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PC TeamTerraria 4 - Private 1.3.5 Playthrough Server Signups

Welcome to TeamTerraria 4!
Our Current Status:
19/20 Slots Full
(Someone resigned!)

Playthrough complete. Thanks for joining, everyone!
(If you'd like to know when the next TT starts, you can join our Discord down below.

Hello, and welcome to our fourth season of TeamTerraria! TeamTerraria is your #1 go-to server for a vanilla, no-cheat, and straight-forward experience of playing Terraria in multiplayer. Our goal is simple - reach the end of the game by working together.
v We've put together a small trailer to help you get a general idea of what this is all about. Check it out! v
Thanks to the dudes who helped us out in that. Credits in the description of the video!

"So, I still don't get it... what do I do in this server?"
TeamTerraria is so simple, even a Crawdad could play on it! Players from around the planet sign up for TeamTerraria, and on a certain date, we all get together to start a playthrough. We help each other out, make new friends, invite your own friends, and get a true experience of what Terraria is really like with a large group of people. This is also the fourth season of TeamTerraria - dedicated to experience Terraria 1.3.5 in multiplayer.

"Wow, this sounds awesome! How can I sign up for this!?"
I'm glad you're so excited for TeamTerraria! To sign up for this private server, simply make an application using the format below. There's a really good chance you'll be accepted - additionally, spaces with a red asterisk (*) are completely optional and do not have to be filled out.

*First, specify the amount of hours you've played of Terraria. This will help us to know how much experience you've had in Terraria - if you're not very good at it, the team can help you out! If you've played console, you can also tell us about how much you've played there, too.

Next is your age. I prefer players over 12, but if you are under this age, please keep in mind to act mature and follow the rules. Additionally, a "rounded estimate" will also do, such as "under 18 but young enough not to tell my age".

*In this area, you need to tell us why you want to join the server - we use this to analyze playing habits and community here in TT.

Here, please tell us the name of your character. This will help me identify you in relation to your forum account.

The class you'll be. In case we have too much or too little of a class, I may ask you to switch.

*Your Steam profile name, if you use Steam and not GOG. In case you're not lazy enough, you can make a link like this.

*Your Discord username, if you have one. That way, I can give you the TeamTerrarian rank on our Discord.

*Additional notes.

A server isn't a server without rules. So, please read the rules before you sign up.
  1. No griefing!
  2. Sexism, racism, racial slurs, and gender biasment are not allowed under any circumstances! Sorry, toxic players, but not here. If you say any of these too seriously, you're out!
  3. Be kind to other players! We all have one main goal – to finish Terraria as a team. As such, it’s only natural to be kind to one another to reach our goals effectively!
  4. Revenge on other players in meaningless! A while ago, we had a case where someone blew up someone elses’ house, and the house owner kept having a constant war with him – they both got banned. As such, never try to “take revenge” on anyone – if anyone is being annoying, just ignore, report, and move on.
  5. Follow other players’ advice! You never know how much a small tip could save your life. Goomba-stomping the Eye of Cthulhu, cheesing the Moon Lord, how to use wiring, staying under a roof while you’re being attacked by a Martian Saucer – the tips are endless!
  6. Stealing Richard will result in a 1-day temporary ban.
The following are not all rules, morely just codes of how certain aspects of the game will work in multiplayer circumstances.
Stealing or PVPing without anyone’s permission isn’t recommended. (I steal from peoples’ chests all the time, but you shouldn’t do that just because you’re a peasant).

Our dungeon chest policy is this: After all the dungeon chests have been looted, a fishing pool will be created in the Dungeon. Thus, you can fish for Dungeon Crates, possibly containing Golden Lock Boxes which you can get Dungeon weapons from. Meanwhile, our biome chest policy is that if you have acquired a biome key, you can turn it in to one of our admins (malignantMystic, Raxdiam, SkyCommision), and they will give you the biome weapon with a random modifier along with 3 gold coins.

No wooden boxes! Wooden boxes are basically houses made entirely out of wood, in the shape of a box. Sometimes, they have triangles on top. Rarely, they’re on the bottom. If you need help building a house, talk to one of the other players about this.

We never have any set date for bosses – some play on TT so much that they’re already ready to fight the EoC as soon as the 2nd day of hosting. However, we do set dates for boss fighting no later than one day ahead of time - so please do not fight any bosses before the set date. We also let players fight “minor bosses” whenever they want – bosses that aren’t exactly needed for progression. These include: King Slime, Queen Bee, and Duke Fishron. If a boss or event happens naturally, we regardless schedule a fight anyway.

Yes, this is Expert mode. Stop asking, please.

We have a Discord, if you want to talk to us. Players who join and are in TeamTerraria get the TeamTerrarian rank, and can join the TeamTerraria voice channel. Come chat with us without the hassle of pressing Enter!

This ain't easy, you know.
This is Raxdiam, Commision Corporation's lead developer. He has made many programs to aid in gaming and such, such as his well-known Sims 4 Mod Manager and the No Man's Sky save editor. Though he cannot host TeamTerraria this time around, I would still appreciate it if you could donate to him - this helps him and us stay functioning to keep TeamTerraria up.

This is well... myself, Commision Corporation's owner. Along with TeamTerraria, I host a Minecraft server that costs a measly $8 a month. Donating to me directly goes right back to you, allowing me to keep my Minecraft server (and maybe grab a bag of chips in the meantime, but meh). If you donate to me, you can get some cool rewards listed on the donation page.

What are you waiting for? Make an application below to get started! If you get accepted, I will gladly notify you here. While you're at it, why not join our Discord?
Sign up now!
Do it.
Do it now.
It's ok, take your time.
Nobody's stopping ya, pal.

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Official Terrarian
306 hours on pc, i had terraria mobile for 6 months before pc

16 now, 17 in july

I love terraria, I love playing with friends. Theres your answer, I want to enjoy a fun game with a bunch of people and so far i have with the team terraria group. ^^


melee or ranger, ill decide when we start



Skeletron Prime
Hours: Something around 600 (I have two accts)
Age: Older than 15.99 younger than 17.01

I wanna play because I heard that if I do I get free diamonds on Minecraft (also for fun)

Davy Hookcutter would likely be my name of course.
Probably rocket ranger

Is it expert mode? Also you said no wood houses, does that mean dirt houses are A-Okay? Does stealing a fake god REALLY deserve a one-day ban?

EDIT: Pick me pick me pick me pick me pick me
Hours: 440
Age: 13 almost 14
Why: I want to join because I love the game of Terraria and I have never experienced it with over 4 people. I am very excited to play this with a bunch of friends and conquer all the bosses.
Terraria IGN: BaconBrownE
Class: Range
Steam Profile: hansenelliott12/getshrekt9603 (not sure which one it goes by)
Discord Name: Darksoul625/ Nickname: BaconBrownE
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216 hours on pc, Idk about console but I would say somewhere around 300-400

Turning 15 in 3 months

I would most likely enjoy it, as I have only played with a total of THREE people, which this is twenty five, and when I did play with those people, they tended to cheat :(



ArticZMSZ , but heres a link http://steamcommunity.com/id/killer5609

Notes :

I'm a slightly seasonal player, I play for 2-3 months, take a one-two month break, then back to 2-3 months. Due to the fact that I am on break, haha, I probably won't be taking many long breaks.

And I won't steal richard, richard is my fren.


I have 1495 hours played.


I want to join in on this one as I have sat out on a few. Hopefully my burnout is dead. And I need something to do so... that's a thing.


Mage or Sorcerer, depends on who else does what.

Steam name is now Xaeronz

You know my discord name bby ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Hours: 187
Age: 13
Why: Because I enjoy playing terraria and fighting bosses, but I would like to play with more than one other person.
Terraria Name: MUNCHISSS
Class: melee
Steam Profile: Kmacevedo62
Discord: Munchiss
I have 162 hours played.
I wanted to join because I want to do a run of Terraria.
Any class besides summoner.
Character name is Some Lemmings
Several Lemmings
Several Lemmings


Hours: Way too many and counting
Age: nearly 16
Why: cuz why not
Name: Thunder
Class: Ranged but I can switch if we have too many
Steam Profile/Discord: you already have these
Note: I'll be gone for 6 days after the start date :(


Why:I feel like it would be a lot of fun playing with people
Class:melee or range(most likely melee)
I played terraria before in mobile made it to the end which is post golem so I have some experience


Skeletron Prime
Made an account just for this. Sounds neat!
I'm 16, with 400 hours recorded on Terraria on steam, although I've played more than that.
I enjoy playing with other people, and I always attempt to start 3+ player playthroughs. It makes me happy to co-operate and share with others.
My in-game name would be Aleksh, and I wouldn't mind filling in spots if needed. If I were to pick a prefered class, it would be ranger.
My Steam is Aleksh - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198038513379/
My Discord is also Aleksh. Not very hard to find me, honestly...

I hope to be picked soon!
Hours: 637


Why?: I always wanted to do a co-op playthrough of Terraria, sure i have my friends, but none of them
are really into the game so i'm always stuck playing alone. I saw this and figured it might be a fun opportunity, might even make new friends.
Never really played expert before and figured this might be a good place to start.

Name: Mario

Class: Melee, But willing to switch to Ranged if necessary.

Steam Profile: Someguyfromtheinternet (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198097835470)

Discord: Someguyfromtheinternet

Is it okay if i bring in a vanity item with me or no?
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Hours: Terraria Pc - 400+ hours / Terraria console - 200+ hours and a little bit mobile

Age: 12 making 13 in a few months

I would want to join because i like playing terraria a lot and i would love to play it with more people and maybe make some new friends

Character name: JordenAteCereal

Class: Mage if too much people want to be mage i could be ranged or yo-yo

Steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/goldenhero9555/
Sorry guys but i use GOG but i really wanna buy Terraria i hope i'm gonna buy it in a few months

Discord username: JordenEatsCereals#6496

Additional notes: I'm a nice guys that sits on a chair 12 hours/day and plays video games ,and i hope that i will soon play terraria with you guys.


Hours played: 261 online on Steam, with another 100-200 on console (both xbox 360 and one)

Age: 14, if my birth certificate is right.

Why I want to join: I have spent a while now looking for a smallish survival server to play, and have been fairly unsuccessful so far. Additionally, I am trying to start playing expert more and more, having not played much after 1.3.2, and I feel a co-operative experience would help with this. I also have no friends (on steam) and often find myself lonely when playing, and larger servers are off-limits to me, as most are really laggy, toxic or both.

My character name will be Sunday the fourth, the first being my first (and only 0.o) hardcore character, the second being my first multiplayer character and the third being my first expert mode character.

Ranger is my preferred class, but if need be i can switch comfortably to mage.

my steam name is sundayyy

my discord is Multro | Insanity'z Perspective#9399

quick question: how is the NPC housing going to work? is there going to be a communal building/spawn area with all NPC vendors? because there could be complaints about players potentially "hogging shops" if not.
Cheers from me!
Finally TT4 is up!
Hours: 567, but I haven't played in months.
Age: 14
Why I want to join: I've been in TT since the second and I've always enjoyed it. This one should be much larger, so I'm interested to see how it goes.
IGN: Sneakiest Snek (or Sneaky Snek if it doesn't fit. I haven't bothered to check.)
Class: Magic. I've never gone full magic so I'm
Steam: Bob The Peanut (My profile pic is either a panda or a peanut)
Discord: Bob The Peanut#5474
Additional notes: First time I haven't been Bob The Peanut in game. Also I suck at building so my house will be pretty lame.
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Hours: 4
Age: 14
Why: New to Terraria, wanted to try it with a bunch of people
IGN: Bean
Class: New to Terraria so not sure
Steam: henrygrosvenor
Discord: Bean#1629


Hours: Not sure, I leave it running often but probably at least a few hundred.
Reason: I have never done a large multiplayer collaboration of a game like this before and would love to see what this becomes.
Name: Slartibartfast
Class: I would prefer ranged or magic but I don't care that much. (just not summoner)
Discord: bkylesturgeon#0056
Age: 16
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