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tModLoader TerraGuardians - Terrarian Companions


Duke Fishron
it's delta....
OK, so, I've played around with this mod for a bit and I have to say: it is broken.
Not broken as in 'doesn't work'...
It is EXTREMELY unbalanced.
So much so that I'm playing Awakened and Eternity Modes at the same time and it's possible.

If someone is going to play with this in a playthrough, enable Elements Awoken, Fargo's Mods and then those modes (which are part of those mods).
I guess Calam's Death Mode is acceptable too, if you insist on using Calamity.
I kind of wondered that would happen, beside that's not only the reason why initially you could only have 1 companion following you, but also why I added the gem difficulty levels.

I really don't have ideas on how I could tweak the game difficulty around how many companions you have following you, without making that be like a punishment for having an one man army. I will need to give some thoughts about this.

So, what in your opinion is making the mod extremelly unbalance?

By the way, I did some changes to Rococo base sprites. I don't know if before the update I'll do more changes to It, just do you know.
The skin you made will still be displayed okay in the game, but wont have the body sprite changes.


Duke Fishron
New TerraGuardians update launched. Buddy Mode arrives.
Added Shaded Body skin from PigmanDelta to Rococo.
The skin has no unlock requirement, so you can change It anytime.
Having DPS debuffs afflicting your character will also trigger the rescue.
Normally, such buffs wouldn't last long enough for your character to need rescue, but Red Potion exists.
When your character is mounted on a companion, and your character gets knocked out, the companion will try placing your character on the floor to help on the recovery, when there is no danger nearby.
Due to this, the 3 revive boost the guardian used to give when your character is ko'd while mounted, was reduced to 1.
Having your character rescued, will remove debuffs afflicting It.
Fixed a bug where after your character is rescued, the screen remains blacked out until your character wakes up.
The character will now close their eyes when knocked out.
Your character will spawn at the rescue spot with only 1 hp.
Dead companions will respawn too.
Knocked out companions will not only leave Knocked Out Cold state, but will have their health set to a random value upon respawning.
Added the Two Handed Mastery accessory to the mod.
It allows companions having It equipped to dual wield weapons.
Since Domino's shop is not showing mod items, Sardine's Bounty Quests will have a chance of having that item as one of the rewards.
I may not change that.
The button of forcing rescue now works.
Knocked out Terrarian companions will no longer levitate on the floor.
Did some changes to Mabel recruit npc:
She will no longer be under heavy effect of Terraria's built in npc offset. (She may still be a few pixels off when under the floor.)
She will now only follow your character, when you're speaking with her.
Removed an unused variable declaration.
It was from the old recruitment dialogue.
The friendship advancement messages will now by default be empty, so guardians that doesn't have such messages, will never show them.
I was actually thinking about removing It entirelly, but who knows, someone must like to see a proof that friendship improved.
Changed a bit the companion met tutorial message, to be less referent to TerraGuardians, and more about introducing their GSI.
To avoid abrupt dialogue end between Guardian recruit npc > companion town npc, I added a 60 frames timer to ignore distancing of the companion.
This should make so dialogues aren't closed when the companion recruit npc transforms into town npc.
Reduced the range the nearby companion town npcs will reduce the spawn rate of monsters.
Companions will now recognize nearby companion town npcs as town npcs.
Town npc companions will now be teleported to their houses when you are far away from them, and they are knocked out.
The companions health interface will now show the life crystal and life fruit values shared from your character.
The upper half of the health bar will show the life crystal/life fruits your companions used.
The lower half of the health bar will show the shared life crystal value the companion gained from your character.
Passing the mouse over the health bar will show the shared life crystal and fruit values.
Shared mana crystals are displayed too.
It's now possible to change the draw layers of the companion head, on their GuardianBase script.
This allows to changing the head sprite of the companion when there is a skin in use.
Increased the chance of companions visiting your world.
There is no perception range check when Bree recruit npc spawns, so the game will always tell when she spawns near your character.
Companions will try jumping whenever they are about to reach the floor and receive fall damage.
Companions will have their mass disregarded whenever they use a Rocket Boot or a Cloud in a Bottle type item.
That may cause the accessories to do their intended effects.
Companions gained 2 extra situational dialogues:
They will speak something when knocked out, and when sleeping.
The problem of the knocked out dialogue, is that It will never trigger, because you can't speak with knocked out companions.
Did a few tweaks on some of Rococo Sprites.
Did some changes to the arm sprites on his attack animations.
Also did some changes to the body sprites on some of the attack animations.
Sorry PigmanDelta. Beside that wont break Rococo skin.
The heavy swing and kneeling animations had some changes on some of the arm sprites, and also the body and legs.
The body was made a bit more curved on the back, so Rococo no longer seems flat when his body is lowered.
I did some changes to the leg sprites of It too, making the animation look better, and make more sense.
Readjusted the position of the arms on some frames. That will of course affect weapon placement when attacking, but will be minimal. Probably.
I also changed his Throne Sitting animation sprites.
The arms positioning now makes sense.
Removed stray pixels from his head.
Did some changes to his legs sprites.
Brutus will do comments whenever your character health reaches 30%.
Brutus will activate protect mode whenever your character is knocked out while he's following you.
Due to him being unable to heal your character in this state, he'll give you a small revive boost.
You will now need to wake up your companions before they can offer you their dialogue options.
Companions will have reaction dialogues for when waking up. After waking up, their normal interactions will be displayed.
Due to this change, request timer no longe runs when the companion is sleeping.
There is now an option of disabling the rescue, when your character is knocked out cold.
That also allows you to suicide your character too, in case there is no possibility of rescue.
Your companion will no longer mount/be mounted, controlled, wait or sharing your mount when you dismiss them.
Those actions will be disabled whenever you dismiss them, in a safe way to avoid bugs.
Added an absurd amount of slimes that can count towards request objective.
Increased the probability of gem monsters showing up.
Boosted Wrath recruit npc health.
Rejecting Rococo living in your world will still unlock him on your companions list, but he wont be set to live in the world.
The Zombie Guardian has gained a max health boost.
Revive health regen has been boosted for both the player and the companions.
Implemented the Buddy Mode.
You can try Buddy Mode on a new character, once you have at least 1 character created on your computer.
The character will spawn with an item, that item will remain in the inventory for 12 in-game hours (12 real life minutes).
Upon using such item, It will open a window allowing you to pick the companion your character you will be bound with.
The companions in the list will be all the companions your other characters have met, or are starter companions. Doesn't matter their friendship level.
You will never be able to dismiss the picked companion.
Characters in this game mode will not be able to have any other companion following them, other than the one they picked.
You will still be able to find new companions, let them move in to your world, and do their requests normally. You can even give them equipments too.
Both the player and the picked companion will gain status bonus based on the companion friendship level.
Grappling Hooks will now be destroyed when your character is knocked out.
You can no longer check, accept, reject or complete request on the guardian request list.
You will have to speak with the companion having the request, instead.
You can now open the companion inventory and equipment management through the companion dialogues.
That can only be done for companions you doesn't have summoned.
You can also manage Skins and Outfits on the off party companion management interface.
Fixed a number of order bugs on the old order interface, which allowed certain commands to affect companions who shouldn't obbey to the order at the moment.
Companions whose house banner is near a door will no longer stay in the door position.
They will also try closing the door whenever they are stopped, if they opened It.
Well, Rococo gained a little more care on this update, so you'll see that a number of his animations are better now.
Several other companions will need to get such care too on their sprites.

The Buddy Mode arrives. On Buddy Mode, you will get an item on a newly created character, where you can pick the companion you'll be bound with during your playthrough. The companion picked will be the only companion follower you can have on the mod, but wont stop you from meeting new companions, doing their requests, or even letting them live on your town.
To start the Buddy Mode, you need to have at least one other character on your character list, then join the world with a newly created character. Both your character and your companion will get a status boost based on the companion friendship level.

I made the gem monsters have a higher chance of spawning, based on the companions you have following you and their max health. I'll have to buff the 2+ gem monster appearance rate, to turn the game more interesting when you have an army following you.

Well, that is all for the update. Enjoy your gameplay :)
And sorry for the delay, things went a bit upside down in my life those last weeks, but I'm slowly trying to catch up my pace.

Edit:. And adding to the apology list... Here's a hotfix.
Fixed a bug on the guardian npc inventory management hud, which the mod used the incorrect flag to set outfit and skins.
Whew, I'm sure I'll have to add more dialogue options on the companions. Probably add branching dialogues.
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Duke Fishron
I've launched a hotfix today, fixing the give up key not working.
Fixed the give up hotkey not working.
This will only be necessary if you play with the option of player knock out on.


Duke Fishron
Another hotfix launched, this one fixes an issue with the Buddy Mode setup interface.
Fixed the "Down" button not appearing on the buddy list, on the buddy mode setup interface.
Increased the space between the companion names on the buddy mode companion list.
Possibly the last hotfix I launch for this update. I guess I can begin working on revamp on some of the mod systems, and also companion animations too.

Edit:. Also updated the thread main post, to reflect the mod current state. Does It look good?
Sadly I can't change the thread name.
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Pigman Δ

That would look really strange. Michelle and the Armour Wrath already do show it tho, cos they have a player shape, but any other one would look odd with armour shown.


Duke Fishron
The problems of adding armor set sprites for the companions, is that It would be one hell of a work for me to do.
Terraria has over 50 equipment pieces that can be seen on the character when equipped, spriting them all will give me a lot of work.
Also, I'm having develop the mod with only 2GB of ram disponible on my pc, so I'm really having to save space on It, or else I wont be able to play or debug the mod anymore.

The only way I found of kind of solving that equipment trouble, is by adding Outfits to them.


Duke Fishron
Hi! I have a horrifically stupid question.

How does one actually find all of these lovely guys 'n gals to recruit them?


Duke Fishron
Well, looks like I was wrong, here comes a bug fix update. At least isn't a hotfix :3.
Monsters will get a damage received reduction when you're travelling with companions.
The initial damage reduction is of 10% damage.
If you have more than 1 companion, the damage reduction stacks increases by 20% of the current damage reduction, for each companion.
Reduced the visit rate of companions.
Added a configuration option to turn on/off the companions that doesn't live in your world, to visit It sometimes.
If you don't have another reason why they shouldn't visit, this can also be useful if your computer has low memory.
Your companion will no longer try jumping when your character is mounted, the companion is falling and about to hit the ground, taking fall damage.
Added a flag to to avoid multiple option clicks on dialogues.
Leopold got a revamp on some of his animations:
His right arm position on several frames were changed.
Changed his arm animations when walking and hopping.
Did changes to the arm position when when sitting.
Changed his revive animation.
Added a frame for when he's sitting on a chair.
The books he read are now bigger.
Moved a pixel down the third frame of the attack animation.
Fixed the talk quests not working correctly, when you speak with a companion npc.
Ensured that companions will no longer try opening gift boxes when using furnitures.
The number of town npcs will now influence on the appearance rate of Brutus.
If you have more town npcs, Brutus will most likelly show up.
Changed the sprite of Vladimir arms when jumping.
No longer a falling cactus.
I did some changes to the companions melee combat AI, to try fixing some issues related to It.
Removed gender reference on the message of friendship buff unlocked.
Some of you guys may have the hair rising upon reading the first change on this update, and I tell you not to worry.
The damage reduction isn't really absurdly high, but having an army following your character will no longer make combat extremelly trivial.
Gladly due to this, I didn't changed the player, companions or npcs status.

I did also a number of changes on Leopold sprites, I hope they are better now, beside the most troublesome animation was his Reviving animation.
On the list of those who I need to change the revive animation, contains Bree and Vladimir. If you know any other companion that has weird revive animation, feel free to tell me.

And possibly the companions will behave better when in melee combat. I found out that the reason why the melee combat was so weird, is because two sessions of their combat AI were clashing with each other, because the condition depended on the currently held weapon type. The combat behavior isn't 100%, but at least now the companions have some ideas of bounds.

I guess that's all I can say about this update.
Have fun :D


Duke Fishron
Another update is out. Not only you can have more companions living in your world, but also some of them got sprite changes.
Added option to disable the damage reduction based on companion count.
Increased the number of companions living in the world from 10 to 30.
Since the companions no longer uses town npc mask to exist, there isn't really a problem in rising this cap, other than your computer capabilities.
Removed sneaky debug message when companion spawns.
Changed Bree's reviving animation.
She will no longer... Whatever was that.
Changed how the bag Bree wears is drawn.
Will be helpful when I add outfits to her, but may be a problem if I add more skins, and someone actually likes the bag.
Made Bree's chest attract less attention.
Companions with charge AI will no longer behave like being in a trampoline, when they are trying to attack a monster that is above them, and they are in horizontal range.
Fixed Domino's Max Health, nerfed It from 1420 to the 1000, which was the original intention codewise.
He had more health than Brutus himself.
Changed Vladimir's Revive animation.
Fixed a bug where you couldn't report requests that failed because someone was defeated, when shouldn't.
Made Malisha's chest attract less attention, too.
Fixed Brutus feet sprites.
Also changed his leg sprites for some animations.
Fixed a problem with requests asking to participate of an event.
Due to that, requests needing you to participate of an event will now only ask you to do that once.
Well, one of the changes I have to talk about, is that Domino got a health nerf. His health math wasn't resulting in 1000, like I originally intended, and I believe It's because of a windows calculator problem I've noticed before. I managed to change his health status, but probably will need to check the other companions health math too, to see if their health will give exactly that expected number on the max health.

I also added an option to disable the damage reduction based on companion count, in case the game is hard enough for you without It.

I did some changes on Bree sprite, splitting her bag from the body, so It will be a lot easier to make her outfits in the future. That also made me change Bree and Malisha chest sprites, to make their shading attract less attention. I don't know if I will need to change the chest of the other companions, but probably wont for Mabel.

The revive animation Vladimir also got changed, because even though he was trying to help someone stand up, without falling on the one he's trying to help, It could easily look like he's doing something else. I know that he was just trying to help, but some may not think so.

And fixed two bugs related to requests, which could cause some requests to not be completeable at all, and most of them related to Brutus new skin.

Well, that is It for this update. Enjoy your expanded town. :3


Duke Fishron
Sprite wise? No.
Even though I'm still improving my sketching skill from time to time, I don't think I'm able to replicate Terraria's shading and drawing style.
But I'm glad to say that their sprites could be worser, and happily they aren't.


Duke Fishron
That's because they use different scripts that requires the player to have their effects.
Currently, there is no way of making custom weapons work as intended for companions, because not only I'm still thinking how I could add such compatibility, but I also don't use most of the mods that adds such items.


Duke Fishron
So, I'm trying to make a new companion for the Halloween, and managed to make her like this:
I tried changing the head sprite to make It be less disconnected from the body, and now It looks like this:

What do you guys think? Does It look good? If the reception be good, I'll try making that head/body sprite connection on the other companion sprites too.
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