Terraria 1.3: Xbox One Submission Approved! Launches Monday, February 5th!

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  1. Cyberra

    Cyberra Skeletron Prime

    Did six more Moon Lord kills today, once by killing the pillars first and five more times with the celestial sigil. I got: 1 Meowmere, 1 Star Wrath, 2 Lunar Flares, and 2 Celebrations. XP Moon Lord, thou art a JERK.

    I am getting a good stock of luminite though. I have just shy of 300 bars stashed. Had more, but 3 drill containment units and multiple sets of the lunar armors plus their weapons (solar, vortex, and stardust for my characters' use, full sets for display, and full sets for my friend who was helping me farm) tend to eat up metal bars.

    Still doing fishing quests off and on. Now that I'm not looking for anything specific the angler is being more generous with the rare rewards. I have three extra fish finders stashed away.
  2. Project echo

    Project echo Eye of Cthulhu

    I will not be playing star bound
  3. the first prism

    the first prism Eye of Cthulhu

    Would you be willing to trade any DCUs?
  4. Cyberra

    Cyberra Skeletron Prime

    All three are in use, but making more isn't difficult. Not with the amount of luminite I've got stashed and how many more times I'll have to kill Boss Tentacle Face to get the stuff I want from him

    Message me on XBL sometime. Gamertag Cyberra
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  5. The Goblin Tinkler

    The Goblin Tinkler Terrarian

    Is there any work around or are there plans to fix the map resetting to unexplored?

    What makes no sense is the fact that almost everywhere I have been I have placed torches. So shouldn't that open those parts of the map no matter what?

    Please tell me they are going to fix this. This bug and the invisible particle effect bug are exactly what happened to the PC when 1.3 was released.
  6. nightlock

    nightlock Skeletron Prime

    has the thing where the game doesn't fit the screen fixed?
  7. You have to change your TV'S picture setting
  8. Cyberra

    Cyberra Skeletron Prime

    Today was a good day. Killed the Moon Lord twice, and on the second kill he finally yielded the second Rainbow Crystal Staff I've been trying to get. Summoned a goblin invasion and got not one but two Shadowflame Bows, the last new item I needed from them. I also spawned a crimson mimic since I still needed the Life Drain item from it, and I got it on the first try.

    It took forever for a strange plant to spawn, but finally one appeared right under my base and the dye trader gave me the infernal wisp dye, which was the last one I needed. So now I have all the strange dyes.

    Now if only the Martians would be as cooperative... They still won't give me the brain scrambler item.

    Tomorrow I may go over to my hardmode corruption world (another legacy world) and see what hardmode ores I got over there. And fight some corrupt mimics. My main world has palladium, mythril, and titanium, and I am swimming in all three (less so titanium since it's the rarest). Hoping the other world has cobalt, adamantite, or orichalcum. Even one of those three would be good... I can generate new worlds and kill Wall of Ick to get the other two.
  9. Why not post this on your status instead ?
  10. Cyberra

    Cyberra Skeletron Prime

    That would require knowing what the heck you're talking about
  11. Updating you profile status.
  12. The Goblin Tinkler

    The Goblin Tinkler Terrarian

    Any news on a hotfix yet?

    I would really like to use dyes without my sunfurry and arkhalis being invisible. The map progress actually doesn't bother me (except for above ground which is an easy fix for me) because I'm just about to enter hard mode on expert. It gives me more reason to explore.

    However I really don't want to play until a patch because I fear it happening again. Which is a shame.
  13. Cjjedik

    Cjjedik Steampunker

    My previous post here (bottom of pg. 68) has a bit of info, I haven't seen more than that yet.
  14. nightlock

    nightlock Skeletron Prime

    I have no idea where the tv remote is
  15. Project echo

    Project echo Eye of Cthulhu

  16. Loki

    Loki Consigliere Staff Member Re-Logic Administrator

    Some TVs have manual buttons either on the side or back. May want to give that a look.
  17. Devourer of Gods

    Devourer of Gods Steampunker

    any news o0n mobile and switch? I haven't been keeping up w news.
  18. nightlock

    nightlock Skeletron Prime

    thanks ill check that as soon as i can
  19. Cyberra

    Cyberra Skeletron Prime

    Had another round of "spot the meteorite" today. I was in my expert corruption world breaking shadow orbs looking for bands of starpower so I could make a set of magic cuffs for my magic character. Killed the Eater three times but only got two treasure bags. Do you not get a treasure bag if a minion gets the last hit in? Because I killed the Eater and got lots of demonite and shadow scales but no treasure bag. For the next two fights I dismissed my summon to fight the Eater and got treasure bags from them (not that the Eater drops much good aside from the worm scarf, but I would like to know for future fights).

    Anyway. Meteorites. I saw the message for a landing while I was fighting Eater #3 and went looking for it. Could not find it. While I was looking a second one spawned. Found the second one in a shallow hole in the ground. Then I finally found the first one... it was at the bottom of a two-block-wide, deep gap in a desert near the beach on the far left. I've had meteorites spawn in some weird places.

    While switching back to my main world I got the weird-text-on-the-character-screen bug again and had to exit completely
  20. colincoo6

    colincoo6 Plantera

    I just realized the box art is in 3D, it blows my mind! How can there be a minecart track on the same block that the mushroom biome is on?