Terraria 1.3 Status Update: Mobile & Switch

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  1. MugetsuYarida

    MugetsuYarida Terrarian

    I gave up in the 1.3 for mobile...


  2. Alpha Strike

    Alpha Strike Terrarian

    I hope they also fix the spiderlings summoned from the spider staff. They de-agro when on a wall and don't cling on enemies very well.
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  3. Pixeroot

    Pixeroot Skeletron

    Yes! It’s great to here some news. Hopefully they will be done soon. Go Pipeworks!
  4. fallenghost 79

    fallenghost 79 Spazmatism

    they don't want to give an estimated date for the fear of what happened with the console versions of 1.3 it gives them alot more time to work on the update.
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    confused at first but you should get used to that eventually. and the wait is well worth it. it should be alot more polished than the console versions were when the update came out. expert mode hype for mobile
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    im sure a lot of people gave up on this update ever coming out but when it does come out it will be well worth it. good luck on any playthrough that you do
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    just think about it this way when they get the switch version out they will have a lot more time to get the mobile version running really smoothly
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    if the ui looks good now and this is only a sketch it will look really good when its done
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  5. ArrangedFire90

    ArrangedFire90 Terrarian

    hey Loki if you see this is terraria 1.3.X still going to happen for console after mobile and switch is released.
  6. Loki

    Loki Consigliere Staff Member Re-Logic Administrator

    The plan is to bring 1.3.X update to all platforms (PS4/XB1/Mobile/Switch) once they are all at 1.3-tier.
  7. ArrangedFire90

    ArrangedFire90 Terrarian

    thanks Loki for the info
  8. Giant Porkchop

    Giant Porkchop Skeletron Prime

    It's not. The switch version will just be easier to make, or so pipeworks thinks, so they say it'll be finished first. I think the majority of players are more concerned about the mobile version, and I think Pipeworks should be too. I think they already are. Switch will be done first, but Mobile will get more work.
    Also, why doesn't someone just make a Unity version of Terraria?
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  9. w98434545

    w98434545 Terrarian

    Since you are making a mobile 1.3 I think you really should make an effort for vita because it’s hardware more than competes with mobiles. I very much enjoy the opportunity available on vita but this is a rather large expansion on the base game, I would like to see it on vita this is just one mans plea but please consider porting it to vita.
  10. Tunnel King

    Tunnel King Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Not where it matters. The Vita only has 512MB of RAM, where most modern mobile devices have 1GB or more of RAM. Since Terraria operates with everything in memory at one time, this is the reason Terraria is no longer being updated for older generation console devices.

    1.3 simply doesn't fit in 512MB of RAM.
  11. DragonX

    DragonX Terrarian

    as a Mobile and PC(Mostly) Gamer
  12. Duked

    Duked Terrarian

    I am so hyped for this
    have been waiting for ever
  13. Colby9264

    Colby9264 Terrarian

    This is great and all, really it is. But can you please prioritize making the game actually work on mobile versions(constant crashing, lost saves, etc.)
  14. Terraria guru

    Terraria guru Terrarian

    Once its updated on mobile to 1.3, is it going to be easier/ faster to port the newer updates? By that what i mean is if by august as an example the update to 1.3 comes out, how long after that will the other updates take to catch up with the PC version? (Weeks, months...) Are they going to remake the code base once 1.4 comes out or when creative mode (if they decide to add it) is added?
  15. BarnacleDude12

    BarnacleDude12 Terrarian

    I only play mobile and I’m very excited for the new update. My only problem is the fact that I’ve been waiting for somewhat 5 months.

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  16. w98434545

    w98434545 Terrarian

    Don’t forget about the vitas vram it also should be accounted for... I think it could run it considering the old mobile devices that ran it.
  17. Loki

    Loki Consigliere Staff Member Re-Logic Administrator

    It doesn’t work that way. Graphics are not the issue.

    Vita was already at the breaking point with 1.2.4....
  18. Dankk

    Dankk Steampunker

    It was said, I dont remember when, but a while ago that the future updates after 1.3 is released will be much quicker.
  19. Laiser Fish

    Laiser Fish Plantera

    Looks awesome!!
  20. LinkSans2000

    LinkSans2000 Plantera

    I'm pretty sure that's why it's taken so long; better to have a late, finished product that to have a broken, early product!