Tell me your luckiest / unluckiest drops in your worlds.

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I was searching for an enchanted sword shrine for ages and i couldn't find one so i decided to fish for one, so i got 1 hours worth of fishing pots and my first catch was a titanium crate, and inside was an enchanted sword... HOW??

now i just need an influx waver and a meowmere and i can craft the zenith :D
Hi @Noobz there was already a thread regarding super lucky or unlucky rng so I moved your post (and any replies) into this already existing thread.

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I settle in for the long run trying to fish up the crystal serpent, I say "damn im gonna be here for a while", on the first pull, I get a crystal serpent and im sitting there with confusion, "wha?"


I have had an absolute depressant of a time last couple days. I am trying to do a summoner playthrough and in the space of 24 hours:

I've killed 14 Dreadnautlius, yet to receive Sanguine Staff (1/2500 odds)

I've managed to kill 48 Bone Lees. No Black Belt (8%) but 11 Tabis (8%)


i once got the honeyed goggles (my favorite mount in the game) on, i think my second try. that world got deleted and i tried to get it again and i had more than 2 platinum (in pre-hardmode) worth of tries trying to kill queen bee for it. I had multiple of EVERY drop except for the honeyed goggles.
Not being able to find life fruits for the life of me is the worst.
Spelunker Potions will really help with that. They’re awfully cheap, literally taking one gold ore and one blinkroot for five minutes of effect, and they highlight everything valuable on your screen. As a bonus you get a hell of a lot more chlorophyte in the process as well.


I got the coin gun, gold ring and lucky coin early in hardmode, but I can't get the freaking discount card. I'm walking around with a COIN RING. Who does that?!? Usually you get the card and the ring first. Plus, it took me 50+ tries to get the fishron wings and I FINALLY got them today. What are your stories about your drops?
so in my main world, i had literally just beaten Wall of Flesh, i killed a hellbat, and it dropped Hel-Fire. a 1/400 chance. on my first killed hardmode enemy.


I got the slime staff three times without using the statue process, but I was a noob at the time and didn't know how uncommon it was, so I just trashed them all LOL.


I've been playing Switch Terraria for about 2 years now, and I could not get the Nazar for the Ankh shield until last week. but I've gotten every other one in abundance. Especially Bezoars and Bandages


200 imps for an obsidian rose and then my friend on the server kills 5-20 chaos elementals and gets a rod of discord. Steam version.


Took about 10 Moon Lords on Xbox to get the Last Prism, but my game crashed, so I had to kill about 5-10 more.


Headless Horseman
I went to the Snow biome, assuming it would take hours to get the Frozen Turtle Shell, and the third Ice Tortoise I kill drops one.


I went to Post-Plantera dungeon and the first Skeleton Sniper an Sniper Rifle

Also, i killed 74 Tactical Skeletons for getting the Tactical Shotgun, and then trashed it while cleaning my inventory
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