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tModLoader TerraGuardians - Terrarian Companions


Hey guys, It's that time of month again, the TerraGuardians Popularity Contest result is out.
Sorry for It being quite simple, but... I'll explain in the end.
Well guys, the TerraGuardians Popularity Contest is entering into a hiatus.
I'll prepare quite a wall of text explaining why, so there is no doubt of why I'm doing this right now.

As the mod were getting more and more new TerraGuardians, I thought that It would be fun if there was a kind of Popularity Contest on It for them.
The Popularity Contest purpose would be just for fun, so that doesn't means that the companions would get more work or anything based on the results
of It. That's when It first came on this update, as a Vote button.

As the month kept running, I kept checking sometimes the contest results, to find out that many people were voting on their favorite companions, that
was kind of a major morale boost to the mod development. Then I did the mistake, I had the idea of making the contest monthly.
At first, the Popularity Contest wasn't intended to be monthly, It would be kind of like a "counter", people gives their votes, and then could check how
many people voted on certain companions. Didn't really had an end.

Initially, the result of the January contest was extremelly satisfying, as you can see here. The number of votes on the companions, allowed me to make the
stage for the coronation, and also add the characters you guys voted on in It, so It was kind of like a show you were invited, where you could see the
companions you picked, in their places, and being themselves. That was very fun for me to make, which you can see that there's even a little humor, with
Zacks scaring the hell out of Sardine.

At the second contest, I had the idea of adding a companion as a host, and since Mabel was just being introduced (a bit rushedly, because she wasn't going
to come on that update actually), I thought about using part of her lore of being a model as an excuse as to why she should present the Popularity Contest.
That's when the companions begun being more participative on It. Alongside the extra questions I added on the contest form, whose some results would
be displayed on the next Popularity Contest result.

As the contest ran, the number of votes kept falling, and the standings started having more and more companions in the same place. The idea of the contest
isn't to be a race, It's like a party where your beloved companions participates, and also show who are the most beloved companions of the season.

As the contests result season were coming, I had less fun making the result images, and more about rushing to try finishing It before the time to go sleep arrives.
That is also the reason why in this popularity contest, both Leopold and Bree speaks a gibberish. The mistake was so dire, that when I noticed after posting the contest result, I later pointed that out in one of the edits, and also added a dialogue to the Dryad as a kind of joke refference to this.

The Popularity Contest idea was initially a fun idea I had, but I'm really unable to mantain It monthly, even more to make the result images for It. So that's why
the contest is entering into a hiatus temporarily, until It gets a revamp. Maybe in the future I'll have a better way of hosting the contest, and possibly I'll be
able to have fun when making the result images, or simply script the result in the game, wonder that.

While I'm free of the contest, I can work on improving the mod, even more since the AI of the companions still aren't making me very happy, so I may do some
changes to them, but one day, in the horizon, we'll see the Popularity Contest returning, and probably I'll surprise you guys with that. You'll see. :)

Beside, maybe I could return with the initial idea of having a kind of "vote counter" for favorite companions, like the idea initially was, which would be unrelated to
the contest.

Well, that is it for the wall of text. And Thank You All for participating in the coronation, and for giving your support to your favorite companions, and making the
mod gain more and more new companions for you to travel or befriend with.

Enjoy your gameplay, and have fun. :)

Because I'll have some sleep, see ya later!
bruh everyone simping for Michelle


Here are the mods I’m using for them to go against. 1. Calamity, 2. Thorium. 3. Zylon, 4. Secrets of the shadows, 5.exdous mod, 6.argantium Reborn

and for classes, healer class, meele, ranged, miner, mage, thrower/rogue,battle rods, yo-yo, chop, void,

well that’s it I will be working on this


Here are the mods I’m using for them to go against. 1. Calamity, 2. Thorium. 3. Zylon, 4. Secrets of the shadows, 5.exdous mod, 6.argantium Reborn

and for classes, healer class, meele, ranged, miner, mage, thrower/rogue,battle rods, yo-yo, chop, void,

well that’s it I will be working on this
The only problem is that companions wont benefit of custom classes, neither will know how to use them :/.
So try focusing them on Terraria vanilla classes when making their build.
Hey Nakano have you ever considered about doing teasers about new TerraGuardians? owo
I had. I even talked about that on a patch note or post in this thread, but nobody reacted, so I ended up scrapping the idea.


The only problem is that companions wont benefit of custom classes, neither will know how to use them :/.
So try focusing them on Terraria vanilla classes when making their build.
And also you better equip your damaging accesories on you and not the guardians xd


Haven't looked at this thread in a while.

"Malisha", huh? Curious. Makes me think of the word "malicious", and now I'm remembering talk of that lamia guardian idea, but we can make Michelle into one if we wanted to with vanity stuff, so maybe that's not it.

If it was though, that'd be cool too. 🐍

Also, maybe Domino should sell more things based on how friendly you are with him. Or maybe he does that and I just haven't noticed yet. 🤔

Here are the mods I’m using for them to go against. 1. Calamity, 2. Thorium. 3. Zylon, 4. Secrets of the shadows, 5.exdous mod, 6.argantium Reborn
Imagine if a guardian could withstand fighting the Devourer of Gods. Haha!


Haven't looked at this thread in a while.

"Malisha", huh? Curious. Makes me think of the word "malicious", and now I'm remembering talk of that lamia guardian idea, but we can make Michelle into one if we wanted to with vanity stuff, so maybe that's not it.

If it was though, that'd be cool too. 🐍

Also, maybe Domino should sell more things based on how friendly you are with him. Or maybe he does that and I just haven't noticed yet. 🤔

Imagine if a guardian could withstand fighting the Devourer of Gods. Haha!
Actually, every name has a meaning, but I don't have any idea of what Malisha is for (or almost every name used anywhere).
The "malicious" part may be right about her, though.

And sorry, but Malisha's a Panther. Beside If I managed to make a Lamia, I think I would need to sprite It from scratch.
I think that would be more fun and less annoying than trying to deal with Terraria sprites, heh (The nightmares of trying to sprite Nemesis).

As for Domino's store, It was supposed of me to add new items for sale on his store overtime. You can see that never happened.
I would need to think what kind of goods he could sell. Maybe something that could benefit the player and the companions?

Unit One

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I stepped on a nail today
Working on a house
I can hardly walk
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Send me a private message HERE if you have any questions.



It'd be nice if we had visibility toggles
Terraria - visibility eye.png
for Nemesis and Michelle in case we don't want the visual changes
and sounds (like barking when taking damage in werewolf form) that accompany the use of a Moon Charm, Neptune's Shell, or their upgraded forms. The transformations overtake their vanity stuff, just as they do when we use the accessories ourselves.

Also, I hate to bring this up since the set's been such a pain (though it's less of a concern for me now because I've dressed up Nemesis like a "T-Bot")

but for some reason,
when using the Lamia Mask and Lamia Wraps at the same time, the mask's hair overlap's Nemesis or Michelle's front-facing arm instead of being behind it.
The same problem occurs when using a Mermaid Adornment with the mask.

It's a little confusing though. Looks like it appears in front of a certain chest layer, as it should, but occasionally over the arm depending on what chest piece is used with it. Meanwhile, for player characters, our arms are usually always in front of the hair, though I see some odd moments even there, too, but that's just me experimenting with an invisible dye (used only on myself, not Nemesis or Michelle, especially since dye seems to have no effect on them whatsoever), to hide some unwanted visual effects and such.

I'm not sure any other vanity set causes such problems, but if I find any other issues, I'll post about them.

Since Michelle's hair doesn't vanish no matter what she's got on her head though, and Nemesis's shadowy effect doesn't affect his/her outfit anymore (at least with what I've used so far), and dye has no effect on either of them (nor does using another mod to directly dye the items before equipping them) I doubt many people will be using the full lamia set on these two, so it's a very minor problem that can be dealt with some other time.

The option to toggle werewolf/merman visuals though while retaining the stat bonuses, that'd be great to see.



Wasting so much time playing dress-up. I'm a snek🐍, Nemesis's a robot🤖, and still thinking about what to do for Michelle.
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Since currently there isn't any system to deal with the companion accessory visibility, I can add a flag on the companion AI to toggle that on/off while retaining status.
As for the head gear drawing in front of the arm, I probably messed up. I'll try checking out a way of fixing that issue. Beside I think It may not be that hard to do.

Have fun with the dress up simulator. :D


I gotta share this.

I have Christmas enabled through Fargo's mods.
All villagers get a Santa hat, including TerraGuardians characters.

I'm using this invisible dye-adding mod.

I just had to try putting it in Blue's dye slot.





Here comes the train.
Inverted the order of factors when handling companion body and arms animations.
Instead of setting up the arms animations first, and then the body, now It sets up the body animations first, and then the arms.​
Due to this change, I can remove 2 flags from many scripts.​
Disabled Vote button on the Guardian Selection Interface, since there will be no contest.
Fixed a problem where a request accepted message could have the chance of being shown, when you complete Nemesis requests.
Added missing verb to the death by giving up message, and also added a variant to the death message.
Changed the Death by lava damage message on companions.
Companions will no longer "brick" when unarmed.
Companions will now behave better when attacking with melee weapons.
Fixed a bug where the companion would not use the left (right) arm correctly when swimming.
If Leopold is able to swim, he'll no longer play the long jumping animation when underwater.
You can now reject requests from Sardine.
Death due to Electrified debuff is no longer gender bound.
Your companions will no longer go "Steve" when trying to attack a monster without having any weapon in the inventory, so they will no longer spam attack independing on distance until the target is dead.
Reduced the Assist and Snipe ranged attack distances from the companion.
Assist: Instead of 268 pixels, the companion will only stay away from the target for 120 pixels.​
Snipe: Instead of 380 pixels, the companion will only stay away from the target for 260 pixels.​
Rococo's town npc will no longer attempt spawning on worlds where he isn't the starter companion.
You will now need to recruit him from his recruitment npc.​
Added a Comfort counter to the companions.
Comfort counter will increase based on what the companion is doing, and depending on how many town npcs are nearby.​
It will not increase while the companion is in combat.​
Being in the Corruption and the Crimson will reduce the Comfort points gained by the companion.​
Invasions also reduces comfort gained by companions.​
The fear of the End of the World also greatly reduces the comfort acquisition.​
Blood Moons and Eclipses nullifies comfort acquisition.​
Companions are no longer blood thristy. They will now only try attackin foes that gets near.
When following your character, they will take in consideration their position, and your position when checking for threats.​
The mod will no longer tell you when a companion has a new request for you.
I did this change, because just by simply telling that the companion has a quest, will not only end up spoiling your gameplay, but also stressing you out.​
The only way of finding out If a companion has a request, is either by talking to It about requests, or checking the Guardian Selection Interface.​
Companions following you that has just unlocked a Talk request will still tell you that the request was unlocked.​
Reviewed the body sprites of: Blue, Bree and Mabel.
Companions will now forget who they were attacking when teleporting to your position.
Blue will now preffer using both arms to hold her bunny, instead of using one of them to hold your character.
Companions sliding on walls will now reset the fall height.
Bree will no longer be shown by her name when you find her during your travels.
She can introduce herself.​
Vladimir will now appear either inside a bee hive, or above It.
Fixed a bug where companions personal requests weren't counting as completed.
Added a Skin and Outfit tab.
Skins and Outfits are planned to be acquired in-game, If you beat certain requirement.​
Currently, only Bree has a unlockable skin, you get It from completting her personal request.​
Skins changes the companion body, while outfits gives them clothings.​
Terrarian companions will not get skins and outfits, since you can give them yourself.​
Companions will now try to leave water when they are drowning, and your character is somewhere dry.
Added Blue's missing animations with a Bunny.
Nerfed the number of boss spawning items that you can find as reward from Bounty Quests.
Instead of giving about 1~3 items, It will only give 1.​
Nerfed also the number of Life Crystals, Life Fruits, Ether Hearts and Ether Fruits you get from Bounty Quests.
For Life Crystal and It's variant, you can have the chance of only finding one.​
For Life Fruit and It's variant, you can get up to 2.​
There is now a option on the companion AI to hide their Merfolk and Werewolf form.
Don't ask.​
Mabel will enjoy a bit less sitting on Thrones and Benches.
Instead of having her hands behind the head, she will now have her hands on her leg.​
Fixed the Lamia Hair showing the Terrarian companion hair when equipped.
Well, this update is huge, not only because of the review on female TerraGuardians sprites, but also because of the Combat and Follow AI changes.

The female companions gained a review on their chest, but I tried my best to make that not rise the mod age rank, even more to avoid removing the thread from here. With that I also had to review some of their animations too.

I also implemented a Skin and Outfit system, but as the change log says, only Bree has an skin to unlock, which removes the bag she carries on the neck.
The Skins and Outfits are planned to be unlocked If you meet certain requirement. Probably most of them will be unlockable by completting companions personal request. Talking about that, give me your feedback about Bree's personal request.

Also talking about requests, due to the stress caused by receiving new requests over and over during the gameplay, It was extremelly hard to actually explore the world, so I decided to no longer make the mod show that a companion has a new request on the chat. You can still check If the companion has a request by checking the Guardian Selection Interface, talking to It about requests, or by checking the Requests tab, with It summoned.

Due to the change above, I had also to add a new way of the companion gaining friendship exp, and you can now rise the companion friendship overtime with the new Comfort system. The comfort rises overtime, but It will rise faster when the companion uses furnitures, and has town npcs and other companion npcs nearby.
Some factors may hinder or even nullify the comfort, like events and other things. With this new system, you no longer need to get requests from companions to rise their friendship level enough to summon them.

And to finish, there were fixes and changes to Combat and Follow AI. Companions will now behave a lot better when using melee weapons, but sadly, a classic problem from N Terraria afflicts this mod too: Companions will have hard times calculating distance from the target, if their target is to the left. This will be a major problem for small and Terrarian companions. I also made the companions less blood thristy, so the monsters actually must get near them for them to try attacking, but not that near like "right in front of my face".

All the changes above may need review, so be sure to give your feedback on the changes.

I didn't managed to be able to fix the companions left arm being drawn under the head, but I'll try fixing that later. I really had to launch the update, because the hiatus was really long.

I also added a Classic Mode option. When turned on, the maximum number of companions you can have following you will be set to 1, and Ether Heart and Ether Fruits will no longer come as rewards from anything. This is intended if you don't intend to make a one man raid, or want to hardwork to increase the health of your companions.

As for the plannings...

Since I've been able to change the girls chest, I'll need to look for ways of making the companions arms look less... Stick? They should at least have some muscles
in their arms. Also, some of the companion attack animations are horrible, like is the case of Blue's item swinging animation. I'll have to review them too.

I have an idea of how I can add summons to companions, I will need to override their AI with a custom AI programmed specially for them. The problem, is that the player character still causes intervention on the summons, so I'll have to use a little work around: Create a identical summon projectile, and set It to use the custom summon AI. I'll still need to test how that will work, but if It works outstandingly, you can expect summons for your companions on the next mod updates.

And the last planning, you know that some companions are couples, what if they shared the same house? But I would need to think how I'll do that. Also, how they would share their bed. I think this may be a fun experiement to do.

Well, enjoy your gameplay, and have fun. :)

Edit:. I forgot one thing on the list. Bree and Blue have different reactions to certain npcs, can you wonder which npcs they would react to?
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🤔 I don't suppose there's a Discord chat somewhere for when I have small observations or other thoughts I'd rather not waste a post on, is there?

I see N Terraria has an unofficial one, but can't recognize anyone as you.
Never mind, I just noticed the note directly under the Discord link.

It's just lamia mask-related nonsense anyway, and only some of the same old nonsense. Michelle's hair is properly being replaced when wearing it though, yes.

I have been noticing however that sometimes, guardians will fall through platforms when idling and walking around. Maybe it's an attempt to make up for Terraria's poor AI when it comes to going up and down platforms? They've never been as smart about them as Starbound villagers and crewmembers.

Might need to make a different design of home for guardians specifically though, if they're going to keep doing that. They keep jumping against the walls in my stairwells and it's nagging my brain.
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This mod doesn't actually have an official discord server, and even If It had a discord server, I wouldn't be in It because currently I can't use the program.
By the way, that bug of the arm being drawn behind the hair is still kind of character breaking, since It will really feel that isn't really a Terrarian character.
My best bet would be if tModLoader gains an update to Terraria 1.4, because It seems like Terraria 1.4 has a new way of drawing Terrarian characters, without the need of a player character, I guess.

By the way, new version means hotfix incoming, and yep, It's here:
The mod will now tell you when Rococo appear nearby.
Fixed the range checking of the melee attack on combat AI, when your companion doesn't have a heavy swing attack.
Removed the revive message, because help is never coming.
Fixed Alex's tail animation when over the player.
Changed Alex's sitting animation, to the same as the petrified animation, but colored.
The reason why the version jumped to 2, is because when I launched the first hotfix version, I decided to do a testing, and found out that Alex's animation was broken.
Anyway, I removed the hope of having your character be revived when knocked out cold, while having your entire team is knocked out cold too.
The counter will come back when I manage to make the system work, and probably wont last 15 seconds forever when It returns.
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