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Terrafine - Resized Terraria Texture Pack

How are my sprites?

  • 5. AMAZING!!! Keep making them, I want ALL OF THEM DONE!!!1

    Votes: 251 64.0%
  • 4. Nice! Good luck man! I give my support!

    Votes: 118 30.1%
  • 3. They're Good, I've seen better though. Good Luck.

    Votes: 14 3.6%
  • 2. I would never use this, the original sprites are so much better.

    Votes: 5 1.3%
  • 1. Stop. JUST STOP! Stop wasting your time! THIS IS ABSOLUTE GARBAGE!!!1

    Votes: 4 1.0%

  • Total voters


This project has been shut down for a few simple reasons. Reason number one: I don't want to compete with anyone, nor did I want any toxicity. Things were really starting to get toxic between this texture pack and Zander's texture pack, and I simply do not want that anymore. The discord channel was deleted since it had become nothing more than a cesspool of toxicity. All the important content saved on that channel was either moved to my private discord, or is saved somewhere else. Reason number two: I am simply not motivated. I know that this is a dumb excuse, and people will, more often than not, take it that way. But the reality is that the Terrafine Project was starting to become a chore for me. I did not want to deal with it anymore, and I have other things that feel like chores that are much more important than this.

I think back to the earlier, happier days of the project when my small team and I were enjoying creating, joking around, and having fun, but those days seem to have passed. I know tensions got a bit fierce between Zander and I, and from this moment forward, I want to apologize and take back anything offensive that I have or might have said, and I wish to express my full support on his texture pack.

Finally, I would like to thank @Zanderstorm @Techdude594 @PieOfCthulhu @M4D-4LI3N @sano2 @ps3wolvrine14 @meetyourdemize @NexusTheBrony @Brendan Scobal @Blockaroz and many others who have shown a tremendous amount of support and dedication to the point that we have come so far.

What the future holds is still unknown, and who knows I may come back and clean out all of our rough patches and start again as a happy, motivated group seeking to bring something awesome into the community, but until that time comes, I wish our small community and the rest of TCF my best regards as I work on other things. My goal in this forum as well as my life is to innovate and to bring something new and awesome, and I hope that all those reading this can do the same. I am not sure if TfP will come back or not, but even if it does not, I am glad for the effort that I did put into it, and for those who enjoyed my work. Thank you and Goodbye.


Skeletron Prime
If you are leaving TCF for now, (or forever) would you at least open up the project, so that others can work on it if they wish? Just give the community the rights to edit this thread, and the sprites for TfP and JJ that you have filed away. At least letting the community be able to continue this project would be very appreciated. We all appreciate what you have done for TCF, and we would happily continue this project, regardless of who is at the helm!


King Slime
Whatever circumstances and terms we all ended on, it's still a shame to see this go. I agree that the earlier days of TfP were happier than what's been happening recently, but such is life, I suppose. Good luck on your future ventures, ArmyFrog!


Man! It's hard to read that, i really thought this project had an amazing potential and i really enjoyed playing a part on it(even when it was a small part). We had so much fun, but all things must come to an end sometimes i guess. It's hard to say good bye but i can't help if the person who started says it's no longer motivated to continue. I really like all the people i've met on this project and i would love to get the " good ol' gang " together in the future and do some stuf here at TCF. Unfortunatly i have to say good bye to TfP, thanks to @ArmyFrog for leeting me be a part(while it lasted) and to everyone else in the project(you're all considered friends in my book)
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