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Official TCF 2nd Year Anniversary Winners Announcement!

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TCF holds a contest every year that allows members to create and submit a work of art of almost any kind. Every participant gets a title, and winners tend to receive another title of their own. Not to be confused with the monthly Creation Compendium.
how can someone participate?


Dungeon Spirit
Expected nonetheless, but...
Those entries were amazing, no wonder I had no shot. god damn it
Really though, congrats. consolation prizes lol


Duke Fishron
Curse of the Hands:

The remains of two great creators of a lost universe.

Is that a Kirby Reference..?

Tunnel King

This is getting a bit off-topic once again, if you want to ask Chocosta about the references for her cards, please do so on her profile or thread for them.

It's also been a while since the contest and probably time to close this.

Congratulations once again to all of the winners and participants.
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