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tModLoader TerraGuardians - Terrarian Companions


Duke Fishron
So, I'm trying to make a new companion for the Halloween, and managed to make her like this:
I tried changing the head sprite to make It be less disconnected from the body, and now It looks like this:

What do you guys think? Does It look good? If the reception be good, I'll try making that head/body sprite connection on the other companion sprites too.


Duke Fishron
Hey guys, know what? Update launched!
Zacks can no longer enter Knocked Out Cold state.
Due to this change, his health will go to 0 when knocked out.
While Knocked out, he can't attract aggro, or be hurt by monsters.
Fixed Wrath's floating effect not working when being controlled by the player.
Irene's tombstone will no longer spawn above trees.
That also caused the tombstone spawning system to have their old bugs, but It's better than being in a tree.
The tombstone spawning step on the world generation will no longer show the attempts.
Also increased the time it takes for the generation failed text to remain shown.
The mod will no longer try spawning invalid guardians on a new world.
That would only be a issue if you played with custom companions, but had disabled their mod for some reason.
Fixed a number of crashes and issues that could happen due to having companions from a disabled mod in your world/character.
Having a companion with request on your character will no longer crash your player character, because their original request doesn't exists.
Talking to a Losangle of Unknown will no longer crash the game because It didn't had a head.
Requests from unloaded companions will no longer be updated, neither will be visible on quest log, nor will count towards the cap of requests you can have active.
Increased the companions view range:
Spot distance increased from 480x420 to 520x480.
Rearranged the layering of the mod interfaces.
You can no longer start dialogue with Alex's recruit npc.
The Gift you give to your companions will now give you less goods.
The mod will no longer taunt you, telling that you can have more companions following you, even though you are playing on Buddies Mode.
Added dialogue message for Domino recruit npc, for when you don't have Brutus following you.
You can now bribe Domino to recruit him on Buddies Mode, If you don't have Brutus as a companion.
Added also an alternative way of recruiting Zacks.
Maybe Blue can give you something to help with that.
Fixed a bug where recruiting Alex without speaking to him afterwards, didn't counted as having him met.
That caused his recruit npc to appear again.
Your character will no longer do a high jump when Alex gets off It.
Wings now follows offset.
Wrath's headgear will no longer be transparent as him.
Fluffles arrives!
Rest companion dialogue has been unlocked.
When inside a safe place, the "Rest" option will appear on the companion dialogue.
You can ask to rest for 4, 8, until dawn, or until night. Time will pass depending on the time you pick.
Companions will feel less tired when you let them rest, and they will feel somewhat less injured too.
Fixed a bug where the Zombie Guardian will no longer have It's finisher count resetted, when the one It's devouring is knocked away from him.
Blood will now come out of the Zombie Guardian victim when It bites It.
The Zombie Guardian will now have 5 times the spawn rate if the player is knocked out.
Companions will less likelly stack together when they are attacking something too far away from you, on the Assist and Snipe AI styles.
Companions will now forget npcs that are way too far away from them.
Companions will now correctly look for targets 50% more far away from their position when they get hurt.

Say hello to Fluffles, our newest TerraGuardian.
Fox Ghost Guardian.png
Fluffles: (Bows while smiling.)

Sorry, but she can't speak due to a trauma, so she can only speak with anyone using gestures. Maybe in the future there may be a request to heal her from the trauma.
She's a ghost companion which you can recruit, made as a Halloween special character. Even though she was made as a special character for halloween, she's acquireable even outside of the event, if you have the luck, or unluck, of having her spawn. You'll find out when you get to find her on the field. :)

Don't worry, she's not a dangerous companion. And the reason why her name is Fluffles, is because I asked a friend who's into foxes what names would give her. She gave her the names "Fluffels" and "Krümel". Since you guys knows how good I am at picking one, I added both as a possibility, but changed "Fluffels" to "Fluffles" instead.

Her sprites are actually different compared to the other companions, It's because I tried doing changes to the spriting method, but I still don't know if the sprites are actually good. I think they look good, so I'll try updating the other companion sprites to fit her sprite changes. When I'll do that I don't know, but would be most prefferably for me if was soon.


With Fluffles arrival, Zacks also got a new trait. He can't enter Knocked Out Cold state. When he enters Knocked Out state, he'll turn immortal and no longer take aggro, and will have his knocked out health restored overtime. Having him on the team will be perfect if you have several problems to keep your team alive. Fluffles also has something like that too, so they are somewhat demi immortal companions.

Another bug fixed is Alex's tombstone spawning in trees. I managed to roll back the tombstone spawning to the old state. It's still bugged, but a bit less weird.
I think I'll have to remake the tombstone spawning script from zero, and see if It works as intended.


This update also fixes a severe issue with unloaded custom companions. Before, they used to crash your character due to having their requests disponible, and the companion Itself not existing. Now, the requests scripts will be skipped if the companion is invalid. I also found out that a crash would happen when trying to speak with a unloaded companion. Fixed that bug too.

Now It's probably safer to have custom companions on your character, but It would be nice if people made mods adding more companions to the mod. Gaomon is just the beggining, you know.


Another thing I've added is the possibility of resting. Whenever you speak with a companion following you inside a house, It will allow you to pick the Rest option.
Resting allows your character and companions to sleep for 4 hours, 8 hours, until dawn, or until night. You choose the time. Resting will also increase the companions fatigue, making them feel less tired, and also reduce somehow the injury they have.

In the future, I'll try adding an animation where the companion you picked to rest will share the bed, so they can sleep for the time. Beside sounding a bit bizarre, It's the perfect way of stopping your character from doing anything while the rest animation is happening. Currently I had to disable the bed sharing because depending on the companion, the character lying on the bed would look bizarre compared to the companion animation.


I also did changes to the new combat AI of the companions. Check out if now It's good, and if the companions will be less stupid too.


And also changed the layers the hud elements will appear. I fear that some mods that changes interfaces may end up breaking It. I hope they just replace the element on the interface layer, than just deleting them, or else that could break entirelly the interface.

Enjoy the update, and have fun with your new buddy. :D
If you find her and help her >:)


Duke Fishron
Well, I intended to launch this update after revamping a number of Mabel's sprites, but the bugs were more troublesome than her arm placement.
You can now only ask companions following you if they want to rest.
Rococo, Blue, Bree, Sardine, Zacks, Mabel (partial) and Brutus got a sprite update.
The sprite updates may have also changed some of their animations too, either slightly or severelly.
Zacks old sprite is disponible as a already unlocked skin.
Large companions that mounts on your character will no longer do the animation of putting your character on their shoulder, or putting them on the floor.
You can now be hugged by Vladimir when he's following you.
Terraria's offset will no longer mess up your position when being hugged by Vladimir, while he's at player size.
Fixed a bug where quick mount wouldn't work due to key checking issues.
Reduced the rate which companions that doesn't live in your world will come visit.
Minor readjustment on Fluffles body.
Ghost Fox Guardian will no longer despawn in the following circunstances:
Eclipse is happening.
You just lifted the haunt.
She's underground or lower.
She's behind a wall.
The ghost fox guardian will have their opacity reduced up to 20% when It's exposed to the day light, if she spawns post haunt lifting.
The Ghost Fox Guardian will now only inflict the Haunt requiring facing the Wall of Flesh when you're on a hardmode world.
This is to avoid making you rush your game just to unlock her, even more since hardmode changes a lot of things.
Your companions will now correctly use summons and invoke them.
Leadership skill will no longer increase the maximum summon count.
Malisha now has an extra summon slot.
Terrarian companions will no longer refuse to hold offhand items when stopped.
Bree's recruit npc will no longer forget her bag.
Fixed a minor horizontal bad allignment on the companions dialogue interface.
You can now see the companion friendship level on the dialogue interface.
Starter Guardians will no longer show a message saying that you can call them when you reach the usual friendship level to unlock It.
A number of companions gained sprite changes, tell me what you guys think of It. :D

Also, the Ghost Fox Guardian will have now less chance of trolling you during recruitment.

Edit:. Alongside a hotfix.
Ghost Fox Guardian is now speakable, if you manage to spawn her a second time, sometime after you've lifted her haunt.
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Again... The forum not giving me notifications of this thread
What have i not noticed of?
Also the new terraguardian look reaaaaally cool


Duke Fishron
Beside a number of bug fixes, the companions are passing through a respriting, because I'm changing the drawing method.
Some companions in the game has already gained the sprite changes. Others will get theirs when their time comes.


This mod is amazing and I love it!
The only problem I experienced is that when the fluffles ghost first spawned it attacked me and I was booted off my world
I then rejoined the world and got the Haunted debuff.
I don't know if the ghost kicking me off the world is a feature or a bug!
Keep up the great work! :D


Duke Fishron
This mod is amazing and I love it!
The only problem I experienced is that when the fluffles ghost first spawned it attacked me and I was booted off my world
I then rejoined the world and got the Haunted debuff.
I don't know if the ghost kicking me off the world is a feature or a bug!
Keep up the great work! :D
That's actually intended. I kind of didn't wanted to make a kind of "black out" effect. Also, I think that the kick is more spooky than blacking out.


Noticed a odd thing where if you give the Nemesis a enchanted boomerang and make it fight farthest away from the enemy it will be able to bypass the cooldown sending more boomerangs than it should


Duke Fishron
That also happens to any other boomerangs given to them.
I don't think I added a script to limit the number of those items they can launch.


Duke Fishron
It wont install by Itself, you must download the mod and then place It on "My Documents/My Games/Terraria/tModLoader/Mods" folder.
If you're having problems with Mod Browser, I don't have any idea why It's not downloading.


Duke Fishron
Is there somewhere I can install it without the mod browser? Like the website where tModLoader sends you? This one: http://javid.ddns.net/tModLoader/DirectModDownloadListing.php
Well... The main post shows two ways.
You can find the mod on the Mod Browser.
Download Link: Just download giantsummon.tmod.
MEGA - https://mega.nz/#F!poJxRCID!ldkV2wZ_gAVB2jAnKezxsg
GitHub - https://github.com/nakano15/giantsummon/releases
NexusMods - https://www.nexusmods.com/terraria/mods/48 (No longer supported)

Just install it on My Documents\My Games\Terraria\ModLoader\Mods, and also enable it once tModLoader opens.
Be sure to report any bugs you find with the mod. And also to give ideas to improve the mod.


Skeletron Prime
Is there a way to set relationship between player and guardian to 'not even met yet' without deleting player?
In attempts of befriending Zacks i accidentally spawn him as citizen,not enemy,and miss all that fun part


Duke Fishron
Is there a way to set relationship between player and guardian to 'not even met yet' without deleting player?
In attempts of befriending Zacks i accidentally spawn him as citizen,not enemy,and miss all that fun part
That's.... Weird.
Anyway, the only way of passing through his recruitment again is by having another character find his recruit npc.
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