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PC Terraprisma vs Stardust Dragon

Should terrarprisma receive a boost in damage and attack better with the character between blocks?

  • Yes

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  • No

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I realized that the terraprisma in some cases doesn't attack the monsters while the main character is locked with blocks, but stardust dragon staff always attacks in that case, apparently terraprisma was made to be the most powerful summon weapon but in some cases it doesn't surpass stardust dragon staff, terraprisma is better against fast bosses but stardust dragon staff is apparently better against slow bosses and apparently causing more damage with a good increase in damage and numbers of minions in armor and accessories, and also in the situation of the character is hidden between blocks.

Should terrarprisma completely overcome the stardust dragon staff?


In this case, ok, terraprisma apparently will attack everything that approaches (maybe only if someone arrives on the right initially):

But in this case it will only attack only those who pass through the blocks apparently:


Terraprisma doesn't enter attack mode if it doesn't have line of sight with a mob. However once it starts attacking, it goes through blocks and wipes out everything that's on screen.

That said, line of sight is determined individually for each blade from the "handle" of each blade thus when you stand with your back to the wall, blades that end up on the other side will not be blocked by said wall and will attack anything that it can directly see.

That's based on my experience anyway.

PS: Good way for dealing with those high damage (one-shot on master mode) projectiles from Flow Invaders is to build a room with 2 block thick walls and stand with your back against those walls, your Terraprisma blades - 2 will attack those Flow Invaders fine; as long as they are on the side of the wall your Terraprisma blades are on.
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