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Discussion in 'PC - Re-Logic' started by Loki, Jul 20, 2015.

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  1. Loki

    Loki Consigliere Staff Member Re-Logic Administrator

    Good afternoon everyone!

    The team remains hard at work chasing bugs to squash and things to tweak within the 1.3 update. As always, your feedback is invaluable there - so keep it coming (but remember to keep it mature and respectful of everyone :) )!

    Without further ado, here is the changelog for

    • Solar Flare armor set Dash ability now only consumes flares when it hits an enemy, and any hit enemy will result in a Solar Radiance explosion!
    • Party Girl's spawning chance has been increased
    • You can now take Camera Mode pictures of wiring if you hold a mechanical item while taking the pictures
    • Fixed certain issues with the Stardust Dragon's damage and rebalanced him to be more in line with other minions
    • You can now hide the Moon Charm and Neptune Shell's effects...or put them in vanity!
    • The final boss' attacks now use their own cooldown for immunity due to how naughty some of our players have been. ;)

    • Potentially fixed lag issues when using Steam multiplayer
    • Potentially fixed invasions not trigerring when they should (Martian Probes)
    • Fixed Money Trough turning 'Quick Stack to All Chests' button invisible
    • Fixed Javelins drawing behind doors on all cases
    • Fixed Keys of Light / Night not working through autopause
    • Fixed nearby crafting stations not updating when you open inventory in autopause
    • Fixed 'allow mounting' check not taking player's velocity into account (mounting into ceiling exploit)
    • Fixed breathing meter appearing when hanging on to a ceiling that has water in it
    • Fixed content files not being compressed
    • Fixed Umbrella art not being consistent
    • Fixed Solar Eruption item stray pixel
    • Fixed Jellyfish expert mode counter hitting you when you can't hit the Jellyfish
    • Fixed Drill Containment Unit being able to mine Demon Altars before Hardmode
    • Fixed certain Penguins not counting towards the tally
    • Fixed Dryad not selling Vicious Powder during the Bloodmoon on Crimtane worlds
    • Fixed issue where Shroomite and Psycho Knife stealth would work on mounts
    • Fixed issue where Martian Probe would trigger Martian Invasion clientside
    • Fixed Cultist Boss summoning issues in multiplayer
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  2. Baconfry

    Baconfry Terrarian


    I can see now...

    -Heart Statues no longer work during the final boss battle
    -Moon Bite cancels Frozen Turtle Shell
    -Charm of Myths no longer reduces Potion Sickness during the final boss battle
    -If a player somehow dodges the Big Laser, a tentacle reaches out and drags him/her back into it again
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  3. Ashen75

    Ashen75 Plantera

    No cheesing anymore D: Btw, how's the mac support going?
  4. Azu

    Azu Retinazer

    Nice! Good to see more bugs squashed!
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  5. Skiphs

    Skiphs Terrarian

    Great, thanks for asking! :)
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  6. Ghostar

    Ghostar Quality Assurance Staff Member Moderator Re-Logic

    Glad to see this is live finally! Quite a few things people have been wanting too, like the mooncharm/neptune shell being toggle-able visually.
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  7. Master Geass

    Master Geass Terrarian

    I was afraid of that. I was trying to make an adventure map. Still that isn't going anywhere.
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  8. Kyubey The Incubator

    Kyubey The Incubator Skeletron Prime

    Only .3.1 more little patches until patch
  9. Pedguin

    Pedguin Terrarian

    Yippieeee! :D

    Still no golden penguins though. So sad! :nursecrying:
  10. Necro

    Necro Skeletron Prime

    OH YES!

  11. VaeVictis

    VaeVictis Skeletron

    o_O I don't get it, but may I asume it has something to do with Cheesyness?...I didn't do it
  12. MarioKart7z

    MarioKart7z Plantera

    WOAH! first page!
    Anyways, i'm GLAD that now you can hide the Moon Charm and the Neptune Shell. it was so annoying when i was trying new vanity combinations in an all items map and had to remove my Celestial Shell!
    What does this mean?
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  13. VaeVictis

    VaeVictis Skeletron

    BTW: :)
  14. Master Geass

    Master Geass Terrarian

    They would need 3 more new content patches followed by 7 more hot fixes to get to Why do you like that number anyway?
  15. Williams

    Williams Terrarian

    awesome! glad to see the update
  16. MegaMage314

    MegaMage314 Plantera

    It mean's you can't have a random weak enemy hit you and make you immune to damage. I'm betting that the next patch will have the moonlord disable all statues, cause why not.
  17. WatcherCCG

    WatcherCCG Terrarian

    Likely fire block abuse. Again. I'd know. I've done it.
  18. MarioKart7z

    MarioKart7z Plantera

    ...i wonder how much brain damage i'll have by the time i finish Expert mode
  19. James Harrow

    James Harrow Spazmatism

    Aww, no more moon lord cheese?
  20. GT4tube

    GT4tube Terrarian

    please when final version be v1.3.3.7 would be awesome! xD
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