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  1. Panini

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    Self-serving Terraria Chat Relay with extensible chat service support
    Send messages from Terraria to your favorite Chat Services!

    Currently supports:

    Discord (WIP)
    Hi Everyone!

    While this isn't my first contribution to the community, this is my first mod!
    It will allow you to send chat from Terraria to multiple Chat Services (such as Discord) and vice versa.

    I host a Discord community where I like to host game servers for my members.
    Coming back to Terraria, I noticed there are some crucial plugins missing for dedicated servers.
    I hope to fill that gap with this plugin and many more!​

    What's Done:
    • Terraria to Discord Chat!
      You can see them but they can't see you.
    • Extensible Eventing Framework!
      Helps other developers easily add on to the code so they can help out!
    • Self-serving relay!
      No additional installations required. All you need is the mod installed!
    • Server-side only design!
      No need to waste other people's resources, only the servers!
    ✏️ To-do:
    • Discord to Terraria Chat
      I'm already receiving the messages, I just need to print them out to the screen :p
    • Add support for other chat services (Slack, IRC maybe?)
    • Connect up a couple of more cables so I can see when messages are sent from the server to Terrarians
    • Put the super omega secret Discord passcode in a file
    • Small changes on source code so it's easy for developers to extend it
    If you want to suggest a chat service, prioritize another, or contribute some code, please feel free to say so!

    ⬇️ Download: Once I have a release candidate, I will update this with a link!
    ✉️ GitHub SourceCode:

    Post-Release Plans
    • Allow sending of Terraria server console commands straight from Chat Services
    • Parsing Item Tags that are linked in chat
    • General/Admin privilege Chat Service commands
      See who is playing on the server
      See current ping to server
      See world information (size, corrupt/crimson, hardmode or not, etc.)

    In-game sending messages to Discord! (Message format will change)
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    Coincidentally I recently started looking for a mod like this one, but all of them have either been deprecated for years or are incompatible with TML. It's great to see that you're filling this big hole in the modding community!
  3. Panini

    Panini Terrarian

    I'm so close yet so far. I havw transmission going back and forth from Discord to Terraria, but only in debug mode...?

    I'll be looking more into it this weekend. Cross your fingers!
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