Humorous TCF Screenies

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Due to a constant issue with this thread and posting problematic issues, the following rules have been put in place applying to all posts made on January 14 or later:
- No pictures making fun of or painting someone else in a negative light. If the picture makes fun of yourself, that is okay, but anynegative fallout towards someone else is not okay.
- No screenshots from PMs at all. PMs are called that for a reason, private. Posting this stuff is taking other people's words that were spoken in safety and made visible outside of their control and consent.
- No screenshots without the profanity filter (or manually editedfilters)
- No screenshots of people breaking rules, or being called out for breaking rules. If your post is more or less "look what stupid thing someone did", it will get this thread closed.
- For that matter, no screenshots that DO violate rules

If these rules are broken, the thread will be closed immediately, and the person posting said image likely to receive a warning point.
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Is even known as sponsor for some silly but funny games that are of course old.
Not open for further replies.
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