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Member-Run Project Terraria Animated Music Video! Submit your characters!


Well, turned on VPN, and I have to say. It looks fabulous
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Techno Mancer

Brain of Cthulhu
Hey, I might be able to get a quick sketch of my character in, I'll add the image to this post if so. It won't be very good, but it'll still be good reference.

Señor Ricardo

Alrightie, I just felt like it would be important to make an announcement.

SO! I am not using any of the stuff you already saw, I'm redoing it and using a shorter song (Called Love Zombies)

A black and white sketchy version with horrible drawings and horrid animations will be out in a couple of months.

It will be more so just a sketch version, so you can see where things fit in and everything. The final version will look WAY better, I promise. I can draw a lot better than the stuff I have actually uploaded, I promise.

I have no clue how long this whole thing will take (Probably a while) So expect the video to be out in a few months.

I'm also not really forcing my self to do this, I'm going to take it casually and just work on it when I feel like.

I hope you all understand, I do care about this, and it will get done, in a while, cause ya'know, animation is hard.

And thats all.

Until then, you can enjoy my 100% MLG montage, I have to warn you all, its pretty amazing.



We can definitely understand, @Señor Ricardo , there will never be any pressure on you, and that's easy to say. We can definitely not force something Ike this upon you, so I'm glad you've decided to take the wise choice and continue with a casual approach. Can't wait to see the first signs of progress on the newly announced video. Good luck and have fun with what you're doing.

Dire Sigma

Skeletron Prime
I would submit one of my characters, but seeing as many people before me already have, i'll sit out. Also, really interested to see the finished product bud!


If you could, include my team (If you can't, just include the Tank, who is the black-and-green guy)

Uses: Megashark, Possessed Hatchet

Uses: Paladin's Hammer, or anything else with "hammer" in it's name.

Uses: Sniper Rifle, Chain Gun

Uses: Blizzard Staff

Uses: OpTic Staff, Diamond Staff
If you could include them all, that would be amazing, but just include the Tank if you need but one.

Señor Ricardo


Okay, I'm really sorry. Guys, this thing is stressing me out like crazy, I think i'm going to have to cancel it, for my own well being.

I have really poor commitment problems, and honestly shouldn't ever be trusted to do anything, I am so terribly sorry if I got anyone's hopes up, but this "project" is just making me feel so tied down and like I have to do something.

I feel awful that I'm canceling it, but I feel like I won't finish this thing, or at least, it won't be NEARLY as good as I had hoped it to be.

Its just, I hate drawing when it feels tedious, and while I can force my self to go on, I usually don't, or I at least wait and do it later.

The problem is that I feel like I owe this to you guys, cause ya'know...I said I would do it. Which is why I force my self to draw this stuff, but when I force myself to do ANYTHING it always comes out terrible, so.


I'm really sorry.

Please forgive?

Please? I really can't say sorry enough, I just really didn't want to continue this thing, and I knew that if I were to continue that it would look awful.


I'm really sorry.

Please forgive?

Please? I really can't say sorry enough, I just really didn't want to continue this thing, and I knew that if I were to continue that it would look awful.
Don't feel bad, it was an extremely ambitious project . Making animations is no small task, especially one of that length
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