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Official TCF 2nd Year Anniversary Winners Announcement!

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I just realised, looking back at my entry, that I messed up the Lunatic Cultist's stats : it is supposed to be a 4/4 for 6, which is worse, of course, than a 4/6 for 4

And as I looked at all the winners' entries, I can say they all look great !
And tasty for one of them...

But as I said before, be careful : The Cake is a Lie !


Oh my...
I didn't really expect to win the contest.
Thus, I haven't prepared a speech.. Oh you didn't want one ? Good then.

In any case, I am glad to have been able to show my ideas of turning Bosses into Hearthstone cards.
The funny thing is, Re-Logic announced the Dungeon Defenders II Crossover a few days after I submitted my idea..
(Will we see a Hearthstone Crossover ? (I don't think so, unfortunately.))

I have to thank the Staff again for having given me a second chance at it though, I would have been saddening to have been forbidden to participate because of some problems.
After all, for the Moon Lord...
And this was not my art (Too terrible at drawing.)
Conglaturations. By the way, I loved the refernces
Not open for further replies.
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