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Mobile Terraria 1.3 Online Server FULL INSTRUCTIONS (WITH AND WITHOUT PC)


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This is a complete guide to hosting a terraria mobile 1.3 online server. It will explain how to forward a port, reserve an internal ip address and host the actual world. If you have any problems, then redo and reread the steps carefully. To make it less confusing, follow the steps as you read them, and do them all in order. DO NOT skip steps unless it is for a device you arent using to host with.

Google search anything you dont understand (for step 1, search something like "how to get default gateway on <your device>" or "how to get mac address on <your device>", for step 3 try "dchp reserve <your router>", step 4 try "port forwarding <your router>", step 6, search "whats my ip" for ipv4)

First, youll need your gateway and MAC. The gateway is used to open your router settings. Your mac is how your router knows to forward the correct device. For now, you just need to remember the numbers/letters.

1: If hosting on ios Go to Settings, Wifi, then press the "i" button next to your current wifi. The gateway is next to "Router". Now Settings, General, About, MAC is listed as WiFi Address.

1: If hosting on android Go to Wifi Settings, long press your current wifi, press "manage network settings", then "show advanced options", now select "Static" under "IP settings". The gateway is next to "Gateway". Now Settings, About Phone, Status, MAC is listed as "WiFi Mac Address".

1: If hosting on Windows 10/7 Click the search box/start button and type cmd>open command prompt (on win7 type cmd again to open), type "ipconfig /all", Default Gateway is your gateway, Physical Address is your MAC.


2: Search your gateway on an internet browser. It should ask for a username and/or password. To get them, try these steps in order
• Attempt "admin" for username, and both "admin" and "password" for password

• Check the back or side of your wifi router (if you cant, try next option)

• Google search your router, default login, and if you can, your router model number (if i had a netgear router, i would search something like "netgear router default login" or "netgear wndr3300 default login")

3: Now find the dhcp/address reserve area (also called client list, or static lan ip), usually found under a "LAN" or "DHCP" tab. Then, set a reserved ip using your MAC, set the ip to your gateway, but replace last number with 147
• If your device loses wifi after this, reboot your device. If that doesnt work delete the reserved ip and skip this step

4: Find the Port Forwarding/virtual servers section, usually near something like an "advanced", or "firewall" tab. Add a port forwarding rule, protocol is TCP & UDP, IP is the reserved one, name/description is anything, ports are all 7777. Apply then restart your device
If you skipped step 3, instead of using the reserved ip, go back to your phones settings, near the gateway ip should be something else with just the last number changed. use that one instead (on windows 10 it is called "ipv4 address")

5: If hosting on PC Open TerrariaServer.exe, choose world (create one if you havent already), choose max players, press enter twice, choose password (optional), done. repeat this step to host again

5: If hosting on mobile Open Terraria, press Multiplayer, then Local, and Host, done. repeat this step to host again (It will be online even though its under the local tab)

6: To join, press multiplayer, then online, and add, now just type in your IPv4 (What Is My IP Address? IP Address Tools and More), and port (which should be 7777).
• If you are hosting with mobile, you will not have to do this to join, however you will need the ipv4 for others to join
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How do you know when it is working? I did all the steps, the reserved IP confused me a bit though, so I put in the normal IP. Is that the same?


Do you use discord? I'd love to do a play through with you if this is working.
I would to! But, sadly I don’t have discord 😔. To many bad experiences on that platform. Is there any other way I could contact you? And I also haven’t figured out how to test it yet. As of now I’m using multiterraria, and it isn’t that bad for playing online, just trying to host a functional server is annoying.


The problem is that not everyone's settings is the same as yours. I've been trying for quite some time now and it still hasn't worked.


The problem is that not everyone's settings is the same as yours. I've been trying for quite some time now and it still hasn't worked.
This guide is meant to work on as many devices as possible. every wifi router has the same few sets of steps, it just looks different, and has some slight changes, such as the title of an option. for example, port forwarding is sometimes called virtual servers, static lan ip is also dchp reserve, client list, etc - that is why i said search for any of those names in those steps.
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