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Mobile Terraria 1.2 for Mobile!

Bee Muncher

Skeletron Prime
I predict people will be happy soon. :)

(I love that word - so subjective in all the right ways...it's speculation fuel)
(No, there isn't a date I can give)

Hey, if your device is outdated - it's the gift giving season (I know I am in desperate need of replacing my old iPad and am hoping I get a new one lol).
Aren't you a developer? Or am I just confused...

Exodus Starlit

Dungeon Spirit
Why so fast and the bos art looks epic
That's not a boss-
That's a player in a suit of armor added in the update, along with The Axe.
For correction female character in Frost Armor wielding The Axe (as you said).
I am happy they added female sprites from 1.2.1 version because they look more awesome and some in old version even weren't.
It will be trully version 1.2 or more bigger? Like in other console versions.
Why they make into picture female varitaion than male? Because they did it and I am not against it. I like playing as female because their sprites look very nice.

Also enjoy update if you can mobiole owners. Sure it will come handy when you are bored.


Staff member
Aren't you a developer? Or am I just confused...

I work for ReLogic. We do not directly develop console or mobile. That means we don't always kon exactly when things outside of our direct purview will occur...or, if we do, it isn't really our "place" to undercut 505's plans in that regard.

Sorry for any confusion.
No mention of android,eh?We can only hope...Or am I being too pessimistic?I might be.After all,they did say that the update is coming and just said that it won't be good for the older iOS versions...


Official Terrarian
Two great updates are coming! Cant wait for both 1.3 pc and 1.2 mobile! I'm just hoping that 1.2 mobile will come at the same time on both android and ios


Looks great, I'm glad 1.2 will be coming for mobile. I am pretty happy for this because, well, the mobile users needed it. And that's coming from a person who rarely uses his phone, let alone plays on it. x)


** Due to the enormous size of this update it will require devices support iOS 7 and up. If you are using iOS 8 we recommend that you update to the latest version, 8.1 or above **

I guess that means I won't be able to get the Mobile version of Terraria anytime soon. D=


This is exciting news. I was expecting a console update report, but i got even better news. Thanks for all the hard work and bringing this mobile update to us!!!
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