone and keep going forward.
  4. kirbyofthestars

    kirbyofthestars Terrarian

    Cool, new problem: The 2nd water bolt room is practically impossible!
  5. Kieda

    Kieda Terrarian

    It is difficult indeed, but with some planning it should not be impossible.
  6. kirbyofthestars

    kirbyofthestars Terrarian

    The water bot just keeps hitting the wall and bursting before I can press the last button!
  7. Fury

    Fury Lunatic Cultist

    I'm loving it so far. Very nice work guys!
  8. Kieda

    Kieda Terrarian

    Glad you are liking it. I'm looking forward to see your playthrough on youtube
    Fury likes this.
  9. Sir Dashie

    Sir Dashie Plantera

    And now we wait for someone to recreate the entire story of Undertale in Terraria...
  10. windwakr

    windwakr Terrarian

    The spikes in the diamond area stopped actuating when I quit and came back later. Is there anything I can do about this?
  11. Kieda

    Kieda Terrarian

    Uh this is a kinda bad oversight that will be fixed later, I guess you just have to break the spikes, sorry :(
  12. re11ding

    re11ding Terrarian

    That was a really enjoyable map! First time experiencing an adventure map on Terraria too! But yeah, the pixel perfect waterbolt was a pain. Other than that, I had no issues other than the fact that it was hard to tell some of the trapdoors.
  13. Blu

    Blu 1980's Robot

    I'm not 100% sure the best way to describe it but there's been points in the level where it's possible to just skip to the end because a gate unlocked when it shouldn't have a little too early. I only realized I'm not playing through correctly because I watched Pedguins playthrough and parts are definitely missing, haha.

    As an example, the sapphire level, I was at the lever that "doesn't seem to work" and jumped back up looking for a way to get down to turn on the power. I noticed the gate blocking the hallway of mob statues was open so I just ran through it and the gem was accessible. The level before it, I was able to just jump up the tower and grab the gem. I was sure there was more to that level too since I couldn't get past the minecart area. Don't think I was supposed to be able to reach it yet :p

    This whole map is beautiful built, I gotta say. You folk are remarkably clever and your builds are top notch work even without factoring in how intricate the mechanics built into it are. I downloaded initially because I wanted a better look at your designs and this feature was really well deserved. Keep up the great work!
  14. kereke12

    kereke12 Terrarian

    I haven't updated yet, but I can't wait to download thid adventure map!! Really impressive!! ~:passionate:
  15. Sonnette

    Sonnette Retinazer

    It appears that the world gets corrupted/is outdated. How do I fix this?


    Then this screen happens if I press either "Yes" or "No", and then I can't save it at all.


    Screen that comes up if I want to save.


    If I press OK, nothing really happens, but the save doesn't go into affect, and if you press cancel, it cancels the save.

    I would love to play the map, but I can't. Anyone got fixes?
  16. Blu

    Blu 1980's Robot

    Why are you opening it in Tedit? You really don't need to be doing that :p Just download the .wld file - drag it into your /worlds folder where the rest of your maps are (C:\Users\USER\Documents\My Games\Terraria\Worlds) , and run your game. It's named "Beta Adventure" (or something along those lines). You should be golden from there!
  17. Sonnette

    Sonnette Retinazer

    Thank you. I am not proficient at all in Terraria mechanics, and now know how to actually download maps. Gonna play this tomorrow.
    Blu likes this.
  18. Rilazy

    Rilazy Terrarian

    On topaz, I cant figure out where the hell im supposed to go, i literraly explored everywhere Im able to go and cant find anything I could use to
    Capture 2016-05-22 18_33_16.png

    Attached Files:

  19. Kieda

    Kieda Terrarian

    Did you go up the tower yet?
  20. Xylia

    Xylia Terrarian

    I just finished the map, and I've a couple suggestions that would have made it a bit better:

    1). The last boss really needed some healing potion love. Especially for the times that there is unavoidable damage and given how many hits it takes to kill him. That, and I wish there was a way to stop the other stuff that's going on as soon as he's dead, because I got killed just after the kill because of... yes, unavoidable damage. I'm thinking that perhaps having the boss's main attack be telegraphed a second before it happens would be a nice thing too.

    2). That jump in the Jungle with the two green projectile switches and the non-clingable walls was just out-of-this-world ridiculous, and the placement of the water bubble that's supposed to catch you if you fall doesn't actually catch you and you splat most of the time if you miss the jump. If you jump too late and the first wall reappears, you splat. If you smack into the second wall, you'll probably splat because by the time you realize what happened and try to move back left you're gonna miss the bubble and splat.

    Other than that though, I found the map to be really creative and well thought out and the features of 1.3.1 were fairly well-displayed.
    Xman101 likes this.