Terraria 1.4.5 is Coming in 2023 - including Terraria x Dead Cells!


Nagyon izgatott vagyok az új frissítés bejelentése miatt!

(Szintén Zenith WC és Zenith Boots plz)
Üdvözletem erdeklödni szeretném, hogy ön szerint mi ujat tudna az a zenith boots ? Mert a terraspark csizma mindent is tud. Erröl ha nem probléma szeretnék több ötletet "teoriát" megtudni. A válaszod előre is köszönöm.
Some art I made


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wait, what?

that was a thing?

this is the first i've heard of it...

It was something discussed on twitter, I believe, but it wasn't cut as much as it was one of many possible planned features. It was one of several menu system upgrades we have on the possible work slate.
...finally been able to squeeze in some Terraria after several or so updates [not much time, but enough, Hardmode].

Five things:
  1. The corruptible Jungle feature is an absolute game changer, obviously [Not The Bees! seed].
  2. Having to deal with Flying Turtle Enemies off-the-rip is just terrible... "I love it"!
  3. Guide Voodoo Dolls can be stacked now? Oh... ok?! -_-🤷‍♂️
  4. So you managed to make the Clown Enemies during Blood Moons even more terrifying, heh...
  5. Wait, did Moss Hornets get a re-sprite, or is it just me?!
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