Terraria 50% Off During Steam Halloween Sale!

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  1. StipulateV

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    SPOILER in the image, fellas!
    Now Equipment can be put on Mannequins - you can see the Cobalt Shield and the Yoyo Gloves in the Mannequin.
    It also shows that you can dye mannequins, but we already know that.
  2. Yello_X

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    The accessory thing on mannequins was actually some time ago (On Twitter, perhaps?) but still enjoyable nevertheless :dryadwink:
    Anyway, Happy Halloween to all you guys and why can't I get the Steam copy :dryadcry:
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    And to think major titles come out at $60, and have half the play-ability and creativity. Thank you Terraria.
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    Cool Halloween themed house. By the way it's No Nut November so no fat nuts all month lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooo
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    Cool!I will buy Terraria 50% cost,and my friends will play with me!
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