Official Terraria 1.3 Status Update: Mobile & Switch

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  1. Good username

    Good username Terrarian

    Hello i have a question will mobile 1.3 still be available to play on the ipad mini 2?

    Thank you for reading
  2. ShadowOfDarkness

    ShadowOfDarkness Terrarian

    They aren't quite sure what specs the new update will require yet. The goal is to make it available to as many players as it can.
    A good way to tell though, if you can still receive new, or recent iOS updates on your device, (E.G, Apple is still supporting your device) It will likely be compatible when it comes out.
  3. Reverend_Killjoy

    Reverend_Killjoy Terrarian

    So...anywhere from 1-3 years from now, yeah?
  4. Coopracorn

    Coopracorn Terrarian

    Omg when will it happen I've been waiting ever since the first post about 1.3 for mobile and it's not here and on top of that my computer broke so I can't play there either :(
  5. NitroWolf2537

    NitroWolf2537 Terrarian

    What is the progress so far?
  6. Peazo

    Peazo Terrarian

    There was a "mock up" of the interface 6 months ago, which could mean they've created an image in Paintshop, vague to say the least, with no word since. I imagine we'll see this released by end of 2019. The switch seemed to be a higher priority and as there is never any updates, it's barely on my radar anymore.
  7. Proto Persona

    Proto Persona Brain of Cthulhu

    Sounds to me like the port from PC was WAY more complicated than the developer or publisher expected. I think it was pushed out too early, and sadly for good reasons probably related to public relations and financial needs. Finishing the needed polish seems have have taken a lot longer than they expected as well, and has pushed everything else back in the process. They talked like they had added more people to the developer to try and speed things up. Problem is there's a period after adding new staff where things actually slow down as you try to get the new people up to speed on how things work.

    I expect that the ball will get rolling by next year and we should hopefully see releases speed up. Right now they are in a period of building a foundation for the future of the game. The more solid they make that foundation now the better things will be for future ports and patch content releases.
  8. DeathDemon

    DeathDemon Terrarian

    The Terraria team could realise small bits of the updates at a time
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  9. dH

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  10. Slimesword09

    Slimesword09 Terrarian

    Do we have any further updates for this update?
  11. Proto Persona

    Proto Persona Brain of Cthulhu

    That probably isn't possible. Could be financial costs involved with releasing a lot of small updates on consoles. Could also introduce bugs that the game didn't already have.
    Not yet.
  12. DoggoTaco

    DoggoTaco Terrarian

    Can’t wait to do lunatic cultist, and moon lord on mobile!:joy:
  13. SimeaseKitten

    SimeaseKitten Terrarian

    Is it just me or is fire flower on the recipe page? I believe you can't craft it. However, keep put the work!
  14. Proto Persona

    Proto Persona Brain of Cthulhu

    You won't be able to craft it. The image is a fake designed to let you see the kind of interface they have in mind for mobile 1.3. You shouldn't read anything more into it than that.
  15. Brayton

    Brayton Terrarian

  16. Lilpumpi

    Lilpumpi Terrarian

    Drop the update already I been waiting way too Long :(:mad::sigh:
  17. FalloutCraftr

    FalloutCraftr Steampunker

    I am hoping for the sign bug to be fixed as well...
  18. TerraShan

    TerraShan Terrarian

    Very nice, ai looks good
  19. FalloutCraftr

    FalloutCraftr Steampunker

    Sir... I believe you mean ui.
  20. YaBoiriri

    YaBoiriri Terrarian

    I’ve been waiting for a long time I’m happy to hear this as I am a iOS player.Is there any estimated time for the mobile version’s update (which date it comes out)?