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Terra Integration

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Terra Integration is a mod about variables. You can read values from world into them and write them back into the world in any form you want.
Inspired by Integrated Dynamics Minecraft mod.

Mod mechanics:

Variable store
Wire IO
Tile reader
Sap Collector
World reader
Action Box

Components - tiles, that you can place in world. They interact with variables in some ways.
For example, Display can display variables.


Variables - Items that can store different values, operations with values, actions with other variables.
For example variable Rain Time (which is World Reader component property) will return an Integer value which represents how many ticks current rain will last.
Values - they are returned by variables and (in most cases) can be displayed.
For example: Integer 1289, String "Hello"

Variables can be different types:
Constant - stores the raw value. Can be defined in Variable Programmer
Component property - reads some value from component assigned to it. Can be defined only in its component "Properties" tab
Value property - modifies the value in some way, for example Increment adds 1 to the value and returns it. Can be found in Properties list of Variable Programmer when needed value is selected in Variables
Event - Triggers all its Event Subscribers in system. For example, Wire IO will trigger event in its Variables tab slot once it receives a wire signal
Action - Contains an action that can modify other variables. Can be executed in Action Box. Example action: Set Constant, it copies new value into existing Constant
Function - Player-defined operator with arguments which (currently) can be used to filter collections or match values
And many other variable and value operators


Variable Programmer:
An item like Logic Programmer from Integrated Dynamics, that can program variables. All programmable variable types are listed in Variables list, some of them can have properties in Properties list.
Variables can have UIs in Programmer, it will be displayed in right half of Programmer UI.
At last, variables can be written or programmed into variable items - place empty Variable into Result slot and hit Write.


TerraIntegration generates some Bluewood trees on world gen, which you can cut down and use in recipes.
However, to get main crafting ingredient - Crystallized sap, you need to cut off tree branches and after some time some Sap may crystallize there.
Sap collection can be automated using special block called Sap Collector, you need to place it in place of cutted off branch or root.
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Make sure that you planting them on grass
Sorry it took so long to confirm it, but I did figure out what was causing it. An older mod by the name of Free Block Placing, which likely conflicts with Custom Tree Library. I wasn't super attached to it either way. With the two mods here and FBP, the seeds can't be placed on grass, but with FBP off, they can be.
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