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tModLoader TerraGuardians - Terrarian Companions


Brace yourselves.
Currently active guardians will no longer gain skill progress if a guardian npc attacks something.
Fixed wing position on guardians that has not a position defined for them.
Guardians that doesn't uses the right hand will no longer try using it when using two handed actions.
Guardians now gets fall damage as much as the player does based on height fallen.
Changed Guardians item swing animation to a more Terrarian like one.
Your guardian will no longer try attacking with anything they have at hands.
Fixed a few issues that could happen when Alex puts your character on the floor, but your character currently is mounted on the guardian, or you are controlling it.
Fixed Alex's wings and headgear positions.
Also changed how the head vanity gear positioning will work, now It will pick a position on the frame, instead of ask you for the offset.
I made the guardians says the special line of words after giving them a gift rare to happen.
Fixed one of Alex's talk dialogue not being able to mention Rococo.
Added the second message that may appear when you complete Alex's request.
Fixed error that could eventually happen during the gameplay. The mod will now check if the npc is targetting someone before checking if It's active.
The game will now point to the correct direction the bounty target appears.
Changed the way the mod loads the guardian equipments.
The guardian will no longer face where the mouse aims at when swinging a weapon.
Your guardian will no longer be able to use as many healing potions it can, when manually using the item.
Made some items not reusable by the guardian when their projectile exists (ex: Harpoon).
Fixed some errors that could happen when the Old One's Army were active.
The mod will now tell you when a bounty hunting ends.
Made changes to how and when the game tries to detect signs for Sardine's bounty quests.
Everytime a request spawns or despawns, the game will check if there is a sign near around Sardine.
Of course, if there isn't, there will be no requests.
Your guardian now gains points on Acrobatics and Athletics when It's either mounted on your character, or sitting on your character mount.
Doesn't makes sense, but is a lot better than losing experience on both status for having your guardian sitdown on your mount.
Fixed the message of the guardian request telling you to do an event, and giving the wrong report message for when the guardian must be present or not to do it.
Removed party hats from Guardians.
Added an AI option where the guardian will pick the weapon to use based on inventory order of it, instead of picking the highest damage weapon.
Changed Blue's ducking attack sprites.
Changed one of Zacks standing attack animation.
Zacks left(right) arm will no longer bounce while walking.
Changed the sprite of some of Zacks left(right) arm sprites.
Added sub tabs to the guardian behavior tab.
Your guardians will no longer need to use a Demon Heart to use the extra accessory slot. That only depends if your character has already an extra accessory slot disponible.
I did that change because found out that the Demon Heart doesn't drop anymore if your character has already an extra accessory slot.
The following change were done to the action of sending the guardian to teleport and sell the loot in their inventory:
If your friendship level with your guardian is at Best Friends level, the coins acquired from the sale will be sent to your piggy bank.
If the above isn't valid, or your piggy bank inventory is full, the coins will be placed on the guardian inventory.
Instead of selling items one by one, and potentially lose coins in the process, the guardian will now have all items sold, and coins placed on the inventory before It teleports back to your character.
Right after teleporting back to your character and the magic mirror trigger, the guardian will resume It's AI.
Depending on how far from spawn you are, the time taken for the guardian to sell the items will increase a bit. Not that It's an alarming thing, but... Yeah, It is here.
You can send the guardian to sell items while mounted, Of course your character will dismount from the guardian before it teleports away, but when It returns, your character will mount on it again.
Did a change to a dialogue from Nemesis, talking about the Dungeon. It will reffer to Cthulhu as "It", instead of "Himself" (Would give the impression that was talking about the Terrarian).
Fixed the "Noob" modifier of the Guardian Bounty Quest. Now It no longer will offer you the worst bounty fight of your life.
The bounty board will no longer display an empty text when the bounty quest is at It's last minute.
When your character is mounted on the guardian, the guardian will pick up the items instantly once they are on their hitbox.
Changed the speed items are pulled to the guardian, the speed will be set to a static value, instead of summed, so the items will no longer be rocketted to your guardian position... Or be tossed away.
The game will now better warn you if your guardian inventory is full.
Fixed a crash that could happen when picking up items on any inventory, while controlling the guardian.
Your guardian will now face the direction It will attack to when using a melee attack. Not valid if you are controlling the guardian.
Fixed a serious bug that would cause your guardian to inflict 20 of damage If It's status were checked again while swinging a weapon.
You can no longer exploit your guardian teleporting action to resurrect your character quicker.
Your guardian will no longer willingly teleport with you while facing the Wall of Flesh.
You can now change the playerindex the second player will use, in case the one setup doesn't work.
Disable individual skill leveling, now the max progress of the skills are shared. (Basically rolled back)
Added a Skill Reset Potion item. Unless you cheat, the only way of acquiring it is rarelly by doing guardian requests, or as a reward from bounty quests.
Passing the mouse over the "Report" button on the guardian request tab will now show an information about it.
Replaced the word "relationship" for "friendship" when your friend level with the guardian increases, because the last word made it feel veeeeeeery exquisite.
Brutus, the Lion Guardian Arrives.
With his arrival, the plot of the TerraGuardians advances.
When will the Ether Realm comes?
In case your guardian have troubles using the magic mirror to teleport you to the spawn, It's AI will skip to the moment the guardian puts your character on the floor after 10 seconds has passed.
That wont teleport you two to the spawn.
Due to the existence of this bug, the player is protected from damages when the guardian is trying to teleport with it, and the guardian is a large size or bigger.
Guardian you just met will have their first request spawn regardless of how many requests you have active at the moment.
Not completting their request will most likelly cause requests of the other guardians to have a decreased spawn rate, so be sure to complete it ASAP.
There is no actual point in not doing the guardian first request, unless you want to do a 0 Friendship Level gameplay.
A number of vanity hats were made possible to be displayed on TerraGuardians.
Angel Halo can now be equipped as vanity by the guardian.
In case of guardian equipment looking weird, please report it.
Fixed the Iron Lantern not lighting up around the guardian position.
Fixed the Featherfall potion turning your guardian into a balloon.
The guardian will now be suspended by a chain It's pulled to your position while your character is using a pulley.
Boosted the damage of the Chlorophyte Crescent Axe.
Extremelly reduced the tutorial. Now the mod will tell you how you can call your guardian when your character acquires It's first companion.
"Brutus: *I want to work as a bodyguard. Do you want to contract me? Either show me how strong you are, or how many golds you can give me.*"

Brutus used to be part of the Royal Guard in the Ether Realm, until one day he was booted. Now he wanders around the world looking for someone who would want to hire him as a bodyguard.

Beside looking for someone to work as a bodyguard of, his attention goes towards worlds that had quite a number of brave challenges beaten, so probably he wants to relax a bit on the job. Even though the requirement for him to appear is that, doesn't means that you will only be able to recruit him on hardmode.

He's good at protecting someone, and has a bonus of defense rate, so don't expect him to die fast in combat. Just do mind the fact that he's a bit taller than the other TerraGuardians, so probably you'll need a bigger house for him.

A number of bugs were fixed in this update, includding the bug of the wings, featherfall potion, the melee attack damage bug, includding many others. I also took the liberty of turning possible to have your guardian wear a number more of hats as vanity gear, so you can customize your guardian more now. In case you see a bug, or know some potential hat that can be good for you guardian to use, be sure to give me a call.

Oh, and one last thing: The mod is now back to the Mod Browser. You can find it there now, too.

Enjoy :D.


And here comes another update.
Two Handed Sword damage were nerfed from 27 to 17.
Changed the AI of the melee combat, now the guardian will only jump trying to reach the monster when the monster lowest bound is above the guardian.
Changed the guardian walking system when doing an idle behavior. Made it a flag to avoid movement bugs.
Blue will now tell you the reason why she came to your world WHEN Zacks is recruited.
Fixed head vanity gear position on Alex's head, when It's sitting down on your character mount.
Your guardian will no longer try to duck when sitting on your character mount, or when mounted on your character back.
If your guardian tries to use a bow, repeater or a gun without having ammo, the speed bonus of the missing ammo will be added when the game tries getting projectile info, before shotting.
Changed the color of the text shown when Brutus spawns on your world.
Brutus will avoid spawning close to a npc that is in the view range of the player.
Guardians that are not following you will now try sitting on chairs sometimes, if there is one nearby.
Guardians will now try using stairs when going home, aswell as when idle, but the Idle AI is still lacking.
Guardians will now enter Passive mode when you pass 3 minutes afk.
Passive mode will make them attack monsters only when the monster is near.
Item scales no longer will be disregarded when the guardian tries to use an item.
Sardine's head position has been changed, now no longer looks like Brutus hit has him on the head.
Sardine's head vanity position will also stay on his head when using a two handed weapon.
Guardians mounted on your character back will now have the placed on the same position, when your character is and isn't using a mount.
Added more space to the mouse infos on the guardian inventory interface.
When the guardian is mounted on your character back, or sitting on your character mount, the tile collision hitbox will be the same of the player.
That will avoid the guardian of being afflicted by Suffocation when inside sand blocks. For example.
The game will now despawn extra guardians of the same kind that are in the world.
Changed the way bounty target modifiers are stored to avoid bugs related to it.
Guardians will no longer try walljumping when walking (Idle), mounted on your character back and when sitting on your mount.
Reduced Brutus spawn rate.
The mod will no longer try inflicting projectile debuffs on guardians that are dead.
Vanilla accessory prefixes will now affect guardians with them equipped.
Alex's Max Health were nerfed from a total of 1650 MHP to 1125 MHP.
Initial MHP from 300 > 175.
MHP per Life Crystal from 50 > 30.
MHP per Life Fruits from 30 > 25.
Fixed Rococo's sitdown animation.
Changed Brutus ducking animation.
The Guardians accuracy is now working again.
It will be invalidated if your are currently controlling the guardian.
Sardine will no longer be seen inside the King Slime when his town npc is in the world.
I launched this update right now, because what I'm going to focus on next is adding other mods compatiblity. I wont be making the compatiblity myself, even more because I have to work on the features of this mod, but I'm trying to make so anyone can add their own compatibility or even extension to the guardians.

I recommend you to get this update, though, since It brings quite a number of fixes, includding on Brutus ducking animation. Initially I thought about making him hold a shield when ducking, or even walk, but he has no shield in the final version, so I have made the old animation of him ducking, and seriously, who kneel down like that? Now his sprite makes a bit more of sense.

The guardians can now sitdown on chairs when they are in the town, beside I forgot to remove the test command of making them use nearby furnitures, but I guess It wont harm, unless you forget to remove him from the furniture. One thing I want to do is allow them to use furnitures like benches, the throne and the bed. Of course those will need an extra animation frame each, but will be worth it, I guess.


Three update posts in a row?! I dunno if that's actually awesome.
Guardians will no longer have conflicts when you ask them to pick your character up, and their position is set to the left of yours.
Added two new items: Ether Heart and Ether Fruit.
Both items increases the guardian max health. They are acquired through Requests and Bounty Quests.​
The player can't use those items.​
Did some changes to Brutus animations, more specifically Jumping and Ducking.
Also added a Sitting on chair animation to him, so his feet no longer passes through the ground.
Fixed Alex's sitting sprite, showing the dummy player sprite when sitdown on a chair.
Also added a sitting on chair animation to him. Who's the good dogge?
The mod will no longer try to draw null guardian textures.
Fixed a bug where your guardian would end up sitting in an incorrect height when using a chair that is not maden from normal wood.
Fixed a bug that caused the fall height tolerance to not be increased with accessories.
You can access the TerraGuardian Popularity Contest page by clicking the "Vote" button on the guardian selection interface.
That button will open your default browser on the page of the contest.​
I don't know If I'll announce in the future who's the winner, but probably will be fun to make up something for the winner to say, and announce through TCF and group chat.​
Fixed the off-hand confusion the TerraGuardians were having. Now they will correctly use Off Hand items on the correct situations.
Guardians set to guard some place will now avoid going too far from that place.
Guardians will now leave the furniture they are using, depending on their current situation, and the AI they are using at the moment.
The order of making the guardian use a nearby furniture will stay, because the above issues wont happen. (that doesn't means that their furniture usage is bug free, but...)
The popularity contest is just for fun, beside, might be fun to announce the winners from time to time. Depends on how the contest goes.
I made so you can select multiple contestants, because picking only one is too mainstream. Ok, ok, that's not the real reason, but It's really hard to like only one, right? The link to the popularity contest is also in the post bellow the thread main post.

The addition of Ether Heart and Ether Fruit is going to ease a bit the problem of filling the guardians max life. It will certainly make things easier than trying to gather Life Crystals/Fruits for them, without making you be able to boost your character yourself. That doesn't means guardians wont be able to use Life Crystal and Heart Fruit, if you have spare of those, they will still use to increase their max life.

Enjoy. :)


Not yet. I'm getting my behind kicked trying to figure out how to make the game distinguish player summon and guardian summon.
Maybe in the future they may end up being able to use summons. Right now, I don't really recommend you trying to make the guardian use a summon item, unless your character doesn't has a summon invoked. But that would require you to manually use the summon item while controlling the guardian.

Edit:. Yay! You broke the changelog chain. Here some cheers!


Hi, first at all, thanks for this mod, I very like N Terraria for the NPPlayers and this ported to normal/modded terraria it's great <3.

And now, some questions and sugestions:

Could you explain to me what behavior changes when you modify the guardian tactics->combat_combat behavior (left / middle / right) ?

Do mod accessories work or only vanilla ?

What class does each guardian belong to? Or what is the "guardian gameplay style" ?

Rococo -> Melee / Ranged
Blue -> Ranged ?
Sardine -> Trhowing ?
Alex -> Melee ?
Brutus -> Melee / Ranged

It would be nice if the "button order" (right click) can be changed, so it don't interfere with other mods, for example using a charge of a weapon.

If I change the guardian size, it can fit in any npc house ? And that size is only aesthetic or does it affect your attacks?

There are a issue with yoyos behavior when a guardian use it, the attack comes from the player and not from the guardian (visually).

I notice that any glowstick don't work on guardians. I would like it to work especially the spelunker glowstick 😉

It is possible that the guardians are affecting the maximum number of summons than a player can have ? because suddenly it changes from a fixed number to unlimited, or it's may be another mod, I can test it yet.

Best reggards.


Hi, first at all, thanks for this mod, I very like N Terraria for the NPPlayers and this ported to normal/modded terraria it's great <3.

And now, some questions and sugestions:

  1. Could you explain to me what behavior changes when you modify the guardian tactics->combat_combat behavior (left / middle / right) ?
  2. Do mod accessories work or only vanilla ?
  3. What class does each guardian belong to? Or what is the "guardian gameplay style" ?
  4. It would be nice if the "button order" (right click) can be changed, so it don't interfere with other mods, for example using a charge of a weapon.
  5. If I change the guardian size, it can fit in any npc house ? And that size is only aesthetic or does it affect your attacks?
  6. There are a issue with yoyos behavior when a guardian use it, the attack comes from the player and not from the guardian (visually).
  7. I notice that any glowstick don't work on guardians. I would like it to work especially the spelunker glowstick 😉
  8. It is possible that the guardians are affecting the maximum number of summons than a player can have ? because suddenly it changes from a fixed number to unlimited, or it's may be another mod, I can test it yet.

Best reggards.
Hey there. Here's my reply.
  1. Those tactics changes the behavior of the guardian in combat, from left to right, is how close to the target It will be. Left most will make it snipe their target from a far distance. The right one will make the guardian always try attacking on melee, so It will charge in the direction of their target. The center one is a kind of ranged combat, It will try to keep some distance from their target, but will attempt to do melee attacks when their target gets near.
  2. Nope. I'm still trying to figure out how to add compatibility to other mods content to TerraGuardians. But right now, It will be like placing a Shackle on your TerraGuardian.
  3. You make it. I created the TerraGuardians each with their own statistics and style. But nothing stops you from making it be... Anything you want. You can, for example, make a guardian that has high defense be a mage. Looks weird? Yes, but why not?
  4. I added an option to change that to the Q button. Check the mod options later.
  5. The guardian size option wont affect the npc housing. Even if you set the guardian to have about your character size, It will still need x tiles tall house to live. And the size is partially aesthetic. I say partially, because positioning of items, or even your character, or the guardian itself depending on the situation is changed. So for example, if you use a tall guardian on a 3 tiles tall gap, It will have troubles aiming at monsters behind it, a problem that guardians set to your size wont have. Other than that, It's just a question of taste, if you like to have the guardians to your size, flip that switch on.
  6. Weapons that spawns projectiles for attack have problems (I'm not talking about bows and guns), so you may want either to use with caution, or avoid using items like Yoyos, Flails or Spears (for some reason they no longer deal damage).
  7. That's weird, I guess I messed up something. Beside even if It did work, the spelunker glowstick wouldn't work as you intended, but I'll see if I can change that after I fix that issue.
  8. I doubt it, I play as a summoner most of the time, and I didn't had that issue. Some mod you are using may be causing that.
Enjoy. :)


It looks like i ran into an issue when switching the button order. Even when i use the default Q, or any other button, it just blinks so i cant command the guardians. When i switch it back to right click, it works as intended.


Another TerraGuardians update is out.
Guardian npcs will no longer keep the doors shut when they just closed it, and are near it.
Fixed item scale when the guardian is holding it.
There is a change on how the order window will work now.
I've found out that the by registering a hotkey, it adds an option on the controls menu to change that hotkey, that means you can change how you'll call the order window through the control settings.​
That also means there is no more toggle between how the order window will be called, but by default, It is set the default value to RMB.​
In case the order window isn't being called, go in your control settings and either set a key to the command, or just click to reset to default.​
The guardian will now try using glowsticks when they are not underwater.
Spelunker glowstick also has It's effect.​
Glowsticks held by the guardians will now produce light.
You can now know the cans and can'ts of the guardian on the Guardian Selection Inteface.
The mouse text on GSI gained a few more spacing away from the cursor.
The guardian dialogues are now lists, instead of an fixed length array.
Beside the patch notes aren't huge, the reason why It changed from Version 35 to 36, is because the guardians dialogue system has changed. Probably now is a lot better to add new dialogues to TerraGuardians.

Pay attention to the keybindings on your control options, check out if the button to call the Order Hud is set correctly, If Isn't, you can either click to reset it, or set it to any key you want. I guess that might fix a problem.

Also, the next TerraGuardian may be coming this week, I'm sure no longer will be hard for you to stack life increasing items for her, but... Yeah, Just for your information.


It would be stupid of me to say that It isn't because It doesn't happen to me.
But some other mod may be conflicting with TG mod. Probably when the status masking Guardian <-> Player happens.


... Probably when the status masking Guardian <-> Player happens.

It could be, since it happens only when I have a guardian invoked, if the guardians are in their homes, I can only summon the correct number of minions.

Maybe this data can help you find where the conflict is generated.

By the way, when I have other mods loaded, the keybind of this mod does not appear in the game menu (more conflicts).



It could be, since it happens only when I have a guardian invoked, if the guardians are in their homes, I can only summon the correct number of minions.

Maybe this data can help you find where the conflict is generated.

By the way, when I have other mods loaded, the keybind of this mod does not appear in the game menu (more conflicts).

Well, the guardian itself can't have It's own summons yet somewhat, so I guess It's better if I remove that masking.

And the keybinding not showing up when having other mods is really bad, beside I think that's actually a tModLoader bug.
At least you can change it by disabling the other mods and changing the keybinding, then enabling the mods again.


A new update has landed.
Brutus will now complain about the chairs.
Guardians will no longer try closing non existing doors.
You can no longer grow relationship with your guardian faster by leaving several alcoholic drinks on their inventory. The amount of drinks they will take before gaining friendship point was drastically increased.
You can no longer manage the guardian inventory and equipments while It teleported to sell your items on the town.
The guardians will receive less bonus from melee attack speed bonus when using heavy weapons.
The melee attack speed penalty deduced is the diference of attack speed and 1, dividing the result by half. AtkSpd - (AtkSpd - 1) * 0.5.​
Passing the mouse over the guardian status bars will now show you useful infos.
Buff descriptions will no longer be obstructed by "2P Press Start" text.
Greatly compressed the sprite animations drawn in front of the guardian. Now there will be only the necessary frame for it, and the mod will know when to call that frame sprite.
Guardians that can drink alcoholic stuffs will no longer behave like an alcohol addict. Now they will only try drinking alchoholic stuffs when in battle.
The game will no longer show an empty pricing message when the guardian teleports to sell items without value.
The Jungle Star and the Flamberge has gained a damage boost.
Setting the guardian combat AI to charge will now make magic item using guardians try melee when near their target.
Fixed a confusion on the guardian npc position prediction, that would cause It to have problems using certain magic items.
Now the item predictions only affects guns and bows.​
Changed the stuck checker of the guardian. Now If the guardian hop on the wall for long, It will try reaching your character.
New TerraGuardian added: Bree the Cat Guardian.
"She's reffered as Cat Wife Guardian in the game, since Sardine has taken that name."​

The newest TerraGuardian has arrived on the mod: Bree.

"I have been searching world by world, for years, looking for my stupid husband. Have you seen him?"

Her quote is automatically very descriptive, she is looking for her husband, I can't possibly wonder who's he. She Is trying desperatedly to find him so they could go back home, but definitelly nothing could post pone what she has planned for them.
If you either manage to find who she's looking for, or simply persuade her to stay at your world for a while, she might be able to help you during the time she's at your world. At least once you have gained her trust, so be sure to help her with anything she asks you. If possible.

As for the mod, I guess I'll relax a bit on the scripting of it, and try adding more guardians for you to meet. I've made the base sprite of two, being that one of them will kind of have a late arrival, since I should have begun making It before Christmas arrived. But nothing stops me from using that at my advantage, to explain why she shows up late.

The other guardian, I have a serious problem that I have to solve, ever since I begun practicing spriting. Sketching crossed arms. My behind is being kicked everytime I try to sketch that, but I guess I'll manage to do it right, If I figure out how arms work. Hehe.

Well, Enjoy. By the way, I recommend you to try persuading Bree first, If you want to recruit her quickly.


The results of the first TerraGuardians Popularity Contest is here.

Blue is January's Most Valuable Guardian!
Thanks everyone for voting on your favorite TerraGuardians. Be sure to give your vote on this month contest, when It goes live.

See ya!

Edit:. February popularity contest votings are up!
Vote on your favorite TerraGuardians.
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And then, Nemesis has gained some love.
Voting link changed to February.
Added the Protection Mode AI.
This AI will make the guardian focus on defending you from the threats near your character.
The guardian will more likelly be pulled to your position if it goes away a few number of blocks while in combat.
The AI wont be under effect if you tell the guardian to guard some place.
Having your guardian with a friendship level that allows it to place the coins gained from the sales on your piggy bank, will now make it also store coins and medals in their inventory too.
They have already access to your piggy bank, right? Why not send them to store your coins too? There's even a special dialogue for that!
Nemesis can now transform into Werewolf or Merman depending on It's buffs.
You can force the transformation as vanity, by placing a Moon Charm (for werewolf) or a Neptune's Shell (for merman) on one of the first inventory slots.
Nemesis also gained a few revamps.
Now It will show the red eyes no matter how visible it is.
Will also show the red eyes when transformed.
Player model based guardians will no longer hover over ground.
Fixed the fade out effect.
Reduced the fade cooldown from 30 seconds, to 15.
It will be drawn in front of the mount, when sitting on the player mount.
Body animation will now use the Left Arm animation.
A number of those changes are valid for any other player based companion added to the mod. If end up having any.
It may sound stupid, but the popularity contest has improved my motivation to keep this mod going, and due to the fact that a lot of people actually liked to have Nemesis as their companion, I did some additions and fixes to It.

Just for you to know, I will still need help to debug the multiplayer of the mod, I wont be able to launch a definitive version of the mod with multiplayer, If I be unable to debug it with other people, even more since I develop anything on a 2GB RAM computer, so I don't have spare memory to run 2 Terrarias at the same time (It wouldn't be a problem if the game were version 1.2 or less).

Also, I'm making 2 new TerraGuardians meanwhile, they may show up in the future as either leak or update.

Enjoy :).


I'm not totally sure what the three dots mean in the combat settings. Also, sometimes Rococo will teleport me to him and it's a bit... jarring.


I'm not totally sure what the three dots mean in the combat settings. Also, sometimes Rococo will teleport me to him and it's a bit... jarring.
Left dot = Snipe AI, will attack the target from far away with a ranged weapon disponible. Will avoid melee attack, unless that is It's only option.
Middle Dot = Assist AI, will try avoiding staying near the target in combat, keeping some distance while shotting, but will try melee combat if the target gets too close, and has a melee weapon in the inventory.
Right dot = Charge AI, the guardian will try getting near the enemy to engage melee combat, will use either any ranged or magic weapon disponible when trying to reach the target.

And... I think that Rococo teleporting you to him sometimes is actually a bug, do you have any more information about it? Like, when it happens, or some other info?
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