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Welcome to
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WELL... here i am again... doing nothing... and dead. Soo i have been busy with school and other stuff in my life but now getting in to spriting again and rethinking stuff i feel like i could finally do something with this mod (even if i dont update this mod, i still think of ideas for it) I may start doing more but may not at the same time.I just hope i have this out before this year ends.

This mod will have the most uniqe items in eny mod (well i will try :p) and i hope you find something new here and uniqe.

Okey lets get to the fun stuff now :D -

Capture 2016-09-03 16_50_09.png

Encho Set
Melee and Throwing
Helmet : 11 defence and 12% melee and throwing speed increased
Chastplate : 21 defence and 26% melee and throwing damage increased
Leggings : 13 defence and 10% speed increased
Set Bounes : Doble-tap down to get 50% melee and throwing speed for 15 sec. and coolover 5 mins.

Capture 2016-09-03 16_50_18.png

Mogem Set
Melee and Mage
Helmet : 8 defence and 10% melee and mage damage increased
Chestplate : 20 defence and 25% melee speed Increased and 30% mana use reduced
Leggings : 14 defence and 25 % speed increased
Set Bounes : Get a flaming ball surroundes your mouse

Capture 2016-09-03 16_50_25 (2).png

Domin Set
Melee and Range
Helmet : 12 defence and 15% melee and range damage increased
Chestplate : 25 defence and 10% melee and range critical change increased
Leggings : 18 defence and 15% change to curse the enemy
Set Bounes : Doble-tap down to get 100 defence but 50% speed and melee nad range damage reduced.

Capture 2016-09-03 16_50_29.png

Code Set
Range and Mage
Helmet : 10 defence and 40 mana and 15% not to cosume ammo
Chestplate : 17 defence and 20 % range and mage damage increased
Leggings : 8 defence and 10% mana use reduced and 10% mage and range speed increased
Set bounes : Can teleport after hit if under 30 % hp.

Capture 2016-09-03 16_50_35.png

Calon Set
Throwing and Range
Helmet : 7 defence and 20% throwing and range speed
Chastplate :14 defence and 25% not to cosume ammo and throwing weapons
Leggings : 9 defence and 15% velocity increased
Set Bounes : If taken more then 100 damage , the damage is reduced by 25%

Capture 2016-09-06 16_34_09.png

Bluriom Set
Mage and Throwing
Helmet : 7 defence and 80 mana increased
Chastplate :12 defence and 30% throwing and magic speed increased
Leggings : 10 defence and 10% throwing and magic damage increased
Set Bounes : Gives 3 Red mana stars that instantly refill in 1 sec.

Capture 2017-03-22 15_41_02.png

Shante Set
Throwing and Summon
Helmet :
Chastplate :
Leggings :
Set Bounes : Get a Shante armor npc help fight.

Capture 2017-03-22 16_06_55.png

Ransim Set
Range and Summon
Helmet : 5 defence and 15% chance not to consume ammo
Chastplate : 11 defence and 5% decreased range damage and 25% range speed
Leggings : 7 defence and 10% summon damage
Set Bounes : Get feathers around you and next time you shot you get feathers with it.

Capture 2017-03-22 16_08_32.png

Fliret Set (Beta)
Melee and Summon
Helmet :
Chastplate :
Leggings :
Set Bounes : The Lower health more damage redused (Max 50%) but less damage (Max 25%).

Alcin Armor.png

Alcin Set (Beta)
Mage and Summon
Helmet :
Chastplate :
Leggings :
Set Bounes : Dont know :I Yet.

Thats it right now ;P
I will be adding more weapons and armors in the future

Not yet done, but it will be out.

Thanks to:
@GabeHasWon for coding the Bluriom set
@Vox for coding the Encho set

This is the discord . If enyone want to see what i am going :

I hope you like it
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Sounds great, I always wanted this kind of thing in Terraria (there was probably one for TAPI now that I think of it)
Also, second!
EDIT: technically third if I count the OP.


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sorry guys that the mod hasent been updated thats becoes i have done a lot other things and + i am the only one who is working on this mod . I have problems with coding and i need coders to help me or at least coders who could teach me how to code . But the mod will be done in the future just right now its going really slow i have some other mods that i am helping and i want to play with my friend too but i dont have the time for every thing and thats sad becose i really want this mod to be in terraria but i cant . I still need coders and time thats why the mod is on a stop sign


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You know when you get a inferno fork but 4)- / -- you are doing a ranger gameplay :I But i will add that you can change it to a ranger weapon or eny other class you want (becose the idea that i had is just a little too hard :I and + this is better :D) Now if you get a good weapon from a other class then you can change it :D
[doublepost=1472739135,1472739052][/doublepost]Ps. will be adding a lot more armors and weapons becose i had a idea for the crafting :p
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