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Terraria 1.3 Infinite Water

Discussion in 'PC Guides' started by ban4848, Jul 4, 2015.

  1. ban4848

    ban4848 Official Terrarian

    Hi guys

    I was just playing terraria and i discovered how to do a new infinite water glitch in 1.3.
    I'm not sure if other people have found this but i couldn't find them.

    Here is a video of me doing the glitch in a new world with a new character...

    I haven't done a lot of testing yet, but so far...
    • it needs to be 5 blocks long
    • the opening must be the 2nd block from the right
    • the right wall must be 1 block high
    • you cant have any blocks directly touching the slopes
    • It does run out after a while
    • it stops working when you re-load the world
    I am not claiming to be the discoverer of the glitch but i did find it by myself.

    Thank you for viewing my thread. please comment and share what you have found.
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2015
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  2. ban4848

    ban4848 Official Terrarian

    Haha. not patched just yet.
  3. Espio_

    Espio_ Official Terrarian

    I think there was a mention sometime in the past that they won't fix this kind of thing. I'd hate for them to.. it's very useful for obsidian generators and other things.
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  4. ban4848

    ban4848 Official Terrarian

    Does your method involve hoiks?
  5. YellowAfterlife

    YellowAfterlife Official Terrarian

    While an interesting find, there's little need for duplicating water in Terraria 1.3 - you can get Bottomless Water Bucket from Angler and that'll be all your needs in this area settled.
  6. ban4848

    ban4848 Official Terrarian

    I've Completed many angler quests and not received that item yet. This is a lot easier to achieve. But that is a good point.
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    Shout out to Theo. he is the first to like. :D
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  7. MegaPixlz

    MegaPixlz Terrarian

    How many do you think there are that have used your method?

    I want to beg them for the secret. :D
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  8. Suweeka

    Suweeka The One and Oni

    It's actually... really easy to dupe water, lava, and honey using by splitting them. It's the easiest for water, but for honey and lava, it can be a bit slower.

    In multiplayer worlds, duping lava and honey should be a lot easier by splitting, and wouldn't even need to be split with a high enough latency [the bad kind of high]. You just have to be quick about it. Just place it on a wall, wait for a bit of it to flow downward, and then pick it up again.
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  9. Akrasia

    Akrasia Golem

    As Suweeka said, you can just split buckets of water. This technique is often used in obsidian generators, although I have found that since the addition of pipes, you can dupe water automatically by placing inlet & outlet pipes in certain positions (much better than manually duping ~)
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  10. ban4848

    ban4848 Official Terrarian

    i did try using pumps it dupe at first but it didn't work for me (it actually removed the water i had), i'm an xbox 360 terrarian so it might be different on pc (just to clarify, this is on pc). one of my biggest draws to this is it doesn't require the mechanic. the most advance thing you need is a bucket.
  11. Akrasia

    Akrasia Golem

    How is that a plus? I mean, sure if you use a bucket its material cheap, but rather than break your mouse you can just find some automatic way to do it for you
  12. Necrius

    Necrius Skeletron Prime

    Any simple yet efficient automated lava duplication discovered in 1.3? Because pumps don't seem to work properly.
  13. Jspy1

    Jspy1 Terrarian

    you do realize there is an infinite water bucket already?
  14. ban4848

    ban4848 Official Terrarian

    break your mouse? my way is automatic. it only requires you to place one bucket of water, then you just sit back and wait.
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    i did already respond to someone about the bottomless bucket. as i said,
    "I've Completed many angler quests and not received that item yet. This is a lot easier to achieve."
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  15. Arekusei

    Arekusei Terrarian

    Pumps generators still work properly.
  16. ban4848

    ban4848 Official Terrarian

    not for me. deleted my water
  17. bagman817

    bagman817 Terrarian

    Pump worked fine for me (for what it's worth, the inlet pump was off screen) with water. I've yet to try it with lava, however.
  18. Jspy1

    Jspy1 Terrarian

    aaanyway, does anyone know of a completely flooded map?
  19. Cerebrum123

    Cerebrum123 Terrarian

    I can't get this to work anymore. It did work at first though. I'll do some testing to see if I just built it wrong this time though. I have one that did work built, I'll go and check if it still works(large world, and I didn't feel like going all that way to it again today). Anyone else having this problem?
  20. Predious

    Predious Golem

    terraria water dupes working together.png

    I thought about it and tried to combine two duping methods and it worked, albeit still a bit slow, but if you expand this, it can go a long way.

    Used the staggering blocks method in the lower part of the chamber to multiply the water, and the infinite spout platform for the endless water to pour down onto the staggering blocks. It may still take a little while for the water to dupe, but its automatic once you start it, and it works.
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