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Skeletron Prime
new enemy: coper sorsord
infenet hp
2 difens
he loks liek dis

et cun staeb 2 duu 10 damige
un defet, et derops ...
0 damig

nu enemi wil span un te hardor maud. un has 1 uff 1000 khanz 2 span een halow
eet us gud enemi


Skeletron Prime
Added Supeh Mario Boss
Summoned with Mario Toy: Crafted with 5 silk, 1 Red Cap, and 10 clay
Post-Moon Lord

FIRST FORM (100,000/100,000)
- He punches you with his fists, dealing 100 damage
- He charges at you at high speed, dealing 120 damage

SECOND FORM (85,000/100,000)
- He shoots an electric bolt from his broken hand, dealing 140 damage
- He shoots you with his Megahand, dealing 110 damage
- He charges at you, dealing 130 damage

THIRD FORM (70,000/100,000)
- He shoots electric bolts from his hands, dealing 130 damage
- He summons 5-7 Lug Underlings
- Damage (80)
- Defense (100)

FOURTH FORM (50,000/100,000)
- He shoots yellow lazer beams, dealing 120 damage
- He punches you, dealing 150 damage
- He charges at you really fast, dealing 130 damage
- He shoots red lazers from his eyes, dealing 110 damage

FIFTH FORM (25,000/100,000)
- He shoots the red lazer beams present in Phase 4
- He does the charges present in Phase 4
- He shoots a giant purple lazer, dealing 170 damage
- He swipes his hands at you, dealing 140 damage
- He flips his cap, inflicting you with Cursed Inferno for 10 seconds

ANGERED (1,000/100,000)
- He charges at you at 200 MPH, dealing 200 damage. He does this every second.

ghostly hand.png
Ghostly Hand (33%) - shoots a purple beam. 120 damage, consumes 5 mana.
Puncho (33%) - a weapon similar to the solar eruption. 200 damage.
the cap.png
Red Hat (33%) - a mount. moves at 150 mph. shoots red lazers dealing 120 damage.
soft stuff.png
Soft Stuff (100%, 30-90) - material. used to craft Felt Bricks, Felt Furniture, and Felt Armor & Weapons.


Skeletron Prime
Killing a bunny now plays every song at full volume then deletes System32
Then when you reinstall Terraria, it will instantly start the game after you open it, and your character will be inside a metal box
Attempting to escape results in the exploding of your computer
Said exploding also causes your house to burn down
Said burning causes Red to get a signal, and then he sends an airstrike at you

Zoidthegamer 2

1.4: Total Revamp Update.

You now start with a cut-scene of the hamburgalar stealing the secret Terra Burger secretly stored under the Guide's bed.
You must now team up with the original McDonald brothers and Flo from Progressive to stop him from doing evil things to it.
You must defeat the army of 1,000,000 McMedusas in the land of falling sand blocks to get to a single Hamburgalar asset.

He has 1337 assets. All fake cardboard Princesses.

Every character except for you is a comic relief character, all the voice acting is amazing though.
Every 5 seconds a McDonalds ad pops up, it has the worst catchy tune with it though.
Every update is McDonalds themed.

Terraria is now owned my McDonalds and Microsoft, Cenx got that 2.5 billion in return. ;)
Terraria 3 is now worked on by Valve, featuring 200 new Terraria-themed TF2 cosmetics and CS:GO knives.
Terraria Forums no longer accepts suggestions that include anything other than McDonalds.

In order to load the game, you must buy a Big Mac.
In order to think about the game, you must buy a Large Fry every few minutes of thinking about it.
In order to win the game, you must be a McDonalds employee.

If you do win the game, the ending is a cliffhanger till Terraria 2: Episode 3
If you don't do anything related to McDonalds, you get shunned by Mac Tonight himself.
If you don't play the game after you buy it, you automatically get 500 different kinds of McDonalds themed ransomware,
all requiring you to buy something from McDonalds to get your files back.

thats just fake, it just loads without a big mac
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