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tModLoader TerraClasses mod, but I need your help.


Duke Fishron
Hey there guys, this mod is like a implementation of the N Terraria class system for tModLoader.
The reason why I asked for your help, is because I don't really have ideas of what to do with the mod systems, so I will
need helps with ideas for the mod. I'm kind of dry on skills and classes I could add to the game.

If you never played N Terraria, neither knows how the class system works, this isn't just a new set of weapons. The classes your character turns into can unlock skills that can benefit you, or even aid you on your adventure in a number of ways. But, you can also think of them like generic rpg class system, but with more freedom.

Currently, the class system works partially like the basic N Terraria class system. You will with the Terrarian class, once you reach level 10 on Terrarian class and increase Basic Training skill to level 10, you will be able to change the class to any unlocked classes. Since this is just for testing, all classes disponible at the moment are unlocked.
To open the class list interface, open the inventory, then click the class name on the lower left of the screen.
Some of the classes doesn't have many skills to make use of, those are the Merchant, Cleric and Thief(this class has no skills right now).
There are 5 skill slots you can place skills on. 4 of them are for active skills, which you can use in combat by pressing their corresponding hotkey. One is for the Combat skill, which activates as you does normal attacks with the weapon at hands.

If you plan on testing It, be sure to give me your feedback. And of course, backup your character save files before trying the mod.
Also, be sure to go in your game Control settings, and see if the hotkeys for the skills are set. By default, they are C, F2, F3 and F4. (F1 is hardcoded to be the Camera mode on Terraria)
Feel free to customize the keys if you want.

Mega - https://mega.nz/folder/wlAGlBgR#qulyFby0cPJy10hXlHEm2A

I was trying to setup a github page for the mod yesterday, but for some reason, Git Bash is giving me some non sense errors, which not even googling abou them is helping, so I'll try again some other time.

As for the only ideas I've gathered for the mod, they are:
  • The classes must be unlocked, before you can change to them. How they are unlocked, I don't know. The cheapest way would be to make recipes of an item that unlocks them.
  • I thought about making the unlocked classes shared between all characters in the computer, so if you unlock a class in one character, you can change to It on another character.
  • Leveling up spells to strengthen them, to make your class build more diverse. The problem with this, is that the class must have at least 5 skills with about 10 levels each, to make use of all skill points.
  • Some classes may change your character physical aspect, but I plan on making that be active/deactivated through a toggle spell.
  • As you unlock classes, the world gets tougher. The increase in difficulty is to adapt to your class changing.
  • Unusual classes are intended.
Well, for now, that's all I have to say about the project. Let's see how this project will end. :3


um, regarding the classes your trying to think up skills for. what roles do they play? for example do you see thief as a damage dealing class? evasive or utility based? how do you envision the roles?


Duke Fishron
I plan the classes based on their skills gameplay.
Fighter for example would be best suitable for direct combat. Thief would be a more indirect combat, focusing on surviving and inflicting damage.
Mage has a lot of toys to inflict huge damage on their target. Archer would benefit those who likes bows and repeaters.

I don't intend to make the classes work by their roles, but instead by the gameplay changing skills they could offer. Or simply allow you to pick the classes with the coolest skills or most interesting skills you could use.
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