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Tales of the Terrarian

Discussion in 'Released' started by Baih, May 20, 2016.

  1. MegaSDMGShark

    MegaSDMGShark Plantera

    I am loving this map so far, just having a pain time with this part:

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  2. Alaron

    Alaron Terrarian

    Use the Water Bolt to bounce back and forth between the switches, and go across while the walls are actuating and deactuating. This requires careful aim.

    Alright, so I managed to collect all the large gems and put them in place, but nothing seems to be happening. I've tried the switches on the central door, but they have no apparent effect.
    Also, the bubbles in the jungle area were maddening. I managed the rest on my own, but for the last couple sets I resorted to buying some rope in another world. Other than that though, it's been a pretty great map.
  3. SirDiesalot1

    SirDiesalot1 Official Terrarian

    You know the bit in the ruby/circus/hell level with the three pressure plates? is the flower of fire what I should be trying to hit the 3rd with?
  4. Bioniclegenius

    Bioniclegenius Terrarian

    I'm starting to have a bit of a problem. I have all 7 gems, and got some text, but nothing's happening now. What should I be doing?

    Edit: Never mind, finished it! Fun map.
    Last edited: May 23, 2016
  5. MegaSDMGShark

    MegaSDMGShark Plantera

    I don't get it. The cannon seems useless, and the platform I need to jump to after the first switch w/ platform is disabled (wall is active, ground is not). Help plz?
  6. MegaSDMGShark

    MegaSDMGShark Plantera

    This just wasted 2 hours of my life, and I STILL haven't finished it. This is the one thing I don't like about this.

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  7. stevenxc

    stevenxc Terrarian

    Use water bolt
    --- Double Post Merged, May 23, 2016, Original Post Date: May 23, 2016 ---
    Use Flower of fire on the red place and water bolt on the blue place
  8. greevdef

    greevdef Terrarian

    Stand on the blue platform and aim down and to the left with the Water Bolt. Only fire once, and make sure that the blocks on the left are actuated before you fire.
  9. MaxAstro

    MaxAstro Terrarian

    Has anyone figured out how to get the chest behind the "broken door" in the diamond level? So far I think that is the only secret chest I'm missing...
  10. Xman101

    Xman101 Cultist

    So I downloaded the map today and had a blast beating it. Great job Baih and Noel! :D

    I love how the 1.3 wiring mechanics are put on show in a pretty, and well designed, map.
    Now, I had a couple of nitpicks:
    - First Waterbolt puzzle in Emerald - you have to get a very specific angle for the waterbolt to ensure it goes completely horizontal and triggers the walls enough times to get through. It's verrrryyy touchy, and took me multiple, multiple tries to get just right. If that angle could be just a little more forgiving, like the second puzzle, I think that would make it much less painful.
    - Flower of Fire/Waterbolt room in Diamond - Clever puzzle, but I found it really difficult to get the right angle for the Flower of Fire. I personally could not get the fireball to hit the pressure plate from the red platform, and so just spammed fireballs through the gap at point blank until one hit just the right bounce. I don't know how you would change this, so I'd have to leave possible solutions in your court.
    - Final Boss and Healing Potions - I know the player has the Shiny Stone to heal up, but you don't get the luxury to stand still during the boss fight. If the player was to be given something to heal, I'd say at MOST a Lesser Healing Potion.
    - Final Boss and Traps working post-death - I was one of those people who died to the boss' traps after he died. Is it possible to wire the traps in such a way that they stop activating after the robot explodes? Or maybe the whole robot can explode, taking the traps with it?
    I don't know if this is intentional or not, but it is possible to get outside of the intended area of the map, quite easily in fact.

    The wall on the left side of the final boss arena is completely flat, which means a player can easily wall-jump their way all the way to the top.

    This doesn't get you far though, as it only gives you access to the above-ground area between the boss arena and the Emerald dungeon. But it's there nonetheless.
    Last edited: May 23, 2016
  11. Fagerlund

    Fagerlund Terrarian

    I almost had the Wall of Flesh spawn the first thing that happened when I entered the Ruby region... XD
    Luckily I just managed to catch the doll before it fell in the lava.

    Great map!
  12. Kieda

    Kieda Terrarian

    There is no guide on the map, so it's impossible to spawn WoF :p

    A lot of people have said that the 2 first waterbolt challenges are too difficult, so once tedit works and we can change the maps name, we will also make some adjustments there. The boss attacking after exploding is an oversight from us and will also be fixed.
    The final boss isn't very difficult anyway, so I'm not sure that one should need healing potions on it. We will make it not attack after it explodes tho. Also I agree with the 2nd point, we will make that easier.
    Xman101 likes this.
  13. Fagerlund

    Fagerlund Terrarian

    So you're telling me I braved the lava in a heroic jump for nothing?! x)
    Ohwell! It added to the tension at least.
  14. Kieda

    Kieda Terrarian

    It would be hilarious to have WoF spawnable tho and see people accidently spawn it and repeatedly die to it.. okay maybe not.
  15. Elk

    Elk Terrarian

    Absolutely fantastic! That was incredibly fun and took quite a while. I did think I was stuck a few times but i usually managed to figure my way through all the puzzles
  16. Kieda

    Kieda Terrarian

    Glad you liked it. Now just hoping that more people would get interested in making adventure maps.
  17. Xylia

    Xylia Terrarian

    The problem with the last boss is, is that there's no room between the spears and the geysers, which is what I meant by unavoidable damage. If both go off at he same time (which happened several times, including what caused my death after "killing" it), you're going to be missing a large chunk of health no matter what you do. With just cobalt armor and no healing methods, that ~300HP you got is not going to last long when the spears nail you for 100 damage (and there's no warning he's about to use them) and the geysers which can hit you twice for ~30 damage a pop and it sets you on fire for even more damage. It takes, what, 4-5 hits per stage, so that's 20 some hits and you only have 80MP for water bolts which doesn't last long, and the bow.. you have to jump and be pretty close to the spike barrier to even hit him with it (which puts you in danger of getting nailed by the spears).

    The only way I was able to kill him was that I got extremely lucky on like the 7th-8th try that he didn't use spears very often and I only had the "unavoidable damage" problem once during the fight (and again, once as soon as the fight was done).
  18. Kieda

    Kieda Terrarian

    I'm pretty sure the easiest way to kill it is to be relatively far away and use waterbolt. Obviously that doesn't really work as well with smaller resolutions, but even if you take some damage, with good aim you should be able to kill the boss before you die to the traps. If you are getting hit by the spears, you are too close. I'm not sure if the area has heart lanterns / campfires, but if it doesn't, we should probably look into adding those.
  19. Xylia

    Xylia Terrarian

    Fairly sure it doesn't... well, ok, there's one above where you first start out but I don't recall seeing the buff while I was down there fighting him.

    And yes, water bolt on 1360x768 is nearly impossible to hit him with because you can't SEE him, and you're out of range with the bow unless you get into spear range and even then you gotta jump. Using water bolt means you're gonna run out of mana constantly (star in a bottle)?

    Or perhaps at some point, like perhaps during the Diamond area, give the player a musket+infinite pouch? Perhaps a ruined side-room or some-such? A Musket would be slow enough that you can't just bambambam the boss in 3 seconds, but yet not eat up mana like crazy. Just a suggestion. That, or a star-in-a-bottle.
  20. Kieda

    Kieda Terrarian

    A star in a bottle doesn't sound like a bad idea.