Terraria Anniversary Spoiler!

Discussion in 'PC - Re-Logic' started by Cenx, May 20, 2019.

  1. MugsyMugsyton66XA

    MugsyMugsyton66XA Terrarian

    I don't have a PC, but my step-brother does so I guess I can keep him posted then!
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  2. ASG_102

    ASG_102 The Destroyer

    Next we need a Dolphin Megatron boss that spawns if you attempt to kill a dolphin.
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  3. altermaven

    altermaven Steampunker

    I expected nothing less. :dryadsmile: The dolphin is nice, too.
  4. SherButButSher

    SherButButSher Terrarian

    I noticed the dolphin stayed at the surface for a while. Does this mean we can use the beach ball to pass it back and forth between player and dolphin? If not, can you please try and program something like that in? ;)
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  5. VictorLes

    VictorLes The Destroyer

    The dolphin looks so good and i like his animation, looking forward to the update.
  6. CMX

    CMX Terrarian

    8 years already. Wow.
  7. butterflypixie

    butterflypixie Terrarian

    OMG a dolphin!

    I feel it would be a hostile mob perhaps with a chance to drop a summoner item early game which would be amazing for class players
    (this idea is based of the player fruitbat not mine)
  8. Cryo

    Cryo Terrarian

    so adorable! @Cenx @Loki but does it sound like dolphin? Is it *splash* or *dolphin sounds* on your gif?

    Happy birthday Terraria!
  9. Zer0vs

    Zer0vs Terrarian

    So nice!!!!!! But I'm also afraid of killing one by accident... ;(
  10. Kazzymodus

    Kazzymodus Lunatic Cultist

    First thing I'll do when 1.3.6 hits is take a load of Beach Balls, dump 'em in the ocean and try to teach those Dolphins some tricks.

    Seriously though, has it been 8 years already? I remember when you still had to jump one block high slopes. Good times. :)


    I'll show myself out.
  11. Foostinator

    Foostinator Terrarian

    Wow, i cant believe its been 8 years. This game has come such a long way. Im proud. Also, 1.3.6 is going to be awesome.
  12. FlipFlap

    FlipFlap Terrarian

    You just know someone is going to murder 50 of those poor things for a banner
  13. The Warlocke

    The Warlocke Skeletron Prime

    Happy Anniversary!

    If I only I could keep getting better every year like Terraria. :)
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  14. Elcrin

    Elcrin Terrarian

    Man It feels like yesterday that I watched the 1.3 launch countdown. It's hard to believe this game is 8 years old now.
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  15. BattleDragon45

    BattleDragon45 Slime Collector

    The leaker lied to me. he said ecco would be in smash, not in terraria. I still remember when i "accidentally" bought terraria 360 with my brothers money. best accident ever.
  16. InstaFiz

    InstaFiz Slime Collector

    Holy fudge. Truly this RNG was more godlike than Ningishu's sub-90 minute Moon Lord speedrun.
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  17. blazeykat

    blazeykat Skeletron Prime

    2 years till its 10 years old. wow
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    i dont know what an ecco is but its funny
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  18. RF5_Unknown

    RF5_Unknown Terrarian

    I kill anything like bunnies and other things because i kill anything that's in the way so say goodbye to the dolphin population in my world
  19. FatReuniclus

    FatReuniclus Golem

    Admit it, at this point it's gonna be Terraria 1.4. [​IMG]
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  20. GalaxyShard

    GalaxyShard Terrarian

    I dont know why its not lol, they just need to add creative charecters and worlds (to prevent any cheating.) and then a new boss (Like every other big update).