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Favourite Class!

  1. Scout

  2. Soldier

  3. Pyro

  4. Demoman

  5. Heavy

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  6. Engineer

  7. Medic

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  8. Sniper

  9. Spy

  1. J0sh

    J0sh Skeletron Prime

    Hey guys, didn't see any TF2 threads so I thought why not make my own, for the sake of discussion we'll throw some questions

    1. What are your favourite classes?
    2. What's your main, if you have one?
    3. Favourite Item, why?

    So, without further adeiu

    My favourite classes are; spy, sniper, medic and soldier-- I main these also kind of subjectively independatnly on play time I guess spy, multiple killstreak backstabs is a big adreanline rush. Medic however is fun to play if I don't feel like doing the damage and there isn't a medic on the team already. I main mainly in soldier because for some reason I am really good at it especially with a Kritzkrieg medic to back me up. As for my favourite item, I image people will struggle with this but I really enjoy "The Original" its all the fun of the stock rocket launcher but with the rockets shooting from the middle of the screen rather than the top right!
  2. Nardia

    Nardia Steampunker

    I don't have a main class because I am always changing classes depending on the situation. If we don't have a medic and we need one, I'll go medic. If there is an engine nest that my team can't get past, then I'll go scout with a Bonk! So I can soak up all the damage while my teammates destroy the nest.
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  3. SedrioX

    SedrioX Skeletron Prime

    I played TF2 for about 1,250 hours. 200-ish hours being me learning to game and being stupid. About 700 hours is me moderating an achievement server like an idiot (I was about 15 years old). And the rest was me goofing around in trading and minigame servers. And ALLLL of it was in search of hats. Yeah, the gameplay is fun but the game went to :red: when they started focusing on adding more hats and accessories.

    I found it fun searching for hats back then but I was young and thought nothing of it. Now I look back at it and it was a waste of time.
    • Favourite class: Scout
    • 2nd Favourite class: Soldier
    • Most played class: Spy (My facestabbing is godlike)
    • 2nd Most played class: Soldier
    • Best at: Melee
    • Favourite item: Fish for Scout. All I do is go into 2Fort and hit people with my fish. People can't handle it
    The server I was moderating on was Golden Machine Gun and my name back then was iByro or Ignis Solus. I found myself pretty smart for thinking that name but I still stuck to Sedrio in the end.

    Game still fun though, if you ignore all the trading.
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  4. DeAg1eMaN

    DeAg1eMaN Terrarian

    1. What are your favourite classes?
    My favorite classes are the Scout, Pyro, Engineer, and Medic.

    2. What's your main, if you have one?
    I main Scout and have about 30-40 hours on it.

    3. Favourite Item, why?
    My favorite item would have to be earbuds. They:
    • Have little music symbols coming out of them which is a semi-unusual effect in my opinion.
    (So it's like you have Unusual Earbuds :O)

    • Are super useful for buying other Unusuals and getting pretty much anything in the game you could want.
    They are a game changer in TF2. You get 1 bud and you are set. Just get some guy that is willing to let you underpay for his Unusual and sell that Unusual for more buds and rinse and repeat. Although I do not have a bud yet, I am slowly working up to one.

    • Look really awesome and compliment other hats as well. For some reason, buds look really nice with Bill's Hat for some reason.

    • Are an all-class hat! They look good on all classes as well. Just think, you're a Sniper and you just have your buds in and just rocking out while picking people off and having a good time!
  5. LeFr33

    LeFr33 Official Terrarian

    Used to be a main spy

    Got my australiums scammed
    moved to Csgo

    Now I stairstab 24/7
  6. Favorite Class(es): Pyro, Medic
    Main Class: None (I mainly play any class I feel like playing at the time, though I don't play much Sniper and Spy because... obvious reasons if you played any amount of TF2. The only class I ever a main in was Scout.)
    Favorite Item: Syringe Gun
  7. Swordbomb

    Swordbomb Steampunker

    1. What are your favourite classes?
    They would be the Scout, DemoKnight, and Engineer.
    2. What's your main, if you have one?
    I usually swap between those three classes as necessary, sometimes even going Spy or Pyro if needed. I have played Engineer & Scout the most, and for good reasons.
    3. Favourite Item, why?
    I don't care what you say, it's the Holy Mackerel. I like to swing it in people's faces, watching as they rage over getting feesh killed.
    That and it gives me an excuse to shout 'FEESH!'
    4. Preferred offensive method?
    5. Favorite Map?
    Degroot Keep. It feels so good to not have to worry about Black Box Soldiers...

    I haven't been playing for very long, but I see some potential in myself to become better. I just need to work on my aim...
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  8. TheFkje

    TheFkje Official Terrarian

    Soldier (Swiss)
    Heavy (Fat Scout)
    Engie (Mini)

    Whatever I feel like

    Holiday Punch

    Just go demopan and sticky jump

  9. Swordbomb

    Swordbomb Steampunker


    Sorry, couldn't help it.
  10. The Ice Cube

    The Ice Cube Eater of Worlds

    Oh dear.

    Alright, this is what's going on with me and TF2:
    I've played 1417 hours, but I don't play the game now.
    The reason for it is because of the recent updates it had and how VALVe dissapointed me with this game, so I started doing other things instead of just playing TF2 all day.
    It's just boring with all of these updates which only include cosmetics and sometimes rare taunts that everyone try to get, and then these taunts are so common that people are like "oh come on why did I have to buy that taunt then instead of waiting".
    All of the updates that are adding weapons these days just add 5 weapons and like 2 of them are useful (LaW update), or they are just reskins (Almost everything since that update).
    So yeah.

    So let's get on with the actual topic here.
    My favourite TF2 classes are Sniper, Demo, Medic, Engi and Heavy (although I play with Pyro a lot as well).
    My main class is Sniper (almost 300 hours of gameplay).
    My favourite item would be the Jarate, or more specifucally, a Strange one, because it's fun to throw piss on people with something that actually counts the number of times you've thrown a jar of piss on people.

    Sorry for the long post.
    You aren't going to get a potato because this is not 9gag.
  11. Gmayor61

    Gmayor61 Steampunker

    I'd actually have more hours but there was a large time period where I couldn't play.

    Rather than favorite or main, the three classes I almost exclusively play are Soldier, Engineer and Sniper, in that order.
    ...The vast majority of those hours were spent in surf servers.
    Though I only recently started playing on higher skill servers from tier 3 or so :s
  12. W1K

    W1K Witch

    Let's start by specifying I don't play TF2 seriously. Like everybody else on pubs. "Conga at every kill" describes me the most.

    I enjoy every class overall. My preference goes to soldier (rocket jumping is something I enjoy, altho I can barely pogo), pyro (when I feel particularly sadist, WM2 is the way to go), demo (mostly suicide sticky jumping). Overall, I enjoy every class, engie aside playing a support class spending effort to build something just to see it destroyed without it providing any kind of support, kinda bums me out to say the least (I do play mini-sentries when I feel like pissing off people on hightower that is). I don't "main" any class, but when I want to be that one tryhard, soldier or pyro are the ways to go. My favorite item is a cosmetic, Crone's Dome, which I loved so much I had to base an OC off of it (plot twist).
  13. Varsia

    Varsia Spazmatism

    Favourite Class: Engineer. Why? Because I like building towers.
    Main: Engineer or whatever the team calls for.
    Fave Item: Ghostly Gibus.
    Southern Hospitality. Because BATTLE WRENCH!
    I don't have many items yet though, so... It's open to change.
  14. Crimso

    Crimso Plantera

    1. My current class preference is Demo, Scout, Pyro, Sniper, Soldier, Spy. I try to avoid the other three whenever possible- Heavy is too slow for my liking, Engineer's playstyle revolves around camping, and Medic feels like a chore as well as having the constant tension of trying to save your uber and not die to a random crit.
    2. I've been playing a lot of Demo lately, but my main is Scout. I like self-sufficient roamer playstyles; huddling around Medics and Dispensers isn't really my thing. Dodging as Scout is also really fun, as is the target picker/cleanup role.
    3. The Loch-n-Load, because you can twoshot Soldiers and avoid dealing with that "survive with 5 HP" bull:red:. Also, grenade sniping.
    I've owned the game for over two years and played 759 hours, and I don't have any special quality weapons other than a few Stranges I was given for free that I hardly ever use. I don't understand how some people can care so much about items and trading.
  15. Terminator

    Terminator Skeletron Prime

    1. Fav class would be Sniper, because I can personally link myself with him, pissed, r00d, the whole thing.

    2. I used to Main Sniper, for Over a year, I was able to hit every headshot, but then I got bored of it because I wanted to get into the battles, so I moved on to scout, since around Febuary, and I'm Highlander worthy already. I would probably have Demo as well, because if your good at snipin, then snipin with explosives is deadly

    3. Fav weapon would have to be Stock, obviously in Strange proff, or Australium form, but for Melee I would Always go for Pan, when I had my Strange spec one.
    My scout load is Scattergun (Getting an Aussie one on Sunday) milk / guillotine, and sandman/pan
    And sometimes pistol.
    For sniper I would have used my AWP, Jarate/SMG, and the Shiv
    Demi I just go for the full default set
  16. 652Graystripe

    652Graystripe Spazmatism

    You cannot stop the fury of my stickies and pipes. Demo main here, can play pretty much anything else well except sniper and pocket soldier. Generally, stock is the way I lean, but particular favorites include the Backburner, Detonator, Back Scatter, Loose Cannon, Natascha and Quick-Fix.
  17. Terminator

    Terminator Skeletron Prime

    I played a lot of demo lately, with the loch n load, basically a sniper rifle for the demo, might get a spec one
  18. 652Graystripe

    652Graystripe Spazmatism

    RIP Loch-N-Load.