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Terraria Bad Ideas


Bad puns incoming !
You are my "savior"
Are you a "bird", a "plane" ? No, you are Pie, aka The Cuthulhu
You sure are "sweet" with me
Do you fight by "trowing Cuthulhus", "mr.Pie" ?
Do you really want be a friend of mine ? Because I don't usually "eat" them (get it, because "Pie"OfCuthlhu)
Don't worry, I don't have anymore bad puns, for now !


I am having a heart attack right now, your amazing ;(, I finally found someone to do bad puns, it's "PUNtastic" to be talking to you !
Oh, I just got a bad terraria idea ! Terraria :
Added weapon :
Attack : over 9000 !
Crit : 100%
Speed of use : insane
Knock back : 21
Tool tip : your opponent will surely kill him self just before using the "puns", because nobody can handle the puns, but this weapon has no effect on Hyperion an Cuthulhu .:cool:


This should be "PUNtally" be in the next update, it will be "PUNlly" usefull for fighting the "PUNsses", and the best part, it's that it "PUNches" the enemies to death, was it good enough PieOfCthulhu:cool: ? Or should I say, "PunOfCthulhu" ? It was so worth it, so sorry


The thread seems to be drifting off of the thread topic. Please keep discussion on-topic or warning marks might have to be handed out.


Official Terrarian
Depending on the skin tone you choose upon creating your character, you may get sunburnt. This debuff can take place anywhere in the surface of the world, with increased chances in the desert and the beach. It also has increased chances in the snow biome (it does happen in real life, after all)
This debuff will make your character redder, lower your defense, and give you a DoT based on movement speed, similar to "electrified!"
To get rid of it, you can either wait for two in-game days, or purchease after-sun lotion from the merchant. You can also buy sunscreen from him if you want to avoid it altogether, but the protection it gives only lasts a minute (an in-game hour), having to re-apply it again.


Terraria (bad idea) :
Added : weigh limit for weapons, items, armors and especially blocks (more likely asphalt blocks)
Fixed : terraria is now an extreme game...made for more realistic playtroughs like no bosses, wings, weird blocks and the whole game it self...
[doublepost=1471745159,1471744698][/doublepost]Note : I am sorry everyone for going wild on the puns, it won't happen again, I shall not say puns anymore, until I'm dead, or my expulsion from this forum (don't take it bad, it's just my way to be friendly with everyone, but now I don't have any other way :merchantsigh:)
[doublepost=1471745247][/doublepost]I take all the blame, don't include PieOfCuthulhu please...

DPh Kraken

Fixed a bug where the Lucky Horseshoe made players avoid fall damage.
Fixed a bug where falling into liquids stopped fall damage.
Fixed a bug on your leg.


Added swarms of insects that give DoT and can't be killed through conventional means. You have to travel underground and find an undead merchant so you can buy a can of pesticide for one platinum to kill them.

Clockwork Alpha

Skeletron Prime
1. Sun Lord
when you summon it, it showers you with plasma until you die. It is also immortal.

2. Moon man
Spawns when you kill the Moon Lord. I don't think this needs an explanation


King Slime
If you put on the plumber's outfit or hero's outfit, the Nintendo logo appears to fight you. It is unkillable and will dash at you at 200 mp/h. It will also kill you in one hit.
If you put on the plumber's outfit or hero's outfit, the Nintendo logo appears to fight you. It is unkillable and will dash at you at 200 mp/h. It will also kill you in one hit.
If you try to record footage of the enemy, your computer lights on fire, and a large green dinosaur eats you and poops you off a cliff.


- Moon Lord will be able to summon moons from the sky. ACTUAL MOONS. Where did he get these stuff?
- You can now mine chests even with things inside(I didn't even try on this one).
- Fist melee weapon added. Deals 0.1 damage.
- Troll NPC added. Destroys blocks within a 50 tile radius every minute and sells a Unreal Sniper Rifle for free. Oh wait. This sniper is already unreal. He doesn't sell anything.
- Celebration event added. Starts whenever you defeat a strong boss like Moon Lord. Event is basically the Party event only that the character head randomly teleports around for the background instead of balloons and NPCs wear lazily made masks that look like the player's character.
- Heart of Cthulhu, anyone?
- Beenade now spawns hostile bees.
- Made Copper items useless(RIP NEW PLAYERS).
- Voice acting added. Guide voiced by Rick Astley. He also voices, uh.... the Singer NPC maybe?
- Added Retired Soldier NPC.
- Removed Arms Dealer NPC.
- Demolitionist no longer sells Grenades.
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"Donald Trump's hairpiece" as a mini/hidden boss? It could whirl round like a helicopter to attack and be summoned if the player acquires and uses an imitation french poodle item? If beaten, the player can have Donald Trump himself as an NPC who when talked to shares his "wisdom" on how to run the world (lol)

Adult content? I think some drug or sex references if done in reasonably good taste could possibly be entertaining for adult players, but then we would need a way to seperate such content from younger players.

Magic mushrooms? When consumed then for a short while they would cause enhancement of colours, distortion of vision, perhaps some hallucinations (sprites that appear on the screen that the player would not be able to interact with because they "aren't real"). Since the use recreational drugs is related to setting and mood, perhaps if the player consumed a mushroom in a grass biome with sunshine and sunflowers they would have a "good trip" and see pleasant hallucinations. But if a mushroom is eaten in the corruption/crimson then fake monsters would appear?

Items such as chains, whips you get the idea :)

For expert mode, the corrution and crimson should spread as it does in hardmode from the very start. Because expert mode isn't hard enough. And to make normal mode easier, the player should be equipped with the flying rocket boots from the start and begin with full health. Instead of hurting the player, slimes should be harmless and drop health potions when killed.

And we need an unbalanced weapon that can be easily acquired from an early stage that is better than every other weapon in the game that makes all other weapons in the game not worth using. And an unbalanced super potion that restores full health, is really cheap and requires no cooldown in effect ensuring the player never dies during battle if he keeps using before running out of heatlh.

Or when starting out, the player should have no items at all. Enemies can be punched (green slimes will need about 20 punches to die) and trees will also need to be punched like in Minecraft (but will need about 100 punches to fall one)

Once entering hardmode, the eye of chutulu should regularly appear as a regular enemy. This means no boss music, more than one can spawn and it will only drop a coin or two once killed.

quote: "Troll NPC added."

I liked the idea. He could break random blocks like you said, and periodically place a corruption or crimson block somewhere. When you have left your base he could steal things from your chest and sell them to the shopkeeper forcing you to buy them back from the shopkeeper if you want them.
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(May or may not be a bad idea)

-Moonlord Prime

Moonlord Prime... the now hardest boss in the game. Has 200 Defence,
1 million health, 150 melee attack (contact damage), 500 ranged attack (Prime Deathray),
and looks like a Metallic version of the Moonlord.


-Primal Blade:
500 base melee damage
Very high knockback
Insane Speed
Shoots out 3 red Terra-Beam-esque projectiles
Looks like a metallic version of the Terra Blade

-Primal Bow
450 base ranged damage
High knockback
Very high Speed
Has the effects of the Pulse Bow, and the Tsunami
Looks like a metallic Pulse Bow.

-Primal Souls:
Used to make primal items

Primal Set:
Made with every lunar set, and 200 of every soul

-Primal Helmet
50 Defence
+25% Damage
+15% Crit chance

-Primal Chestpiece
85 Defence
+30% Damage
+10% Crit Chance

-Primal Leggings
45 Defence
+15% Damage
+5% Crit Chance
+40% Movement Speed

Set Bonus:
Every set bonus that comes from every set of lunar armour.

-Primal Wings
Infinite Flight Time

Made with a every pair of lunar wings and 200 of every soul

-Primal Shield
+20 Defence
Effects of Palidans Shield and Ahnk Shield

Made with Palidans Shield, Ahnk Shield, and 200 of every soul.
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