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Tool TerraCustom for 1.3


@jopojelly Any plans to update TerraCustom soon? The latest version (that I can find at least) is for Tmod 11.5. I am running Tmod 11.6.1 (Waiting until 6.2 is out of Beta) and while I am running the 64 bit patch, which TerraCustom doesn't like, I use a trick where I run TerraCustom from a backup Vanilla folder, and it works just fine. While I can get TerraCustom to run normally it disabled the Furniture, Food, Fun (CosmeticVariety) mod because it's built for Tmod 11.6.2 (Just updated today, actually, as I recall). It doesn't mind the Calamity, Thorium, Spirit, Shadows of Abaddon, Joost, Chad's Furniture & Fargo's Mutant/Souls mods, which are the only ones I have on when doing Worldgen, but it seems to dislike Furniture, Food, Fun. I reckon other people may start seeing this issue with soon-to-be updated mods.

Minor gripe, as well, but I'm looking for a way around it, worldgen tends to freeze on Corruption Pits if I have both evils enabled and try to make them avoid the Jungle. It seems that no matter what, Worldgen only goes smoothly if it plasters the Evil biomes over the Jungle, otherwise generation grinds to a halt when putting Corruption in.

Edit: I forgot that you can simply turn off Corruption/Crimson generation, so I tried that and now I'm having no issue generating worlds, and Furniture, Food, Fun is now working again... somehow. I might try and see if I can make larger worlds this way, because I never could go larger than 9000 blocks, it would always freeze and crash on Evil generation. Having to build the biome manually is a small price to pay.
Things happen when I have time. But you should really update to, has a huge bug. was never "in beta"

As for Corruption Pits freeze, I'd have to have time to figure out why that happens sometimes.
Loving this, but I really want this so i can have it change the size of the Jungle cos I want a world where it covers...

OF ...

Please make it happen. c:


Why it's doing this?

How do I solve this? Should I just wait? I just finally got the perfect world after a dozen of trials and this happened..

EDIT: Just had to wait it finally loaded
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When will jopojelly update this to the current tmodloader version and put it on the Mod Browser?
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