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tModLoader TerraGuardians - Terrarian Companions


That's actually bizarre, but I have an idea of what may be happening there.
Also, I'm not sure if debugging during morning set is healthy, hahaha.

Edit:. Oh yeah, just telling, but there is a bug on the current version of the mod, related to companions targetting monsters.
Due to changes on how the combat and targeting works, I forgot to add extra flags to several AIs, so... Companions will sometimes
remain stationary while targetting a monster far away, being unable to follow you or do anything else, until you either pull them, or
the monster gets in enough range for them to attack.

The bug Itself I've already fixed on the indev version, but until It doesn't comes, you can fix It by forcing pull the companion to your position
by using an order.
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It's time for another hotfix release.
Fixed a bug where two messages telling that Blue appeared nearby, written in different ways, would pop up.
There is no more something in and on the campfire.​
The mod now counts as zombies:
Halloween and Christmas themed zombies, Frozen Zombies, Spore Zombies, Blood Zombie, Raincoat Zombie, The Groom, The Bride and Doctor Bones.​
Fixed a bug where the companion would be locked in place, when It notices a monster nearby, but isn't in enough range to begin attacking It.
When using NExperience mod, companions will no longer gain Defense bonus from game modes while having no defense at all on themselves.
Water walk effects will now be negated when you or you companion gets knocked out.
Your companions will now correctly gain aggro reduction when knocked out.
The 6th accessory slot will now be shown correctly where It should be.
Fixed a bug where comfort would get an extra boost due to old comfort script intervention.
Due to that, the maximum number of town npcs that can contribute to comfort increase has been increase, aswell as the multiplier for having them too.​
Terrarian companions now sleeps in beds.
Bree got Blood Moon messages.
Why didn't she had?​
Changed the "Classic Mode" option to "No Ether Item".
It will still prevent the mod of giving you Ether Hearts and Ether Fruits, but will no longer block the maximum number of companions you can have.​
Don't you guys have auto control?​
Changed the Friendship Levels required to call assist guardians.
1 Assist = 2 -> 2
2 Assist = 5 -> 6​
3 Assist = 8 -> 12​
4 Assist = 10 -> 18​
5 Assist = 14 -> 25​
Companions will treat bosses as creatures that doesn't need to get closer for them to attack.
Reverted Vladimir's npc spawn requirement, now he can spawn again at any wall on the Underground Jungle, and also did some changes to It's AI.
After accepting his request, he will now follow the player. Also teleporting when the player is away.​
That will only happen until you feed him all the fish he wants.​
He will no longer talk while hugging, at least until the hug timer has run out and he's ready to be recruited.​
It will still need testing to see if the changes will be alright in the game. One thing that will surelly be obvious, is that the companions will
rise friendship slower with the new update, due to the comfort system fix, but to counter that issue, I made some tweaks to make It increase comfort level faster
if the companion is surrounded by other companions/town npcs.

The increase of assist companion friendship rank requirement is to add more challenge to the game, If you aren't speed running the game, those changes may be alright. I kind of think that the changes to the comfort system may cause troubles to this, but you guys can help me test that.

By the way, the mod is on NexusMods, of course using the Mod Browser is a lot better to update It, but give your support to the mod by Endorsing It.
Link: NexusMods - https://www.nexusmods.com/terraria/mods/48

And Malisha is nearly done for launch, I just need to make her recruitment npc. I just need to find the right way of making you feel embarrassed during her recruitment.

Enjoy your gameplay. :3


Saw one of my gravestones from where I ran into trouble underwater.

"didn't had more air" I think it said?

It was strangely missing my name, but anyway, maybe that should be "<Player name> ran out of air.", or "<Player name> suffocated."

If it was possible to have special messages depending on worn equipment, I could see funny messages appearing, like for example, if a player dies underwater while wearing a mermaid tail, maybe "<Player name> drowned?", like the game is confused how that could happen to a mermaid.

You could also maybe include Terraria's regular death messages in the mix, where they would be appropriate at least, since if we give up and die with the knockout system active, we don't seem to ever see those messages anyway.

I also noticed that for some reason, after this update, when they're not moving, Nemesis and Michelle's headwear is invisible. Other guardians like Blue seem to be fine though.
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I'll fix those message issues.
And oops, I'll investigate that headwear issue. Damn, looks like I'm developing dominoes, heh.


Behold, a new update!
Readjusted Mabel's chest sprite.
Fixed a stray pixel problem on Blue.
Terrarian companions will no longer remove their headgear when stopped.
This issue surged because the standing animation is the same as the sleep animation, and sleep animation normally removes headgear from TerraGuardians.​
More comfort boost.
Fixed Leopold's dash running animation not working for the arms.
Town guardians will now hurry to revive downed allies nearby.
Companions will now comment when your character is their room mate.
Changed the requirement as to which is necessary for Brutus to show up.
Instead of increasing minimally the chances of him showing up by defeating challenges in the world, now you need to have at least 5 town npcs in the world, and wait for him to show up.​
It doesn't really makes sense offering a bodyguard job to someone who can overcome dangers, beside due to how lazy he is... Okay, his spawn chance is still boosted by number of bosses killed.​
Fixed an aiming problem companions were having in combat.
Due to that, they will now only try attacking when they have their aim set on their target.​
Malisha arrives.
Brutus recruit npc will now only try leaving the world at night.
Nerfed Blue's chest.
Long time no new companion, right? Well, gladly this update breaks that. I want to present to you Malisha.

Panther Guardian.png
Malisha: "*So many test subjects around, I think that will be good for my researches.*"

She's Leopold's apprentice, beside he really regrets having her as studdent. She likes to practice magic and test her researches on anyone, and she doesn't care about who's her test subject, or if the effects of her research will be harmful for their test subject. She decides to visit your world after a rumor about It has reached her ears. Domino seems to have interest in some of the things she creates during her researches, maybe in the future, some of them will show up on his store.

Well'p, that's all for her introduction. I'm sorry for not saying much about the update, but since last week, I've been kind of stressed out. Gladly, seeing the mod running well before launching the update, made me feel a bit better.

Now, the next challenge I'll have to face in the mod, is to make their Idle AI more interesting, but I'll try doing that when I get better.

Enjoy the update. :)
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The new TerraGuardian looks cool
Well, nobody complained yet, beside I partially feel bad about the nerf.

And now, for the also expected thing that happens after an update comes, hotfixes!
Companions can no longer try dropping of platforms when holding up control.
That could cause a bug where the companion would try falling, and getting back into the platform repeatedly.​
Outfits are no longer a Skin selector with a different name.
You no longer need to rush trying to talk to Blue on the next 5 seconds since she asks what you were thinking.
Companions will no longer hurry their dialogue when speaking to your character.
Skins and Outfits selected will now correctly be saved with the companion.
Sadly, due to crash issues, the new skin for Sardine didn't arrived on this update. Probably on the next one It will come.
Be sure to help him with his King Slime issue if you want to try It on the next update.

Enjoy :D


My only complaint now is the same as for every other NPC.

%:sigh:They need to learn to climb stairs!

I thought I had something going with Rococo, as he climbed up a little bit, but when I built another layer (and they're small stairs too), he stopped going as far and went into a back-and-forth loop. That's something I guess all NPCs will do though.

This is Terraria's problem, though, not any one mod's, unless they unlock the secret of NPC behavior and maybe at least make them able to jump up to attempt to reach their destination.

That'll be my new quest. Building a structure the guardians will actually climb. They drop down through platforms though sometimes, so I feel like the best idea is to have their room up above, and they'll drop down during the day.

:dryadwhat: Maybe something like this will do.
Capture 2020-07-24 23_20_16.png

Gotta let the guardians run around a bit though to see how they work with it. Failed.

If only NPCs behaved like in Starbound.
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The Starbound NPCs have a quite advanced path finding system (and I say quite because they behave a bit dumb sometimes).
Path finding is one of the things in the list of todo, but I don't really have the experience with that, so that will be another
experiement I'll have to play with the mod. Also, I can't simply make a path finding system that gets the trajectory until the targetted
location, because that would not only cause the game to stutter, but also make huge use of memory, which isn't good either.

Yep, another challenge for me.


I heard the Dryad talk about a dog guardian or something? From what I'm gathering, his name is Alex. How do I go about finding him? Is there a specific spot he can show up at or do I just need to look everywhere? Also, is Domino only available in hardmode, and do I need to install the mod from here or will the ModBrowser one just remain up to date?


I heard the Dryad talk about a dog guardian or something? From what I'm gathering, his name is Alex. How do I go about finding him? Is there a specific spot he can show up at or do I just need to look everywhere? Also, is Domino only available in hardmode, and do I need to install the mod from here or will the ModBrowser one just remain up to date?
If you created the world after you installed the mod, Alex will spawn somewhere in the surface.
Domino's requirement is quite tricky, but you can still meet him on pre hardmode. He needs you to have met another TerraGuardian for him to appear.
And I always update the mod on the mod browser, so If you want faster updates, you can use It to update the mod.


I just had a thought.
For appearance-altering items like a Siren's Heart
or Frigid Pendant
, would it be up to you or the mod creators to get these to show up when worn by Terrarian companions? Probably the creators, right? They'd have to make these items work when used by TerraGuardians.

Asking in the mod channels though,
someone said:
That's probably not possible unless TerraGuardians adds exclusive support
Since they built their guardian from ground up
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Who's that someone? And I'm glad that the someone knows how the mod works, heh.
By the way, that depends on the way such equipment works. If It works like the Moon Charm, there would need to be a script to make such change happen.
Aaaaaaand here enters the case of the inter mod compatibility that doesn't exists yet in the mod. :/


Those two items work regardless of the time of day, or whether you're in water or not, but they change your form just like the Moon Charm and Neptune's Shell, coupled with stat bonuses.

And I guess I felt like whoever I'm quoting might not want attention drawn to them. Just somebody from the Calamity chat.


Just as I thought. I mean, item talk wise. It would be necessary to program their effects to happen on the companions.
Hm... Maybe I could begin trying to add cross mod compatibility script, at least to allow people to make third mods that
makes mod item effects work on companions, but I'll need to think how I could make that work.
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