Terraria 8th Anniversary Lore Event

because you can't put bones back in the right place after you take it out and they have no idea where chutulu's body parts are.
so mechanical bosses.
Wow, I wish I had known about some of this before. Brings a lot of ideas to mind for potential mods :dryadpassionate:

If the mechanic built the parts for the mech bosses, and the cultists assembled them into the Twins, Destroyer, and Skele prime, I would love to see her use more of those building skills in game. She sells us the tools to make things we want, but I'd like to see her run to a crafting table and make little drones or auto turrets or something to defend herself when enemies come near.

Since Cthulu basically is running the show from the background, his eye (EoC), brain (BoC), and skeleton (skeletron??) being remnants of 'em, and the Cultists + Mechanic made the mech bosses, and WoF and I assume Plantera being the guardians, what about the other bosses? Does King Slime have lore in regards to the world?What about Golem? Queen Bee? Duke Fishron? Do the invasions have canon to the lore? Since Clothier has powers of shadowflames, from his possession, and the goblins utilize shadowflames as well, is it safe to assume that the goblins also worship Cthulu as the cultists do?

If BoC is locked behind Crimson, and Crimson is a hive mind seeking to balance and/or assimilate life, does this mean that Cthulu has corrupted the hive mind into its favor? If Cthulu is regaining power on the dark side of the moon, and defeating the cultists + lunar events summons Moonlord (whom was explained was not Cthulu, but more like Cthulu's brother), does this mean that 1.4 will have a new post-ML boss of Cthulu's final form to keep canon storyline? If the Corruption wants to achieve a world void of life, and Cthulu wants to basically destroy everything, would this mean that Cthulu is a manifestation of the Corruption's collection of sin? And wouldn't all 3 of the infecting biomes be in a conflict with eachother constantly? I can't say I've ever seen a corrupter and a unicorn fight in game (though, the unicorn can't fly, so it would likely lose if the corrupter could land a few vile spits between charging recklessly). I'd love to see a Face Monster and a World feeder duke it out too.

If the dungeon is filled with, er... rotted terrarians gone mad? could there be a way to take some bags of purity to turn them back into normal npcs? Probably not the kind that move into a house with you, but perhaps just a random gen'd npc that has a little chat message popup, maybe sells things or drops a little present for you, and goes off into the unknown? Even something as simple as a golden key drop for a reward or some coins would be nice. Just slap some humanity back into those poor souls like the tax--... wait, he doesn't have his humanity, we just got the demons to lay off of him.

And as for the Clothier, under control of the Cultists, containing Skeletron, and weilding the dark shadowflame magics, is he possessed by Cthulu himself? "part of (Cthulu's) skeleton" being seperated by the Dryads, and that being the only skeleton type boss (not counting Skele Prime) in the game. If the Skeletal Guardians are supposed to be the Clothier's duty and Cthulu's power manifested, would that mean that the player has to become absurdly more powerful than currently to stand a chance at fighting Cthulu in his true form (I'm gonna go on a limb and say that those guardian instakill videos are canonically inaccurate for lore's sake. We can all agree the horseman blade is ridiculously powerful.)?

Apologies for long post, but my creative juices are in maximum overdrive from this :dryadpassionate:
My final issue is with Cthulhu himself. If Skeletron is pieces of Cthulhu why does he look nothing like Cthulhu(Moon Lord), (the same could also be said for Prime)? If the Moon Lord is the Cultist attempt to resurrect Cthulhu, why does he spawn after the event that is trriggered upon Cultist defeat? (Unless Cultist was trying to summon him but he was incomplete and he came after you with what he had also if that’s the case that should have been explained)
That's because Moon Lord isn't actually Cthulhu. Moon Lord is the final boss because, as the lore explains, the mechanic was never able to remake the Brain of Cthulhu in it's mechanical form, so therefore Cthulhu isn't the actual final boss of Terraria. If you're asking something completely different, then ignore this reply.
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