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tModLoader TerraGuardians - Terrarian Companions

Spookigman Δ

Actually, the entire mod source is disponible on GitHub, you just need to look in the right place to find the sprites.
For example, the companion sprites are in Creatures folder, each folder is to a different companion (Terrarian companions will not have a sprites, obviously). Items... Well, on Items folder.

If you plan on trying improve the sprites, you will have to pay attention to where those sprites are placed on the companion, and do notice that some sprites, like Body Front and Right Arm Front doesn't exactly follow the other body parts spritesheet (that's to save virtual memory space).

The other thing, is that a sprite change may cause me problems in the future, even more when making new companions, but I could add them as an already unlocked skin to the companions.

Ps:. Also, Aseprite is awesome, I would have several problems splitting the companion body parts if wasn't for It.
The problem is that the program is paid. If png versions were on there too...


Duke Fishron
But they are!
Just browse those folders: nakano15/giantsummon
You'll find the other sprites on the github page of the mod.

The only thing you'll not find is sprites for each split body part, but that already gives an idea of how the companions works.


And yeah downloading the mod source on github was a good idea i saw the shazam131 idea of the Pig Guardian and man what a good idea

Spookigman Δ

I have finished polishing the RococoBase!


Most of what I did was improve shading; it turns out that was really all he needed.
I also added claws because why not.



I have zero idea what this is actually for.
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Duke Fishron
Well, the shading certainly is better than the ones I did, I guess?

The body front is the sprite shown on specific moments, like when your character is sharing the mount with Rococo, so It shows the left leg in front of the player.
Also, you had to show too his petrified frame too?

Spookigman Δ

Well, the shading certainly is better than the ones I did, I guess?

The body front is the sprite shown on specific moments, like when your character is sharing the mount with Rococo, so It shows the left leg in front of the player.
Also, you had to show too his petrified frame too?
Petrified frame?


Duke Fishron
Uh oh, I forgot to add the shaded sprite as a skin to the mod, I'll launch that on the hotfix.
By the way, update launched.
Blue no longer has the arms looking like they are dislodged.
> Moved the arms a few pixels closer to the body, for the stopped and walking animations.
The mod will now show the correct amount of life crystals and life fruits used on the companions, when sharing the max health value.
> Before, let's say you have 5 life crystals used, but Rococo has only 2, It would show on the health bar that Rococo had used 5 life crystals.
Removed some stray pixels from Blue left arm that were showing above her hair.
Companions will no longer wake up after you finish talking with them.
Guardians now revives others faster.
Companions now have the ability of dual wielding.
> Domino comes naturally with that ability.
> Dual Wielding reduces the damage of the weapons by 20%.
> Dual Wield will not work if the companion is holding an offhand item.
Fixed a confusion that can happen when you give life/ether crystal/fruit to your companion when you have the option of sharing the max life with your companions.
Companions will not dare to attack creatures in their reflect projectile state.
Companions gained a boost in their view range.
Did some changes to the Zombie Guardian AI.
From the guardians you didn't allowed to move in your world, but their npcs is still present, they will leave the world at a time of day based on their daytime prefference.
> Before, Diurnal and Nocturnal guardians could leave your world during the night.
> Now, Diurnal guardians will only leave your world during the night, while Nocturnal guardians will leave during the day.
Blue recruit npc now knows where the campfire is at, so she'll no longer try explore the west.
Some guardian town npcs should no longer have the chance of spawning with a heavy fall damage received.
Possibly now, being rescued by small companions will no longer mean that you will be revived while buried on the ground.
Companions can no longer suffer fall damage when attached to a rope.
You can no longer speak with your companions when knocked out.
Bree recruit npc can also have a chance of appearing, if you've beaten the King Slime.
> That increases the chances of seeing her scold Sardine.
Your character and or companions will no longer die out of suffocation if their option of not dying upon being knocked out cold is on.
If you have the option of making your character enter knocked out cold state, when health drops during knock out state, the Grappling Hook key will no longer force your character to die, but will instead start the rescue countdown while you hold It.
Changed the effects that happens when your character is rescued.
> After your character is taken to a safe place, the screen bars will still be dark, and leave the screen as your character health is regenerated.
> A companion that has rescued you will say something, If they have a dialogue line for that.
Improved companions vertical range of sight for hostile monsters.
I may have fixed the problem where npcs that transforms from Terraria npc to Companion npcs would have their dialogue window closed.
Blue and Mabel recruitment are now more verbal, and less emotive.
> You didn't got It? Well, you'll need to speak with them, and then do their dialogues through a dialogue window, instead of waiting for them to say all they want, before you are able to recruit them.
> I don't know you guys, but the old way was annoying and took quite too long.
Companions will now acquire more coins from killed monsters.
Companions will no longer disregard the weapon shoot cooldown when using the weapon again.
The mod will tell if Brutus is still in your world, when you re-enter the map.
> He was still visiting when you left, right?
Zacks is now diurnal.
> For Blue.
Bree recruit npc no longer related to Broken.
> Her recruit npc will now get the correct mod ID.
> She's no longer desperate enough to see Sardine as soon as she look at you, If you have already met Sardine, but he isn't in the party.
> She will no longer reappear in the world after you reload the save.
Guardian recruitable npcs will no longer slide when walking.
> I were multiplying the wrong variable :/
> Also fixed a few issues related to their frame calculation.
Added an option to the guardian npc dialogue to allow you to postpone a request a guardian can give you.
> The option will close the dialogue, but will cause no change to the quest Itself.
Your guardian can no longer jump while holding Down key.
Somewhat fixed a problem that caused the player to go higher or lower depending on your character position, when mounted on a companion.
> The problem is that the items will still show a bit offset, but not that much.
Companions you've already met on your other characters have a chance of appearing as a Starter Guardian when you enter a new world.
> I think that may improve replay value.
Talk requests will no longer force companions without enough friendship level to leave your party.
Starter guardians will no longer be dismissed upon completting requests requiring them, if you don't have the friendship level to call them.
> Starter guardians doesn't requires friendship level to call them.
Made the Brutus damage test easier.
> Before, the damage he received from attacks was reduced by 80%, now It only reduces 60%.
You can no longer complete the Talk Request on the Guardian Requests tab.
> You can now speak with your companions, right?
You can now spawn the boss required for the guardian requests without the need of the companion who gave It summoned.
Starter Guardians will now only begin with a Wooden Sword and 5 Mushrooms in their inventory.
> Yep, playing with the rng to try getting Brutus and get his Cobalt weapons will no longer work.
Greatly nerfed the Eater of Worlds and Brain of Cthulhu extra rewards, for killing their 1 Gem level and above versions.
> I killed BoC once, got about more than 10 stacks of 99 Tissue Samples, and 3 stacks of 999 Crimtane Ores. What the ...?
Reviewed the text of a number of companions recruitment tip messages from the Dryad.
Added Malisha's recruitmemt tip to the Dryad.
Companions will now turn in the direction they will attack to when using melee weapons.
> That wont happen if you're controlling the guardian (not counting mounts).
Wrath arrives.
> He actually have 4 different names, but once you recruit him, he'll pick one of them by default.
Multiple companions can be assigned to the same house, and their banner will stay in the position of a chair.
> The number of companions living in a house is defined by the number of chairs. Try not to make something ugly with this.
> Their banner may end up way too near a door, so when they move to their house, they may end up leaving the door opened.
> To try fixing the issue above, I made so when they are stopped, they check if they aren't in the area of a opened door, and then try to close It.
Somehow, companions are able to recognize when you're their room mate again.

This update introduces a one-quarter of a companion, Wrath.
Pig Guardian Anger.png
Wrath: "*I need to end this unending rage!*"

It is unknown where that cloud of anger came from, but It seems like It's a personality of someone split into emotions.
I'm pretty sure you'll try helping him reunite with his other emotions, and solidify his body, after you survive his warm greeting.
As long as you don't provoke him, he'll be able to help you during your challenges.

Dual Wield

The dual wielding in the mod does what you expect, the companion will use two weapons in their hands, and attack with them. Currently, the system is
very simple, so the companion will use a copy of the weapon It is currently using on the other hand. You'll probably enjoy using It with ranged weapons, beside
currently, companions can dual wield any weapon. Enjoy while It lasts, because I'll build a whitelist for It, so you can no longer make your companion dual wield sniper rifles.

I did some sprite fixes on Blue, I probably wasn't the only one annoyed by the distance her arm was from her body. Fixed also a number of bugs related to companions recruit npcs, so now you can recruit Bree again, thanks to that.

What's to come and Planning

So... I plan on restructuring the Skills system. Instead of a from level 0 until, literally integer maximum value of leveling, I will change the system to, at least initially, level from 0 until 100.
With this change, I can make the companions gain some good status boosts based on their levels, includding extra status boosts or benefits depending on the level their skills reaches. That may turn their status leveling more interesting.

New Game Mode idea

I've had also an idea of a different kind of game mode you could be able to trigger on a newly created character. Initially, the dummy name of the game mode is "Buddies for Life". To activate it, you would need to create a new character, and use an item that appears in your inventory and pick a buddy before 12 hours in-game time have passed (12 minutes irl), the buddies you can pick can be any companion that can spawn with the world, or any companion you have unlocked on other player characters. Upon activating the game mode on the character, you will be unable to turn It off (beside that could be changed, but I would need to make It in a way that is not accidental).
On that game mode, you can only have that companion as follower, and you will be unable to dismiss It. You can still meet new TerraGuardians and Terrarians during the gameplay, and also place them on your world to live, aswell as give them equipment normally through the GSI, but you will still be unable to call them as your follower.
With the game mode turned on, Ether Fruit and Ether Hearts will no longer be useable by the companion, either by their AI, or by manually making them use It. You will need to find them the items to increase their status. Possibly, maybe Life Crystals and Life Fruits be unable to be acquired as rewards from requests too.

That's actually the draft of the idea, I still need to think of the side effects and benefits that you could gain from playing in this game mode, beside since It's a thing related to friendship, possibly make both stronger as they venture? But the good thing of sharing the ideas in a forums is hearing people feedback, so if you have ideas, say it :D.

Well, that is it for this patch note, I hope you guys enjoy the update. :3

Spookigman Δ

Glitchy boi alert!
Here he is
(The UI that's supposed to follow the guardian appears in the bottom-left)
BTW you can ask me to make a new frame for Rococo if needed
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Duke Fishron
I'm not getting the glitch, she's stuck down there? The game soft locked? What is happening.
And what do you mean by new frame for Rococo?

Spookigman Δ

I'm not getting the glitch, she's stuck down there? The game soft locked? What is happening.
No, she herself is in the right position, but the HP and chat UI that's supposed to follow her is misaligned.
And what do you mean by new frame for Rococo?
I meant for the shaded version, if you needed me to make a new frame (like if you added a new action for the guardians) just ask.
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