Terraria 1.3: Xbox One Submission Approved! Launches Monday, February 5th!

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I think overall I'm pretty happy with this update. Most of the issues I've encountered are fairly annoying, but I've sent them over to Pipeworks; hopefully the guys and gals can fix them up :)

Also, thanks for the free Fallen Tuxedo vanity and all the gold bunnies!
Yes it is damaged
I recommend Repairing it. Make sure its back to the way it was I had the same issue until I went deep into the dungeon and got enough blocks to repair mine
Copied directly from the Initial PS4 Release Thread here is a list of changes:

  • Expert mode can now be toggled in the World Creation Menu. This will trigger a host of changes, all designed to provide a greater challenge with the promise of greater rewards. Some of those challenges are listed below:
  • You stay dead longer before being able to respawn during boss fights.
  • Boss health scales in multiplayer depending on the number of players.
  • Weaker enemies gain increased stats as the players progress, starting in hardmode.
  • You drop 75% of your gold upon death.
  • Enemies can pick up your gold when you die and attempt to run off with it. Kill them to retrieve your loot.
  • Monsters have a small chance to spawn in towns.
  • Some normal enemies have been given new AI.
  • Bosses have been given new AI.
  • Bosses will drop Treasure Bags containing powerful expert exclusive items to reward those up to the challenge.
  • Pots now drop more stuff when broken.
  • Ice Monsters gain an additional chance to freeze upon hitting the player.
  • Quest rewards give more money.
  • Bats have a chance to give the new Feral Bite debuff. This debuff will increase player damage but lower player health regen. This debuff will also cause other random debuffs to be applied to the player
  • Life Regen isn’t as effective unless the player has the Well Fed buff.
  • Vampire and Spectre healing is slightly less effective than in normal mode.
  • The Defense statistic is more effective than in normal mode.
i should really try it but normal first i guess.
Honestly i have 1 complaint. The flashing text. Otherwise its a great update. No ither issues so far for me.
Honestly i have 1 complaint. The flashing text. Otherwise its a great update. No ither issues so far for me.

That and the transparent menus, they're horrible.
My son and I won't be playing untill that is fixed.
There are enough other games but we realy looked forward to 1.3.
A shame realy.....
How am I supposed to activate the lihzahrd altar I have the power cells what I am asking is what button is it that I used to actually activate it
It's running perfectly for me, downloading my worlds took just as long as making a new one. My only issue is that the Split-Screen size is way too small and I can't see bosses very well. Other than that, love it!
I love the update so far, but I’ve noticed many bugs about the enemies. First, when I hit them, they’re sometimes invincible when they walk/fly up to me, like the cave bats I was fighting today. They sometimes glitched around like they were teleporting maybe a block over and back rapidly. It makes fighting enemies a lot harder, considering they can be invincible while still being able to move and hurt me. Other than that, love the graphics and the update!!!
Also I don't like the new crafting menu, it is very clearly designed for PC and it is impossible to find things
Well i never could get the cultists even after rebuilding the temple and defeating the golem so now what i do i wanna start getting better armor
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