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Terraria 50% off During Steam Autumn Sale - Steam Awards Nominations Open!

Discussion in 'PC - Re-Logic' started by Safeman, Nov 21, 2018.

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  1. Safeman

    Safeman Community Manager Staff Member Re-Logic

    Happy Thanksgiving again, Terrarians!

    Continuing in the spirit of being thankful for your support, we would like to share that Terraria is currently 50% off during the Steam Autumn Sale! That's right, you can pick up a copy of Terraria for only $4.99 - or a 4-Pack for $14.99. The Official Soundtrack is also on sale for 50% off. The Autumn Sale runs through November 27 at 10am Pacific Time.

    Thanksgiving RC01.png

    Click HERE or click the image above to head to our Steam page to pick up your copy today - or grab one for a friend!


    While you are there, consider nominating Terraria for one of the annual Steam Awards - nominations are live now and can be done via the Terraria Store Page. More information is available here: STEAM AWARDS NOMINATIONS INFO

    Thanks in advance for your support - maybe we will bring one home this year!
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  2. Grumpy Squid

    Grumpy Squid Plantera

    For those who are figuring out what to nominate Terraria for consider the "Labor of Love" category or "Best Developer". It's rather clear they qualify extremely well for these categories. Kudos to Relogic and the wonderful job they've done with Terraria since it's launch.
  3. altermaven

    altermaven Steampunker

    Again, I'm nominating this for "Labor of Love". :dryadsmile:
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  4. rubeszilla

    rubeszilla Terrarian

    - Banners swaying in the breeze
    - Curtains!

    What else?
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  5. Tealbot

    Tealbot Official Terrarian

    "Labor of Love" 7 years of updates, so... I believe it qualifies.
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  6. ChippyGaming

    ChippyGaming Retinazer

    those are painted streamers, I think the only new thing is the hat
    OH, and maybe that dress is new too!
  7. ChingBling

    ChingBling Terrarian

    Is that pumpkin new, or is it just painted
  8. Kojiro_S

    Kojiro_S Spazmatism

    Monster banners on platforms?
  9. Coopracorn

    Coopracorn Terrarian

    Yay a deal just got to learn how to download steam on Linux:brain:
    --- Double Post Merged, Nov 24, 2018, Original Post Date: Nov 24, 2018 ---
    Wait can we hang fish in 1.3.6 to bad I'm a mobile-ein
  10. Xman101

    Xman101 Cultist

    You know what triggers me? The fact that the hay walls behind the left part of the roof is painted, but the right side is not.

    But a Steam sale and new Steam awards is always cool to know about. :D
  11. Necrius

    Necrius Skeletron Prime

    I don't recognize a hat stand and food on tables. Are they new decoratives or some intricate manipulation with existing stuff?
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  12. SxR

    SxR Skeletron Prime

    Probably Terraria will receive a lot of "Labor of Love" nominations, because this game is 7 years old and it's still getting updates for all platforms... Even if it "dies", there's still a ton of mods to download.
  13. Chips

    Chips The Destroyer

    casted my vote!

    Also, is that gray stone thing a new block?
    --- Double Post Merged, Nov 24, 2018, Original Post Date: Nov 24, 2018 ---
    And a turkey!
  14. LinkSans2000

    LinkSans2000 Steampunker

    Nice way of making it a 1.3.6 spoiler
  15. fargalarg

    fargalarg Steampunker

    Did NOBODY notice the autumn trees?o_O
  16. DrIgnispirus

    DrIgnispirus Steampunker

    I'm pretty sure they're normal trees that have been painted.
    Chips likes this.
  17. fargalarg

    fargalarg Steampunker

    Oh I didn’t know you could do that:dryadrolleyes:
  18. Lerc Bar

    Lerc Bar Terrarian

    Labor of Love, of course!:)
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  19. po3mongam3rz

    po3mongam3rz Official Terrarian

    i'm sorry god but i had to vote skyscraper simulator for the 2018 nominations this year
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  20. The Cakemaster

    The Cakemaster Skeletron

    i HaD nO mOnEy
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