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tModLoader TerraGuardians - Terrarian Companions


Duke Fishron
Before the change log, I want to apologize for making this update look like a hotfix on the version number, beside It brings
quite a good number of changes to the mod, so... Try ignoring the number.
Tried making It easier for you to find Alex in the world, now he'll spawn:
On the Surface.
Some place without walls.
Non corrupted zones.
Non sloped or half block tiles.
He'll appear on Lifeform Analyzer.
Also did changes to his recruit npc.
Alex no longer has eagle eyes. he can no longer find you before you find him.
Sardine's Cait Sith outfit added to the mod.
Help him to be able to get It.
Domino will no longer stalk you trying to move into your world, whenever you send him home.
Companions will now try using the Space Gun, whenever they are wearing the Meteor set, and they are waiting for mana to recharge.
Companions walking will now have their animation run 3 times faster, to make their movement look less weird.
I did the following changes to companion recruitments:
Now recruiting the companions for the first time, will rise their friendship level to 1.
This prevents you meeting the companions twice, and avoiding having to do their request to be able to increase their friendship level.
When the scene where Leopold notices the TerraGuardians ends, your character will not automatically get him on your companion list, but also get a friendship level.
Bounty Requests now have the chance of giving weapons and accessories as rewards, but currently, only pre hardmode weapons and accessories will be given.
On the old order interface, you can now send your companions to sell items without the necessity of having a magic mirror in their inventory.
Changed when the mod will populate the starter companions list.
Now the list will be populated when generating a world, instead of when the mod loads.
This change is to possibly fix and issue where incorrect npcs could try spawning with the world, that also includes other mod npcs.
Fixed a bug where Sardine's left (right) leg wouldn't be drawn in front of the player when mounted.
Added Title texts that can appear in the game window when the mod loads.
Companions will no longer spawn in the world higher than they were before you logged out.
Stopped their Keep on Rising trend.
Skill Reset Potions are not a very exciting reward, so I moved their importance position lower on Bounty Quests.
Due to this, Fishing accessories, rare informative accessories, teleportation mirrors, random accessories and random weapons will show on the announcement of the request as spotlight item.
Skill reset potions will be rarer now, too.
Brutus will no longer go away when you are afk, independing of the level.
Let's use the logic, he's a bodyguard, and you hired him. Why he would return to his house after dying, if he's supposed to protect you regardless of the situation?
First of all, let's talk about the most important part of the update, Sardine's new outfit. Haha, just kidding, that isn't the... Well... Least important part of the update, even more since even I liked the result.

Skins and Outfit System

Sardine: All that was left is a rapier, but sadly It couldn't be shipped from the place the outfit came from.

That's the Cait Sith outfit, you can get It from doing a specific request for Sardine (beside is the only one he has). Why I'm telling you this? Stop questioning yourself! Go get It now!

So... As you may have noticed on the equipment tab of the companions, there are now two extra tabs that you can pick, Skin and Outfit. I will explain the purpose of each, beside both works quite the same way:

Skins are related to the companion body, so changes their body sprite appearance, like is the case with Bree's Bagless Skin, which removes the bag from her body sprite.
Outfits are for clothing, they don't change the character sprite, but will add more sprites to It to create It's clothing. The Sardine's outfit adds the hat, the cloak, the belt and the boots.

Another thing about Outfits, is that if they use the head, their hat will be hidden if you give them a hat. Can't stop style, right? Also, some people may like more giving them a specific hat to wear, instead of the outfit hat.

In my plans, Skins and Outfits will be acquireable by in-game activities. I don't think all of them will be acquireable through special requests, though. Sardine's outfit was initially intended to come from the Travelling Merchant.

What's next about this system? Well... I'm pretty sure people may want in the future to make outfit and skin mods for companions, so yeah, I'll have to add a system to allow custom outfits in the mod. But my biggest worry will be providing outfits for all the companions. Let's see how that will result into.

Bounty Quests

The Bounty Quests got a few new additions, they can now give you vanilla Terraria accessories, and some weapons as reward (sadly, only pre-hardmode weapons will be given as reward currently). Those accessories and weapons have big chances of coming with a good modifier in them. With this, I hope to make It easier to equip your companions, even those who are not in your party at the moment.

I also made use of the chat scripts to make the new bounty announcement text be more compact. Now It will show the coins and the spotlight item as icons on the chat. You can still check the item by passing the mouse over It, like happens normally with chat item icons.

Title Texts

The mod gained custom Title texts that can change your game window title with a chance, when loading the mod. There are 8 different title texts that can appear, and It's planned to get more in the future. It's also open for suggestions of title texts, feel free to give ideas.

Well, that's all for the news. Enjoy the update, and the new outfit. :D

Edit:. Wow! This mod is getting 1 year older in 3 days, thank @Scratch Lunin for telling that.

I thought It was yesterday when I launched the first version of the mod, hahaha.
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May want to doublecheck the slime-hunting requests. I don't think the special ones of NPC ID
335, or
336 count right now.

Also, I'm just curious, but what exactly would be required for matching creatures from other mods to count towards requests? NPC ID numbers or file names, maybe?

I know at least that
Thorium and
Redemption add a few zombies to the pile, for example, which might spawn in place of the regulars, sometimes.


Duke Fishron
I will check if those IDs are being recognized on the mod when I get to work on this mod.

The way npcs ids for modded npcs works is quite different, I would need to not only check if the mod exists, but also get the npc internal name to get It's ID.
Oh. Also, Michelle and Nemesis aren't holding torches or glowsticks out unless they're moving around.

And it just hit me. "NPC Control". It looks like it lists the proper names of NPCs when you go to add one to your invulnerable or disabled lists. A cute version of a green slime from Assorted Crazy Things is listed as "CuteSlimeGreen" for instance. That might be handy for later work, though there's still the matter of getting ID numbers, if that matters in the case of creatures from other mods.
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Duke Fishron
Well, this would be a solution, the second code piece:

The problem is that I know nothing about the related mods.
I probably would need to check if they have an open wiki, and see what I can do to
add that checking.
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:dryadgrin: Haha.

The message here doesn't need changing, but if you think about it, it sounds like there was some kind of accident.

Like :dryadeek:"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"

Curious to see what happens in the future though.

Malisha finally showed up at my base. I see just one mistake.
experiement -> experiment
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Duke Fishron
Oh noes! Another bug, the character isn't showing only the bones!
Just kidding haha.

I fixed the experiment issue after I saw the post, but you would be surprised at the amount of times she talks about experiments.
Maybe It's her obsession.
:dryadindifferent:Not entirely sure about hat positioning on Malisha.

What if it was lowered down a little? Her ears would be poking out a bit behind the hat sprite though, and it'd affect all other hats, but I find that hats look like they're resting on her ears instead of her head in most cases.
TerraGuardians - Malisha wearing a Wizard Hat.png
TerraGuardians - Malisha wearing a repositioned Wizard Hat.png

I could imagine some people being bugged by the ears now peeking out above the brim of wizard hats, but it looks pretty minor to me. Might be because she's just that dark. Need to see other hats in this position.

I'm also not sure if the position of headwear is shared for similar-size guardians or not. Wouldn't want to see others get messed up because one got adjusted. Blue wearing the same hat looks perfectly fine as is.

Testing with a Santa Hat.
TerraGuardians - Malisha wearing a Santa Hat.png
TerraGuardians - Malisha wearing a repositioned Santa Hat.png

Further curiosity, moving the hats one pixel forward (or rather two since Terraria sprites are double size).
TerraGuardians - Malisha wearing a repositioned Wizard Hat moved one pixel forward.png
TerraGuardians - Malisha wearing a repositioned Santa Hat moved one pixel forward.png

Other hats moved 2 pixels down and 1 pixel forward.
TerraGuardians - Malisha wearing a Top Hat.png
TerraGuardians - Malisha wearing a repositioned Top Hat.png
TerraGuardians - Malisha wearing a Robot Hat.png
TerraGuardians - Malisha wearing a repositioned Robot Hat.png
TerraGuardians - Malisha wearing a Nurse Hat.png
TerraGuardians - Malisha wearing a repositioned Nurse Hat.png
TerraGuardians - Malisha wearing Steampunk Goggles.png
TerraGuardians - Malisha wearing repositioned Steampunk Goggles.png

:dryadwhat:That's probably enough examples. Clown hats are weird regardless of position though when worn by TerraGuardians.
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Duke Fishron
I actually already noticed the issue and fixed on the upcoming update. Well, at least the vertical positioning of the hat is.
I'll make the hat move one pixel forward aswell to make It fit better on the head.

By the way, the equipments head position isn't shared with other companions. Each companion has their own hat positioning, specific either by default values, or specific frames.

Ps:. I forgot about the existence of nurse hat, It looks okay on her, beside the Wizard Hat looks better.
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