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tModLoader [TerraGuardians] Gaomon Companion


Duke Fishron

This is a mod I made as an example of custom companions for TerraGuardians mod. It adds the Digimon Gaomon to the
game as a companion.

You can acquire a Blue Digivice, necessary for spawning It, from the body of some Slimes that spawns in your world. The Blue Digivice will only spawn inside slimes If the Gaomon isn't already spawned in the world, or have been met yet.

It is a Medium sized companion, may spawn as either Male or Female, and It will be in the custom Digimon group (which uses custom sprites, and is recognized as TerraGuardian (so you can use Ether Heart and Fruit)).

You can see the companion in action on the video bellow:

If you're interessed in trying to make a custom companion too, check out the GitHub of the mod.

In case you want to try the mod, there are plenty of options of places to download It that you can use:
You can find It on Mod Browser.
Mega - https://mega.nz/#F!poJxRCID!ldkV2wZ_gAVB2jAnKezxsg //Download gaomonfollowermod.tmod, beside the mod necessary for It is in the same folder too, If you don't have It.
GitHub - https://github.com/nakano15/gaomonfollowermod/releases

The reason why I made this companion, is because digimon is better than pokémon I was wanting to have Gaomon as a companion on Skyrim, since I couldn't get It as a companion on Skyrim, I got It on Terraria. I made the companion system, anyway. That also made me notice several bugs on the cross mod compatibility, and fixing them, plus making the system function a lot better and with less problems for you to face.

I hope you enjoy the mod. :3
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Duke Fishron
Version 0.1.1 is out!
Blue Digivice will no longer come from slimes when you've already met Gaomon.
Edit:. And 0.1.2 too.
Fixed another bug which literally changed nearly nothing on the drop rate of the Blue Digivice.
Now It will have the chance of dropping when you don't have Gaomon at all on your character, instead of not having It summoned.​
Sorry for this, I mistakenly used the method of checking if the player has the guardian summoned, instead of the one checking if the player has the guardian.
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