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Member-Run Project ~ Terraria 1.3 Findings Thread! [Spoilers Inside] ~


Official Terrarian
New Melee Sword : Seedler 53 Base DMG, Drop from Plantera; I may be one of the first to ever get this :) My bad @cancan460 The Seedler shoots a seed-like projectile each time it is swung :D



Portable "Money Trough" from idk what enemy, though it was Blood Moon. Basically the best item in the game.


Beep! Crafting recipe detected!
GPS + Fish Finder + Goblin Tech + R.E.K. 3000 = PDA
I'd guess the Fish Finder is found by fishing, the Goblin Tech is dropped by the Goblin Invasion Mobs and R.E.K. 3000 is crafted much like the GPS. Let's keep digging.


Duke Fishron
Some new yo-yos!
Gradient, a drop in the underground layer:

Yelets: Bought from the skeleton NPC

Amarok: Drop in the ice biome, got a few of them.


Put them in any chest while in hardmode, make sure it's the only item you put in the chest...

...Run like hell
Haha, that ruled. Did a bunch of them in expert mode, I got a particularly cool weapon that works like a rapid-fire web slinger hook. It's awesome.


I'm sure somebody already said this, but there's a new enemy called Medusa with an attack that turns you into stone if you look at her while she's doing it. Found underground in the caverns.
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