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PC TerraMonolith's 1.4 Journey builds (vanilla Terraria, no mods)


HOIK station (two-way elevator, made with Echo Blocks). Night view, UP&DA version and HOIK system screenshots in the thumbnails.

12.15 HOIK station.png

12.16 HOIK station Night.png <o> 12.17 HOIK station RAW.png <o> 12.19 HOIK station System.png


Landscaping: custom lake (on a sky island):

12.23 Custom Lake.png

Night view and UP&DA example (there are some minor differences in the unpainted version in order to avoid spoilers):
12.24 Custom Lake Night.png <o> 12.25 Custom Lake RAW.png
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This is really a master piece build. Love the concept of a sky island big enough to have so many different environments. Really great!


Spring season on the floating island farm - flowering trees and green, leafy vegetables (from left to right - spring onions, lettuce, asparagus, turnips, spinach):

13.20 Spring farm.png

Night view and UP&DA example below:

13.21 Spring farm Night.png <o> 13.22 Spring farm RAW.png
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