Mobile Terraria 1.2 for Mobile!


who knows why update coming for android/ios ?

I can say why but not when. :merchanttongue: The developers (code glue) sent the patch to 505 Games (producer) for review almost a month ago. 505 Games clearly is in no hurry to release the patch (crashing, freezing, players who havent been able to pass the loading screens since January).

It makes me sad and angry.

As for beetle armor, I don't believe it does. Turtle armor and ice turtles (I think) are in mobile though.


Well back in december, i remember having a Legendary Death Sickle, Legendary Terra Blade, Sharp True Excalibur, Legendary True Nights Edge, I wanted to get them Vampire Knives but i couldnt get the key mold, i was always getting hollowed key molds :/ ohh the good ol days...


At least I won't be alone in just getting hallowed key molds when that release drops... I don't seem to be getting anywhere, lol. Of course, I always seem to get swarmed by Hallowed enemies far faster than any other biome. Even Jungle has a longer start up time for trying to bum rush me than Hallowed does.

@ShadowPulse69, why do your fellow bronies hate me so much??? :merchanteek:


Hey, does ANYONE'S cloud save actually work across devices in this game? I play on a phone mostly with Terraria off the Amazon store, but I just realized that a spare character I saved in the cloud doesn't match the cloud character I have on the Kindle. What the heck, guys? :merchantsigh:

(and how do you merge posts? I can't get multiquotes to even work consistently.)
Listen to this Terraria remix, when you do, your terrarian crystal hearts will shatter of epicness and joy!
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Well, this happened... Yes, a block spawning IN a demon altar. Surprised its not on fire or something. tmp_5646-Screenshot_2015-03-10-21-05-27642142612.png

And while I've been trolling and trying to find the stupid rainbow pieces, I tried to farm some souls at night. They refused to drop in an underground corruption chasm that was half-hallowed, so I broke some shadow balls and figured I'd beat up the Eater of Worlds for some.

My game crashed. :( Then I reloaded and this happened.

Lol, WUT. I can farm for something totally unrelated or just walk around and get this, but I can't get even a soul when I'm looking for it. :/ This game. Really, just... :merchantsigh:


Skeletron Prime
After i kill skeletron , my game is crash but wen i load my map again i fund the clothier man in my house . Wen i go to underground castle ....the dungeon guardian killin me :(

I make a new map and i move all my chest....
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