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3DS Terraria 3DS 1.04 - issues thread


505 Games
Welcome to the replacement 3DS issues thread!

Please use this thread to discuss issues found in the 1.04 version only.

The 1.04 update offers different game content for players on original and New 3DS units, so be please clear which console you are playing on. If you see something strange in the game, your fellow 3DS gamers may be able to offer the benefit of their own experiences in this thread. The developers do check in on the thread, but the most effective way to report issues is via the support portal linked below.

We continue to work to improve the Terraria 3DS experience, and your feedback is invaluable to us.

To submit bug reports, please use this form. Filling out the form in its entirety is the most effective way to report bugs to the dev team. For other issues, please consult the 505 Support Portal: http://support.505games.com/support/home

Patch history:
1.01 - Released February 2016, fixing high priority issues with the launch version
1.02 - Released June 2016 in Europe. Added Frost Moon content, larger inventory, extra save slots, and numerous bug fixes.
1.03 - Released June 2016 in Americas, provided the 1.02 content and additional critical bug fixes.
1.04 - Released November 2016. Full contents here: http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/3ds-update-1-04.51176/
1.05 - With Nintendo for certification, release date TBC

Known issues:
  • **CRASH ISSUE WITH FULL CHLOROPHYTE ARMOR SET** - we are investigating the possibility that having a full Chlorophyte armor set equipped (Plate Mail, Greaves and any headwear) will cause the game to hang on the inventory screen. PLEASE AVOID THIS WHILE WE INVESTIGATE.
  • Players on original 3DS consoles are unable to join a Local Play session with an Expanded World game being hosted on a New 3DS. This is by design - original 3DS players can continue to enjoy multiplayer sessions on games hosted on Normal-size worlds.
  • Game content is comparable with PC 1.2. There are a few exceptions, but generally speaking if you missing a piece of content that was introduced after PC 1.2 that is likely by design.

  • (List will be expanded should noteworthy issues arise - hopefully not, though!)
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505 Games

Europe (NOE): Tuesday December 20, 1000 CET
Americas (NOA): Friday December 16, 1000 PST

Patches and updates for Nintendo 3DS eShop games are free and easy to download and apply.

Here’s what you need to do.

1) Turn on your Nintendo 3DS

2) Make sure your 3DS’s wifi is enabled.

3) Tap the Nintendo 3DS eShop icon on the Main Menu.

4) If any of the games you bought need to be updated, you’ll automatically see a message telling you so. You can choose to update at that moment, or later on.

5) If you choose to update your games later, you can view the list of available updates via the eShop’s Settings/Other menu. Tap “Updates” under the “History” category.

6) You should see a list of games that are updatable. Tap “Update” to re-download the game with the updates applied. As with other eShop downloads, you can choose to download now or download later.
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505 Games

The 1.05 hotfix patch is now with Nintendo for testing. Until we get the first test feedback from Nintendo we can't project a go live date, but we're aiming to get this out inside two weeks.

The list below details the fixes that made it in. Please understand that we had to focus on the highest impact issues only to turn the patch around in a timely fashion. The other stuff that didn't make the cut is now on our bug database.

1. Chlorophyte armor full set crashes the inventory screen
Status: Fixed.

2. Warning text for not being able to join an Expanded World game on an original 3DS was only available in English
Status: You guys didn't ask for this, but Nintendo did. Fixed.

3. Goblin and Pirate invasion events not spawning
Status: No bug here. Code checked, and events spawn at the correct rate. We're able to play the game with the time running much faster to test this. If you've had these events before, your probability drops to 1.25%. Jungle or otherwise has no bearing on this.

4. Music issues
Status: Not fixed. Seems to be an intermittent thing, and hotfix was focused on gamebreaking issues.

5. Precision Mode UI glitches (selection, Bone Pickaxe)

Status: Fixed.

6. King Slime trophy spawn rate

Status: We looked at this again, and there was a slight mistake in the drop probability. Fixed.

7. Fishron Wings don't allow free movement underwater
Status: Not fixed, not a gamebreaker.

8. Dragon Armor stats and bonuses are wrong

Status: Checked these against the Wiki for how they'd be in 1.2 and looks okay to us.

9. Glitches with lock on weapons (Snow Cannon, Piranha Gun)
Status: Snow Cannon fixed, Piranha Gun not yet fixed.

10. Visual glitch with wooden walls

Status: Fixed

X. The altar crash and the crash at the edge of the world we are not able to reproduce yet, we'll keep trying.

Issues with consuming hearts/mana stars: still looking into this, but didn't make the hotfix.

[24.11.16 1100]
Update on the crash issue:

It seems that the Leaf Crystal and the projectiles that come from it are the cause of the instability. It's possible that other items with a projectile effect may be affected, we are testing that now, and will update in this post with anything else you need to be wary of.

We've fixed the issue and created new submission builds, but the nature of Nintendo submissions means that even if we submitted today it would be a couple of weeks at the absolute earliest before the fix was live for you. The holidays mean Nintendo America is closed until next week now anyway, so we will take the couple of days to test and highlight other issues, and make a call on if there's anything else we need to urgently fix alongside this issue.

The latest info will always be in this thread. Apologies again, hope it doesn't spoil your fun too much over Thanksgiving.

Confirmed okay:
Spectre Armor full set
Orichalcum Armor full set
Love Potion
Flask Of Party
Inferno Potion
Enchanted Sword
Beam Sword
True Excalibur
True Night's Edge
Terra Blade
Ice Blade
Bee Keeper
Ice Sickle
Chlorophyte Partisan
Death Sickle
Mushroom Spear
North Pole
Christmas Tree Sword
Chlorophyte Claymore
The Horseman's Blade

Confirmed bad:
Chlorophyte armor full set

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Ok so after testing what I've heard I can confirm that Chlorophyte Armor being equipped is causing the game the crash when you open your inventory, or a chest of any kind.

I made 2 new characters, made Chlorophyte armor for them, I am able to open my inventory while the gear is sitting there, but the moment I equip them and open my inventory again it crashes


505 Games
That is bad news, but great detective work. Until we know more, all players are advised to avoid equipping a full Chlorophyte armour set.

EDIT: can sadly confirm I get the same hang on the EUR 1.04 build. We're investigating.
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Indeed. Tried it with 2/3 Chloro Armor on my kids' N3DS with no issues - so it must be something with the full set.

Glad it got caught fast - love the community support here! :)

Skyward Saint

Skeletron Prime
I have a bug on my 3DS that really annoys me. In the building GUI, whenever I select an item that is beyond the GUI's distance in the scroll wheel where the items that is currently selected, It warps my selection right back to where the selected block was and forces me to select blocks next to the selected block all the way to the item I want to use. Its INCREDIBLY aggravating and annoying and it wont stop.

EDIT: Its gotten me killed TWICE by Ocram! (Yes, I use the GUI as a easy-aim.)


Eye of Cthulhu
Oh dear...:(If I was a developer,I know that finding out a new bug after I had just released an update patch would bother me like no ones business...Lets hope we don't find any more...(which most likely won't happen I'm sure...)I wish you all luck.

Termina Moon

lol... *sigh* why am I not surprised? u_u Hopefully this gets fixed pretty quick.

also giggled at "continue to enjoy multiplayer sessions" when multiplayer is clearly broken.

Can anyone confirm/deny that the multiplayer crashes have stopped? I'll let you know my experience with it before next week, providing the update doesn't get pulled in Europe.

Make sure to unequip your Chlorophyte before updating!

Good luck, everyone! Hope your data hasn't been destroyed. :(


For some reason, when you get beetle husk and turtle armor, the message "New recipe unlocked" won't appear.

What I mean by "when you get beetle husk and turtle armor", I mean that once you got beetle husks and went and got your turtle armor, the message "New recipe unlocked" won't appear.


I've noticed these issues about the game whenever I got them for my endgame ranger character some are just small issues but.

  • The shroomite helmets don't seem to be displaying the damage bonus for the 3 types of weapons(arrows,bullets,rockets), and the same thing appears with the magic quiver in which it doesn't display it increasing damage for arrow weapons.
  • Holy arrows won't drop stars and the snowman cannon doesn't home in on enemies.
  • The lucky modifiers give a 4% crit strike chance but it instead says it's only 2%.
  • Finally the naughty present can't cancel blood moon despite it doing that on the PC version.
Oh and there was one thing I was gonna ask which was could the 3ds handle the 3 biome mimics or is it not strong enough too? And for things I would like to see in the next 3ds update it would be the above bug fixes, fixing chlorophyte armor and just some additional content:

  • The solar tablet and the solar tablet fragments.
  • The 1.3 solar eclipse enemies which are the possessed,the butcher, deadly sphere,psycho,mothron,and the nail head.
  • Possibly a 6th accessory slot since it appears 1.0.4 also had a noticeable difficulty increase in which enemies have more health.
  • It's probably just me but I think the ocram sets were nerfed a bit too much with the titan set's defense going from 58 to 45, the dragon sets going from 77 to 60, and the spectral set's defense being lowered from 48 to 40. Not sure how I'd buff them but maybe make them more offensively powerful since they seem like they're much more suited for glass cannon builds then the turtle/beetle sets spectre set and the shroomite set.


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First and foremost - Awesome update, you guys really went above and beyond with this one. Bigger worlds makes a massive difference in the quality of casual play, that really hit the nail on the head here.

I too can confirm the Chlorophyte armor issue on my N3DS. If I see anything else that's game-breaking in this version, this forum will be my highest priority.

In the meantime, I hope you all enjoy grinding Golem 5+ times for those juicy Beetle Husks. I know I will lol


No.The 3DS doesn't have the required amount of RAM to run 1.3 Events and the same goes for the New 3DS.Anything 1.3+ is a negative for those devices.Sorry.:(
It was confirmed we have a couple of 1.3 things, like the ability to use items while in a minecart.
[doublepost=1479937823,1479937537][/doublepost]When I get on Terraria, on the upper screen, it glitches, turning white and then back to black.


well, my game crashes very often whenever im at the very edge of the world... this wouldn't be so problematic for me if my house wasn't built at the edge of the world


It's funny how Update Patches are to fix bugs...And yet...Bugs are still found right after the release date.-_-How ironic is that?

Sadly that's the just the way things go. Playing around with the coding to fix bugs is always difficult. Fix one bug, two more bugs could pop up from it...

Either way, I am still looking forward to the update. The bigger worlds is going to be great. Will do the usual and report any bugs I find too.
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