Terraria 1.3 Toy Playthrough

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Fortanono 🌳

New idea for a playthrough, guys! This'll be something that is a bit different than my samurai playthrough, but has some similarities. There are 3 types of weapons that you can use: Yo-yos, boomerangs and archery equipment. These are a reference to three toys that children sometimes play with. What do you think? First episode coming soon after 1.3's release!

NOTE: This is not an Expert Mode playthrough.

Ricky Brown was a 9-year-old, who was going for a cruise with his parents. The first stop: Terraria Island! This was supposed to be a place where fantasy met reality, but there was a problem: Aside from Ricky's father, who had read up on Terraria Island through brochures and things, the cruisers didn't know about the hostile wildlife of Terraria. A Purple Slime attacked his mother, pretty much killing her unprepared. Ricky's father blamed the cruise for taking them there, and didn't let Ricky go further on the cruise. Ricky complained, since he knew that this would be his new permanent home, but Ricky's father, who had read everything about this land, told Ricky what to do. He became Ricky's guide.
To make this fun, I will have checklists on the goals I want to accomplish in the series. To start off, three checklists:

Giant Eyes of the Sky:

Main Objective:
Defeat the Eye of Cthulhu. (Not done)
  1. Collect enough Tungsten (since I like the looks) or Gold/Platinum (if I have Silver) to make a Bow. (Not done)
  2. Find a Snow Biome and start collecting Ice for Ice Torches. These will then become Frostburn Arrows. (Done!)
  3. Chop down either some Cactus or some Shadewood for armor. (Not done)
  4. Find a jumping accessory from a Chest, either a Sandstorm/Blizzard in a Bottle or a Flying Carpet. (Not done)
  5. Craft some buff potions for the fight: Ironskin, Regeneration and Archery. (Not done)
  6. Build an arena made of three long platforms. (Not done)
Boreal Wood Bases:

Main Objective:
Build a base for my NPCs. (Not done)
  1. Find a Snow Biome and start collecting Boreal Wood. If possible, make a Boreal tree farm. (Not done)
  2. Remember that ice that I wanted to have for Frostburn Arrows? Collect a bunch more of it, since I need Ice Torches for that build. (Not done)
  3. Make a small shack for the Guide and Merchant. This will become a crafting shack once my base is finished. (Done!)
  4. Pillar up with Boreal Wood Walls and Web Ropes, no blocks so Wraiths won't be able to get in. Surround the edges with Boreal Wood Fences. (Not done)
  5. Make a large area filled with huts at the top. Huts will have platform doors between each other. (Not done)
  6. Add furniture to each hut, which will be varied depending on the hut but all Boreal Wood-themed. Light it up with Boreal Wood lighting and Ice Torches. (Not done)
  7. Make a storage room filled with Boreal Wood Chests. (Not done)

"Dad? Why do we have to stay here?" I asked when he told me that we weren't getting back on the cruise. My mom just died to a purple blob of goo, so why should we stay?

"It's the cruise's fault. Who knows where they will take us next? I didn't look up brochures for that place! Anyway, could you build me a house? I'm too old to do this stuff, and don't worry about me, I brought a bow."

It's true. Dad did have pretty good archery skills. But I didn't care. His survival, after not telling Mom about those stupid purple blobs, was the least of my concerns. How was I supposed to build a house in the first place? "Listen Dad, why do I have to do everything? Even at my old home, it's like 'Wash the dishes, do your homework, build a house that we're staying in because our family member died and we're staying here anyway.' Yeah. I'm not into that stuff anymore. I'm 9."

"Listen, everything in Terraria is a block, just chop down some trees and get building! Here, take this pouch, and a pickaxe, axe and shortsword. They will help you survive."

I tried chopping trees down, and got quite a bit of wood. But I wasn't paying attention to my other hand, and stabbed myself with the shortsword. In pain, I started running in one direction, grasping my hand tight with my pickaxe and axe in my pouch.

I shouted "Ow!" until I got to a snowy area. The trees there were so... beautiful, so shiny and covered in snow at the top. I took out my axe, shaking due to the pain, and started chopping.

After putting all the wood splinters I got from the trees into my pouch, I ran back to my dad.

"Where were you, son? You had me worried sick!" I heard my dad's unmistakable voice calling from the bottom of the hill I was on.

"Sorry, I just... Got myself with that shortsword. And the pain was so bad, I started running."

He tended to my wound immediately, bandaging it up with some supplies he brought. "Now that that's finished, why not build me a house?"

I groaned. "Fine." And I took out the wood i got from the snow biome and started building. I built well into the night, stacking up these pieces of snowy wood. Suddenly, a floating eyeball knocked me off the house.

"Aah!" I said out of fear. "What was that?"

Dad pulled out his bow and arrow, and shot the eye down. "It's a Demon Eye. You should stay indoors at night, but since we don't have an 'indoors' to speak of, keep building one." Soon, it was daytime. My house was finished, and I loved it. My dad then made me an armor set out of the remaining wood I got from the trees. It was stiff, but he said it'd protect me, and I didn't want to end up like Mom. I fashioned a bow and arrows out of the wood, made some torches out of the gel that I got from my dad's slime kills, and coated them with ice. Then, I made my arrows into arrows flaming with ice, something which defied all logic except for here. I was ready to go underground and collect resources.
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