1. Aardvark123

    Aardvark123 Terrarian

    Good point, well made. You'd need to farm him with the Terra Blade first, though.
  2. Dragonsnatcher6

    Dragonsnatcher6 Terrarian

    Whenever you don't kill a green slime in one hit every post on the forums is replaced by "pls add cooothooloo "

  3. Volcrath

    Volcrath Terrarian

  4. tallstar27

    tallstar27 Skeletron Prime

    Martian Saucer now uses Chaos Elemental AI while in second form.

    All bosses are now reflect projectiles like biome mimics at under half health.

    Softcore, Mediumcore, and Hardcore now decided randomly on character creation.

    Blocks and coins no longer stack.

    Rune Wizard now spawns in any area of the map and does so frequently.

    If you open a dev set from a treasure bag, you are reported for cheating.

    All full moons in the game are replaced by Frost Moons.

    Removed jumping from the game; cloud in a bottle and like accessories now give you one jump.
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  5. tallstar27

    tallstar27 Skeletron Prime

    I absolutely lost it with the Dune Splicers :D:D:D
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  6. The Eye of Horus

    The Eye of Horus The Destroyer

    Fixed bug where grappling hooks could hang onto blocks for more than half a second.
  7. HunkySenpai

    HunkySenpai Skeletron

    -Fixed bug when your hp reaches 0 you die
  8. WingedOracle

    WingedOracle Eye of Cthulhu

    You are now chased by bees when fighting the Wall of Flesh.
  9. The Eye of Horus

    The Eye of Horus The Destroyer

    Fixed a bug where enemies didn't kill the player in one hit.
  10. Aquagel8last320

    Aquagel8last320 Terrarian

    fixed bug causing NPCS to not hurt player.
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  11. xXDiamondDogXx

    xXDiamondDogXx Skeletron Prime

    Added a $100.00 fee whenever you die. If you don't pay the fee, your computer gets hacked and you lose all your files. You also get tracked down by assassins and swiftly killed.
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  12. tallstar27

    tallstar27 Skeletron Prime

    Is that to say I am killed by Taylor Swift? :(
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  13. Darkstar01

    Darkstar01 Official Terrarian

    Fixed bug where corpse bits disappeared
    Corpse bits can now decompose and spread disease
    The Destroyer now breaks apart when damaged, like the Eater of Worlds. Each segment has the same HP as the original Destroyer.
    Martians can now die of the common cold.
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  14. CANNON

    CANNON Eater of Worlds


    • Nerfed Phantasm
    • Nerfed Phantasm
    • Nerfed Phantasm
    • Nerfed Phantasm
    • Nerfed Phantasm
    • Nerfed Phantasm
    • Nerfed Phantasm
    • Nerfed Phantasm
    • Green slimes can now fly.
    • If you don't do the daily quest for the angler, you have to get to level 1000 in any clicker game with levels within 3 minutes or everything on the computer is deleted.
    • Dungeon Guardian now looks like :red:.
    • Dying in hardcore mode makes your computer get a mind of its own and kill everyone.
    • Naming a character "Fudz" or "fudsim" will make Stacy kick you into the sun.
    • Buffed Green Slime 1000x
    • Green Slime is now the final boss summoned by using a flamethrower.
    • NPCs can take off all their clothes with no reason and no explanation.
    • Arms Dealer will shoot you in the head if you sell him a melee weapon.
    • If you click the sun a solar eclipse will happen.
    • Everything now looks like what it would look like in 1.0.
    • Naming yourself Mr. Crocker will make your character scream "FAIRIES!" everytime a pixie is in your character's line of sight.
    • Naming yourself Timmy Turner will make your world be Timmy's house and two fairies, one green (Cosmo) and one pink (Wanda), will constantly follow you and give you wishes. Mr. Crocker is the final boss and shoots F's at you.
    • Naming yourself Redigit makes Red break into your house and cut your head off with an axe.
    • Typing "FAIRIES!!" in the chat will shoot a nuke towards your house.
    • Nerfed Moon Lord
    • Nerfed Phantasm
    • NPCs can now sheet everywhere if no toilet is present.
    • Nymph now spawns on the surface to :red:.
    • Golem nerfed 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times. He was too OP. I mean, look at him! THIS IS SCARY! :golem:
    • Green slime buffed again just to make sure.
    • :pinky:Pinky is now the most common enemy in the game.:pinky:
    • Merchant now picks up any money that he sees. He also steals your money. Infact, he'll be searching through chests to find stuff of good value to sell to you!
    • If the Guide respawns during a Wall of Flesh fight, another WoF will spawn. Good luck when your friend spawns 200 guides while you're in the underworld.
    • The Destroyer is now japanese, chinese and asian and probes are replaced with sushi that shoot bad anime at you.
    • Skeletron Prime is now nice and wants to have a cup of orange soda vaguely resembling ale with you. Guess what happens when he drinks. No, that was not a typo.
    • Nerfed Phantasm
    • Nerfed Phantasm
    • Nerfed Phantasm
    • Nerfed Phantasm
    • Nerfed Phantasm
    • Nerfed Phantasm
    • Nerfed Phantasm
    • Nerfed Phantasm
    • Nerfed Phantasm
    • Nerfed Phantasm
    • Nerfed Phantasm
    • Nerfed Phantasm
    • Nerfed something else
    • Nerfed Phantasm...again!...
    What does this look like to you, Volcrath? An eye or a mouth?

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  15. WingedOracle

    WingedOracle Eye of Cthulhu

    Anime music now plays when you are fighting a boss.
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  16. TMB50

    TMB50 Terrarian

    Depending on the anime, that is not really a bad idea.
  17. CANNON

    CANNON Eater of Worlds

    Corrupted anime music with bits of farting sounds in it plays when fighting a boss.
    Beat that.
  18. TMB50

    TMB50 Terrarian

    How about bike horn remixes? Except for Duke Fishron, who instead gets a trumpet remix for being a water-themed boss.
  19. CANNON

    CANNON Eater of Worlds

    I got one.
    Whenever you fight a boss, a corrupted version of the Title Screen music along with farting sounds and broken airhorn sounds with a hint of people drinking sounds and peeing sounds to top it off plays.
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  20. xXDiamondDogXx

    xXDiamondDogXx Skeletron Prime

    Added assassins.

    Ever wonder just HOW you ended up in Terraria, and be able to kill every single boss? You must be an evil overlord from another dimension. Well, assassins followed you through the portal and are now trying to kill you. You have to keep on the run or 1 million Moon Lords will kill you.