Official TCF 2nd Year Anniversary Winners Announcement!

Discussion in 'Community News & Features' started by Aurora3500, Dec 13, 2016.

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  1. Canito

    Canito Skeletron Prime

    We are going to have to look for ratman
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  2. SamTTM

    SamTTM Skeletron

    Or a mute, unusually stubborn person who refuses to give up, even though the odds are definitely not in their favor?
  3. TerraDream274

    TerraDream274 Plantera

    These works are so authetically made and full of efforts. Congrats everyone. I would like to see animated stories like the one that @ajidot did.
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  4. scientistB

    scientistB Dungeon Spirit

    Oh gosh I did it somehow.
    I'm really happy because of this, but now I've come to a dilemma.
    I could use the Paladin title to indicate that I'm a winner, or I could use the Dungeon Spirit title which is actually more fitting to my story! Decisions decisions...
    Either way, thank you for reading and enjoying my story, I highly appreciate it since I've been trying to hone my writing skills <3
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  5. TheJoekster

    TheJoekster Terrarian

    Yo your story was awesome. I think you should use your Dungeon Spirit title because of how appropriate it is, but when you need to establish dominance in another contest, intimidate your opponents by whipping out a surprise Paladin trophy. They legit won't know what hit them. if you get what i mean lol
  6. scientistB

    scientistB Dungeon Spirit

    Yeah I get ya ;P
    Good idea then. I'll be a Wisp in a Bottle. Thank you for your words.
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  7. Tsuki

    Tsuki Terrarian

    Amazing entries! Had a blast looking through all of them! Thanks to everyone who participated and demonstrated the community spirit, on top of that. It's good to see the diverse talents and creativity that our community as a whole can produce!

    That said, I'm glad so many of you had fun with your entries and the contest. That's what the whole thing was about, celebrating the community and the diversity of the people within it, especially on its birthday. Stay beautiful and classy, TCF.
  8. Canito

    Canito Skeletron Prime

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  9. Gouvod

    Gouvod Paladin

    (My English is very bad.Can you please translate them?Thanks!)




    希望皇.png 就像这个
    直到他在给其他人的作品做评价时,写了一句【…Less is more】

    然后…也就变成了这个样子 初作.png (其实还是很糟糕)

    变成了…这样? 重置X1.png (我认为好看太多了)


    就像…这样? 重置X2.png 【感觉变难看了】

    就像…这样 幻烁皇EX.png 【神奇的】

  10. Aurora3500

    Aurora3500 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Translated for Darktiny. (Based off of Google Translate) ->

    "I'm surprised…
    In fact, I think there are a lot better than I do even better works

    But still understandable
    Because I looked at the content, the official is also racking their brains to select the five Winner

    So to thank the official and my friends for my support! :)

    I would also like to thank a person, he called [TMRC] (he did not register in the TCF account, and he is also Chinese)
    At this time, I think I should tell my previous story:
    Almost a year or so ago, I just learned to paint Terraria-style pixellas
    At that time I painted very bad, I want to say, is really bad
    Color is very greasy, the overall sense of no theme, as well as that terrible and chaotic lines
    Hope that the Emperor. Png like this
    Until he was in other people's work to do evaluation, wrote a ... Less is more
    This sentence is the turning point of my now painting pixel painting
    If not, I might still be that bad
    So at the time I tried to make their own lines of work succinct

    Then ... it will become like this for the first. Png (actually very bad)
    I took the tension to send the work up to let him do an evaluation
    Because he usually people doing things people feel or some high-cold, so we are more awe him

    So, he said the various problems of this work
    Also gave me this work was greatly modified
    Become ... so? Reset X1.png (I think that looks good too much)
    At that time, I will always find him to ask, there will be a respect for the goodwill, like the master and apprentice-like

    We can not help but have had between the contradictions
    Had almost fall over [because of my own doing things too sensitive]
    At that time I was very depressed, had wanted to give up painting pixel painting
    Or my other friends to be advised to stop living my behavior
    After the contradiction between us soon resolved

    Soon, I changed the work again
    like this? Reset X2.png [feel ugly]

    So, he once again to me to modify this work
    It's like ... ... this fantasy king EX.png [magical]

    Until now, this time I am drawing the entries in the process
    Behind the scenes also has his encouragement and support"
  11. Canito

    Canito Skeletron Prime

    Thx Auror. Here's a new pet for you:pinky:
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  12. SamIsFab

    SamIsFab Plantera

    I've seen a few of these, and they are pretty cool.

    It's also nice to see everyone who even entered, were rewarded with a cool lil' title :D!
  13. Kz6

    Kz6 Terrarian

    i'm kinda new here, what is this about?
  14. scientistB

    scientistB Dungeon Spirit

    TCF holds a contest every year that allows members to create and submit a work of art of almost any kind. Every participant gets a title, and winners tend to receive another title of their own. Not to be confused with the monthly Creation Compendium.
  15. SamTTM

    SamTTM Skeletron

    I want one!
  16. Canito

    Canito Skeletron Prime

  17. SamTTM

    SamTTM Skeletron

    aw its so cute... wait why is it getting bigger... and bigger... and... OH NO ITS EATTING ME!!!!!

    (The winners made some cool stuff, I wish I made something better than simple pixel art.)
  18. Canito

    Canito Skeletron Prime

    Oh no, its QUEEN SLIME, she's pretty easy to ki-, OH **** ITS EATTING EVERYTHING, KILL IT WITH,LASERS
  19. Tunnel King

    Tunnel King Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    @SamTTM, @Canito : please take your discussion of the emotes to your profiles, it's starting to derail the discussion here a bit. Thanks. :)
  20. Canito

    Canito Skeletron Prime

    Got that, thanks
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